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    Outer Wilds

    I just finished the base game and wow, definitely one of my favourite games of all time. Managed it all without a guide except for (late game spoiler) also felt the hard bit was hard I do have one last question, is there any in game explanation for why the loop is 22m, and not say 20, or 23, or 30 or whatever? Ahhh, this is why the game is so great, even though I finished it I’m still deducing things *by myself*!
  2. That would be awesome, I'm not on that often, but would love to get a game whenever I do turn up
  3. Is there a PS4 Rllmuk Community group for this? If there is, can you start a game and ping (?) the community to say anyone want to play? I've never used a Community before so not sure how it works, but I feel a bit weird about adding lots of people I don't *really* know then sending out a whole pile of invites individually on the few occasions I do get to play. Maybe that's an ok way to do things? It's so long since I did proper online gaming that don't know how things work anymore :O
  4. Lttp and I've not posted on rllmuk for forever, but I think I've been enjoying playing this a bit? I've not played any competitive shooters for a long time so I die *a lot*, but I'm having fun. Anyway, I added myself to the player list in the hope I can play with some real people some time
  5. I've not played this for a long time - is there an rllmuk server running anywhere? Can I join it if there is?
  6. Not sure if this counts as it's actually all the levels, instead of a 'map', but I was always sure that you could see the previous/next level in Snake Rattle 'n' Roll. It wasn't until quite recently that I thought to try and confirm it - it's true! You start at the bottom left of the mountain and make your way up.
  7. Dots: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dots-a-game-about-connecting/id632285588?mt=8 This is pretty nice, 60 second long rounds, dead simple, but looks and feels nice. I'm still not 100% on the scoring mechanic, but getting loops seems to be the answer to high scores - small loops and big loops seem to be musch the same though.
  8. When Player 2 presses buttons in ilomilo, and you get the little dudes pop on from the side of the screen and toot thier trumpet / play the drums. It's beautiful!
  9. I'm still playing, mostly during my lunch. Currently building the giant bridge from near the spawn to nowhere in particular.
  10. I think it should Just Work. copy from here (mac): ~/Library/Application support/minecraft/saves/<whatever> to (win): %AppData%\.minecraft\saves\<whatever>
  11. fish


    it's from here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=11960243, not rllmulk unfortunately.
  12. I stuck it beside the GTA V trailer, you can see there's a pretty big improvement. http://youtubedoubler.com/2reO
  13. I hope this isn't bad form seeing as I don't post too regularly on the forum, so if it is I'll remove the post:) I've just released my first complete iOS game. I actually started it about two years ago, but between starting other projects, things happening in real life and forgetting about it for months at a time, its taken until now for me to finish it and stick it up on the app store. It's a game you've probably played a million times before, but there wasn't an iOS version that was quite like the one I wanted, so I wrote this one: SHARK JUG It's the "Same Game", it's got no clever twists, online functionality or achievements. Tap the matching the blocks until they all disappear, match more at once to get bigger scores. Click for app store: *constructive criticism greatly appreciated
  14. I just got double creepered beside the museum then respawned in a strange place. By the time I got back all my stuff was gone but I started patching up the damage. If no one else does before me, I'll finish off the glass bits next time I'm on.
  15. I was getting that. Go to minecraft.net/download and get the latest client from there. That worked for me.
  16. I like this idea best. In town I'd like there to be above ground railways of some sort, I quite enjoy taking a minecart for a ride and just looking at all the stuff there, I've been building down south a bit and missed a lot of the stuff going up. If the rails were underground I'd never see half of it. Looking forwards to the update, I've pretty much not gone on the server since it was decided to re-start; not really that excited to build when it could get wiped away in a week or two, is anyone else the same?
  17. ASYNC Corp. is lovely. Two handed block matching. I've not had it long enough, but it's a real competitor for Drop7 time, so it must be good
  18. My two drowning traps have stopped working! I was getting lots of bones and arrows up until a couple of days ago. I've not changed anything in them, it looks like skeletons have learnt how to swim - any ideas what might have happened?
  19. Does anyone have / know where there is a copy of (images of) the awesome cafepress stuff that he had for a while? I think I want one of the mugs.
  20. Server down! What I'm I going to do with my lunchtime now
  21. You might be surprised. I tried once a while ago and it was a 3fps waste of time. But last night I gave it another shot and it ran just about perfectly, I guess they added some optimisations in the last update
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