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  1. PSN ID: dwu. Looking forward to getting stuck in.
  2. dwu

    The Witness

    I'm at the desert ruin right now and either I'm being particularly dense or I've completely missed something because, for the life of me, I can't work out how to do them.
  3. Just as a follow-up to this; the problem seems to be getting worse by the day. I am now unable to see club community challenges that have less than 1 week and 3 days remaining.
  4. Okay, I officialy hate this car. It's got so much damn understeer and I can feel my blood pressure rising just trying to wrestle it around the track. It's just not fun to drive at all. I've beaten my best time by a couple of tenths, but I think this one is yours, spatular. That's a hard time to beat.
  5. I think you might have this one, spatular. The time I set was my second lap, which I set pretty much as soon as the challenge was issued. Now, for some reason, I'm struggling to get within 2 seconds of it. I might have another crack at it a bit later, but I'm not too hopeful.
  6. I tend to only take part in challenges that are near completion (1 or 2 days remaining), so the amount of active challenges I have at any one time never really exceeds 10 (solo and club combined). The amount of challenges per month varies. Could be around 50. Maybe less, maybe more. Depends on how active I am. My PSN ID is dwu
  7. I'm having some real problems with club challenges not showing up on this now. I know I've mentioned this before, but back then it wasn't showing anything with less than 4 days remaining. Now it's not showing anything with less than a week on the clock. Yesterday it was 6 days, last week it was 5 days. It's baffling. Anyone else having this problem, or know if it's a known bug or something? Short of deleting the game and re-downloading all 27GB of it, I'm not sure what I can do to try and fix it, if anything.
  8. It was all about sector 3, really. Nailing just that last triple-apex right-hander gained me 7 tenths over the next best time.
  9. Honestly, I was shocked I managed to get that time. I'd spent 10-15 laps chasing your ghost around trying to keep up, but I just hooked everything together on that one lap and was stunned at how far ahead I was.
  10. Well, if that's you after being a bit rusty, I dread to think what you can do when you're on form. Very impressive.
  11. Add me please, U-1. Still have a broken finger, but I don't think it's affecting me too much.
  12. Is anyone else having problems with community challenges - specifically club challenges - being displayed correctly? For the past few days it has only been displaying challenges that have more than 4 days remaining. Once they drop under that, they disappear.
  13. Any chance of more support for club challenges, Rushy? Maybe some club challenges set by Evolution? There seems to be many times more people taking part in the solo challenges than the club challenges - sometimes thousands more. A core part of this game is supposed to be the clubs, and the best and fastest way of increasing club points is the club challenges. Also, would it be possible to pin an accolade's progress to the in-race HUD so that you can keep track of progress? Or maybe even select a few to pin to the social hub pop-out for quicker access? It's time consuming and little annoying having to keep checking my profile after every few races. And one more thing, it would be good to see the length of each track on the track select screen in single event. It would be a handy thing to know for completion of accolades. Apart from that, I love this game. Just a shame I can't play more at the moment because I've got a broken finger and can't hold the controller properly.
  14. So I just had a go at Rushy's competition. There's no way I'm going to win that. I beat Rushy's time easily, but the guy with the fastest lap so far is just nuts. He's about 3 seconds faster than me so far. It's such a difficult track to master. You need a setup lap to take the last hairpin as wide as possible so that you can carry more speed down the start/finsh straight, then the whole lap pretty much depends on the first and last corner. If you don't take them in just the right way, your whole lap is screwed. You need to use the dirt on the outside of the entry to the corners to slow you down faster than normal so that you can brake later. It's incredibly difficult to time it exactly right.
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