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  1. Hi :)

    This may seen ridiculous, but I have never watched Star Wars. I'm aware of most of the main characters and oft-quoted lines, but I've never sat down and watched the films.

    Having recently obtained Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, I thought I better catch up with the rest of the planet and watch the films.

    My question is this:

    Should I watched them in chronological order, or in release order? My partner reckons chronlogical order, but my enjoyment of discussing Prometheus in relation to the Alien films leads me to want to watch the old ones first.

    What do you think?

  2. This is the correct answer. During the intro, you fly past a sign saying "Willamette, Colorado, Population: xxx" where xxx is that number.

    Also, why did you feel the need to specify this? :(

    It's a long story!!

    But really, that is very interesting. Thank you!!

    Is there a particular reason why the two games are linked in this way? Other than both being zombie games, obviously.

  3. Hi gamers :(

    I'm not totally void in Gamer knowledge, you know. I do have an Xbox 360. I have a gold AK47 in Call Of Duty.

    I also have Left For Dead but one thing about it has been bugging me, and although I searched everywhere else online, I kind of figured someone here might now. I haven't DONE IT yet, but the Genocide acheivement, calls for 53695 infected dead.


    Interesting fact- I googled it, and it was the number of views some Night Of The Living Dead thing has on youtube, weird or what? I don't think it's that though, obviously.

    much love!

  4. Vib Ribbon is one of the games that people on here constantly big up in an exclusive 'I love this game, oh what's that? You can't find a copy for love nor money? Shaaaaame' kind of way. You're safe.

    Next on Rllmuk:

    "Realising I'm going to get flamed to hell for this, but does anyone play Rez?"

    "Realising I'm going to get flamed to hell for this, but does anyone play ICO?"

    hehehe someone missed a thread :ph34r:

    Someone had to mention it :)

  5. Very true, but the novelty value of dragging a big pile of CD's next to the playstation does provide a fair bit of longevity.

    Ha, actually thats very true, most of the house's CD collectiong now resides in a wonky pile by the playstation. Which means that no-one plays any decent music anymore because inevitably, the CD you want to listen to is in the playstation, not your CD player.

  6. Vib Ribbon is ace...

    REM dodge horribly from the easiest songs to the hardest. The bastards.

    (and honestly this should have been in retro really... :()

    Sorry, wasn't entirely sure...

    REM eh? I'll dig out some of their music later and give it a god. I think the best level we ever found was eddy grants most recent version of electric avenue, just hard enough, but still possibly after a couple of trys.

  7. Realising I'm going to get flamed to hell for this, but does anyone play Vib Ribbon?

    Possibly my favorite playstation game, the only level I have found impossible to complete is Shooting Stars by Bang. It's got to be impossible.

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