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  1. Chris

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Had this one, thank you!
  2. Chris

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Try this: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showpost.php?p=516832&postcount=4 Had the same issue over the weekend in NS2 and followed the instructions to telnet to my o2 router and fix it. Should sort out Killing Floor as well.
  3. Chris

    Uncharted: The Movie

    I don't understand, why use a licence and then abandon everything apart from the name? They could just as easily start a whole new franchise with the names they have attached and make just as much money surely.
  4. Chris

    Football League Championship 2010/11 Official Thread

    They have to offer him one first! He's been making noises about wanting to stay but Clough has come out a few times saying that Commons needs to prove he deserves a new contract.
  5. Is there supposed to be an extended cut of this coming at some point? It seemed to me like whole sections of exposition had been cut out leaving me slightly confused about some parts.
  6. Chris

    Modern Warfare 2

    I'm guessing it's related to MW2, but is anyone else having problems connecting to live? It worked fine when I got home but now wont connect and I had exactly the same problem last night as well.
  7. Does 'A Feast of Crows' get better? I think I'm about a third of the way through but I'm really struggling as it keeps flicking back to characters I have absolutely no interest in reading about. Up to the latest I couldn't put them down but I'm finding this one a real chore.
  8. Chris

    Battlefield 1943 XBox Live

    1. tarules 2. Little Joe II 3. Y0D4uk 4. Rockstarjez 5. EightHours 6. Yonezzz 7. Stevo the EVIL 8. dizogg 9. Big Gus73 10. Mega Drive II 11. Uzion 12. del3k 13. Kutai 14. W1LDSTR1KE 15. Mr Do 71 16. Rogue Soul 17. stefcha 18. ScratchyDirk 19. Dimahoo 20. Pompey88 21. Corleth 22. MotiVater 23. MickMarmalade 24. SnoopZakaDaVe 25. Mountainxaxa 26. Myoozikk 27. Stavy 28. fattakin 29. GODZOOKI 30. Wiener 243 31. Shepperton 32. Harmunt 33. RBOnline 34. xx ori0n xx 36.JuicyPo 37. Coreygimp 38. ramison
  9. Chris

    Quiz on Empire website

    I never got the flower thing in the bird's mouth but I just managed to complete it. Seems there might be 51 rather than 50?
  10. Chris

    Star Trek XI

    I've found the album it's supposed to be from but the track isn't on it. Can't seem to find anywhere to actually buy their albums online either.
  11. Chris

    The Shield - Season 7

    It's filmed in 4:3.
  12. I've been told by gameplay order is sitting at home waiting for me, so it seems they've only partially cocked up.
  13. Chris

    Hardcore-only League

    If another league starts up, whether its hardcore or something else then I'd be interested as well.
  14. Chris

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    Some capital ships can have more fighters than others but generally you are able to get more fighters for them as they level up.

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