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  1. I was a little upset with the episode yesterday. There was not much furthering of the plot I felt and the whole hunger thing sort of died down quite a lot. I have no idea what happened with...
  2. Er, yes. I know, I'm shit. Anyway I have downloaded it all onto my tablet so I'm ready for the marathon.
  3. I don't have a stand alone DVD player because I have an XBOX so when my old one died I didn't replace it. And yes I do, but I don't have many friends who will be happy to sit with me through the whole star wars series.
  4. I haven't watched anything yet my xbox gave up the ghost and I've taken it all apart and realigned the laser but it won't read any discs and all my downloaded content is all weird. I need a new laser.
  5. Neither did I, someone mentioned it was her further up. She was eating again aswell. I think it's a case of they all feel hungry and food isn't quite cutting it. I played a few tracks from Mogwau today on my show and it went down a treat, loving Hungry Face (the name indicates more eating to come aswell!)
  6. The serial killer is the bar managers brother though, right? The reason he was pulled in for questioning is because he was a suspect in the trial of an identical attack 7 years ago. Unless I got the wrong end of the stick from his police interview?
  7. Well the dog didn't have a noticable hole in it's side. And Camille has no noticabe scars or bruises from a bus crash that killed her? Also Mrs. Costa wasn't burnt in the resturant.
  8. bah it's ok, we have an agreement where he will just tell me if I am being really boring rather than him sitting and getting quietly annoyed about me waffling on lol, I was more worried that I was the annoying person in the thread x
  9. I think the door banging is only happening to those that are not currently fully aware of their resurrected status though? Thanks. I think he was just not as interested in it as me
  10. Well she can't be the first girl who got stabbed in the bell because otherwise she would be dead... Unless she is dead...? Because if you lived on your own you perhaps wouldn't realise that you were dead. But then the other deaddon't have scars.
  11. I've just been severely told off by my partner because apparently it''s stupid and pointless to theorise about a TV show that is for entertainment and a waste of time, I should spend my time thinking about things that are real. So, sorry! I wasn't trying to be annoying x
  12. I also don't get how Mrs Costa couldn't die again in the fire, yet the bar guy shot the dog and must have carried it''s corpse out to bury it in the field, during which time I assume he would have checked that it was dead or noticed if it was still alive.. So there must be a period of time that it takes for them to come back to life again, it's not just that they can't die. It occurs to me that maybe they are also dead in some of the flashbacks.The way that noone died other than camille ( and then it's only been referred to as the accident). We don't know anything at all about any of the deaths of the other people, the seriel killer, simon, victor. Camiles mother also asked about the other people in camiles class, but I assume they would have all died in the bus crash?
  13. During the police interview scene, she says to the bar manager guy that he was a suspect in the murder trial of the first girl who was killed in the subway. BUT THIS LED ME TO THIS THEORY!!!! I'm SO into this show right now I keep trying to find someone else watching it in the Real World but everyone is like oh it has subtitles bleh. So I have to come here to express my overexcited theories. I also thought this week the words dead and death were used a lot more, it was more focus on them being hungrey (I.e although camille ate in the first one, there was a subtle increase in the amount of times eating was mentioned to. RARRRRR I'm loving it, it gives me a really creepy zombie feeling in my neck.
  14. It hadn't occured to me until I read this that there was something much more freaky going to happen. Do we think it's going to turn into full on zombie apocolypse?
  15. I know the basic story I have now received two PM's telling me to ignore the advie in the thread and do chronological/machete order. This is even more nightmarishly confusing than trying to explain to people I haven't seenn star wars and there do not really understand their amazing yoda impression.
  16. This is becoming much more confusing that I anticipated. For some reason I feel that it would help to knnow why one way of viwing it is called 'machete' order.
  17. It's possible that the butterfly died or was found near or in the lake though. The little boy was standing in the road when the bus went over the edge. I assumed in the trailer that was the reason for the accident. In the actual program, you could see the road was clear then all of a sudden it veered off, like the kid just materialised. I wanted to think that the lake water had dropped because the dead bodies that were in it had been raised, naturally lowering the water level once they left the lake.
  18. Urgg, I really didn't want to click the spoiler but I couldn't help myself, I'm really struggling not to find out a little bit of what happens next online. In relation to Mr. Costa's reaction and what he has to do with it, plus about the lake: Goats, deer, same difference.
  19. Okay I read the Spoiler thread. So what really got me was: I can't wait for the next episode.
  20. I loved it. I don't have an issue with subtitles, City Of God is one of my favourite films and I was convinced I was actually understanding the words by the end of that film, and I can speak a little french anyway. The bit that REALLY got me I can't say because I don't know how to make a spoiler box?
  21. I think you are messing with me, I can't not watch one of tem now I have got to this "I am going to watch Star Wars" point in my life.
  22. Well that seems pretty conclusive, I love being right. Thank you
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