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  1. Ah, I thought the OP meant a non-gimped one with 5 'real' () games. The best for a premium I've seen is £195 w/ no games, hence the shock.
  2. From the article: Sounds easy! They should go with Unreal Engine 3, it can do normal mapping! Unlike some engines, not naming any names Nintendo...
  3. I watched the last episode last night, so I've only just caught up with this thread. I've not been looking at any of the official online sidelines / podcasts etc, but someone linked to the Oceanic website and I went and had a look and noticed something: This might not be allowed in this thread since it's not specifically season 3, so I'll spoiler it all:
  4. I was going to post this last night, but couldn't be bothered. Where did everyone get the idea that Home is a menu system / XMB replacement whatever? I reckon I've seen the exact same presentations and articles online as everyone else and never seen that suggested. It's always looked like an persistent online world where *if you want* you can do lots of other interesting things, like play pool, chess, watch a trailer etc etc. If WoW had the ability for you and your guild could go and meet at the Cave of Despair then launch out of it and into a fun game instead without any fucking around everyone would think it was amazing. If you don't get it personally, then that's fair enough, but I reckon it will be pretty big, even if its only as a big chatroom - people on the internet love that shit, look at the states of yahoochat (before it closed due to paedoz...), or #irc, or rllmuk or whatever. People on the internet also love showing off, so if you can pay $70 for a pretend TV that's bigger than everyone else's, then that'll sell too. Of course it's not going to be: you walk to your crib, get a game off the shelf, stick it into your PS3 and wait for it to load, home pops up, then you walk to your crib, get a game off the shelf, stick it into your PS3 and wait for it to load, then you play the game. That's a stupid idea.
  5. Sonic 2. And also Sonic adventure 2 - I think - there were some floaty levels where you could run right round things in that weren't there?
  6. It's aright, better than the Odeon in town for sure.
  7. Another vote for Cave story, PSP version is magic, that might be more to do with me not being a huge fan of sitting at a PC to play games though.
  8. I'm sure I've read somewhere that one of those foreign countries (Sweden or Denmark or somewhere) have positive adverts at the start of movies. iirc there's one where a film crew come up to the camera and just kind of say 'thanks for coming to see our film here, we really appreciate the fact that you enjoy seeing it how we envisioned it' etc.
  9. fish

    Skate 2 by EA

    This, only had a shot for an hour, but it is a bit overwhelming. Maybe playing in career will give you more reason to stay in one bit for ages until you totally know it inside out.
  10. I thought this was a rubbish puzzle, but Sprite Machine's answer should help. [moan] [/moan]
  11. looks like they've got skutters in that nursing home!
  12. fish

    Skate 2 by EA

    I wonder if the full game will let you put down (replay) cameras in fixed positions? Like when you do the flip/grin/125 point challenge and the dude is always filming from the bottom of the rail. That would be awesome, the cameras that always follow alongside you feel a bit odd in some situations.
  13. KDDI is a telecoms company, not an OS/Platform. Do you mean BREW? That seemed to be the platform of choice (at least when I had a phone there a year or two ago).
  14. fish

    Skate 2 by EA

    I've been playing this a bit during lunch at work, it's completely awesome. It's my 'killer app'. I'm seriously considering splashing out whatever ridiculous amount of money a 360 costs (£250?) just so that I can play a 30 minute demo at home. help.
  15. fish

    Skate 2 by EA

    Because EA are more Xtreme
  16. aaaargh, I was sure she'd told me about those, I must have made it up... I guess the only other way is to scour every bit of the Hyrule for myself, or get a map with items marked on it from gamefaqs and try to work out which ones I already have. I can't really be bothered with either of those though. boooo.
  17. I've not played this since I finished it, but reading this has reminded me that I *really* wanted to get everything in it and make it the 1st Zelda that I'd '100%-ed', but since I can't save after the final fight, and since my last save is before that, I can't ask the fortune teller where the POES are. I have all the hearts, so if I ask about LOVE she tells my that there is no more love in the world or some such and gives me my money back. If I ask about career, instead of showing me an obscure area where there might be a POE or a BUG, she tells me that I might just maybe possibly want to go to Hyrule Castle for my ultimate destiny etc. Does anyone know if there's a way to get there to be useful again?
  18. I'd love it if there was something light like Winamp 2.x/foobar, but with a media library like itunes'. And with coverflow. Basically I'd like an iTunes (for windows) that didn't eat up such a big chunk of my RAM, especially when doing nothing.
  19. It looks a bit like the Joost website, what with all the fuzzy red and green and blue, but not as nice. It's almost nice, and its faster, which is good.
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