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  1. Kind of related... check out Sleevage. I liked the Icky Thump deconstruction!
  2. Some interesting points raised in this thread. My music buying habits have changed - most likely because of having started work, so then having my own money in my pocket. Back in school there was a load of albums I would have loved to have got, but simply didn't the money for, or if I did - I could really only buy one or two albums that month. Maybe that's the reason we remember albums from our younger days a lot more?? Hammering the tape until worn on Michael Jackson - BAD, Bell Biv Devoe - Poison. Two examples that spring to mind. I still have the same desire for listening to new releases, but I suppose new music is easier to come by? The cost of an album has reduced significantly: Amazon effect, £8.99 retail price points (remember when CDs were nigh £15?!), £5 clearance sales etc (I know I've ignored the whole download effect) Makes sense that I could remember the lyrics of albums from when I had a collection of 20 CDs vs a digital vault of 70, 80 GB (and rising). Had nothing else to listen to!!
  3. Atom Tha Immortal - The Essential Pretty nice!
  4. Oh my Kanye West's mom passes away after 'cosmetic surgery developed complications' Link: BBC
  5. The latest release from Jneiro Jarel (otherwise known as Dr Who Dat/Panama Black): Shape of Broad Minds - Craft of the Lost Art Great abstract album - if you like Count Bass D, this will be right up your street!
  6. East Village Radio They have such a wide range of shows, you're bound to find something you like. I subscribe to the electro/hip hop goodness of Fader Magazine's Let Out Show!
  7. You sir, are a true gent! I can't wait for this triple whammy - Common, Talib, Kanye - to drop!
  8. I absolutely Sounds of the Universe. Find them at: 7 Broadwick Street, Soho, London - it's a great place for getting harder to find jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul, and the staff are always happy for you to listen to anything before you buy. If you're into your vinyl you'll appreciate their basement full of hard to find gems! Recently purchased: 2000 Black Presents the Good Good VOL. 3 - a treasure trove of stuttering broken beats from Dego's (4Hero) record label.
  9. It's a free download from Stones Throw - surprising to see artists giving back something like this to fans. Great little album - pick of the bunch for me has to be Funny Money and Happy Home.
  10. I wish I hadn't seen that. I'm a completist - I must own all of them....
  11. I stumbled on this instrumental album by Marc Mac (from 4Hero). Don't know how long it has been out: It's Right to be Civil It's quite a mellow jazzy album - much in the same vein as Donuts or Beat Konducta, so if you have any of these already you'll love it! Here's a sampler: Track 3 "Freedom Clap" (AAC format)
  12. KZA

    Ojos De Brujo

    You're not alone in your appreciation! I stumbled across them when I picked up a compliation called the Barcelona Files. Their track on that album stood out and I got their album Bari and have been hooked ever since. I need to brush up on my Spanish, so I can understand more of the lyrics...
  13. KZA

    ong bak

    He speaks the truth. The bone crunching moves in the final battle always make me wince no matter how many times I see it.
  14. Rhymes and Beats - I found it by accident randomly searching through iTunes. The selection is quite varied week by week, and best of all its all about the music! (DJ chat is usually left to summing up the track list at the end)
  15. I love this cover - it sums up the passion of the way Marvin sang:
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