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  1. This is a wonderful. There are elements of Minecraft obviously, but also Animal Crossing, Dark Chronicle, Stardew Valley and yes, Little King's Story mentioned above is a great shout, hadn't thought about that at all but it does feel quite similar in some regards. Having recently played through the first one again this is a big step up for me. Very pleased with it!
  2. When is the Tesla E3 conference?
  3. The game that launched a thousand PS2s.
  4. Been playing this with some friends and I'm really starting to get into it. What initially appears to be quite a button-mashy experience against monsters who don't do very much becomes a much more Monster Hunter-ish experience once you find a weapon you like and learn how to use it properly. The Hammer is my current go-to, as the button combinations and timings available make it quite a fun weapon to master and the ability to rocket boost and jump around is wonderful. It's immensely satisfying to rocket jump smash a massive monster in the face and send it flying across the arena. As Flub says, the monsters improve quite dramatically after the first couple of tiers. This isn't Monster Hunter World and if you're going into expecting it to be as good as the summation of 15 years of continued evolution you're going to be disappointed, but as a new take on on the same concept it comes remarkably close, which is a real achievement in itself. Can see my group of friends dipping in and out of this for a long time to come providing they continue to pump new content into it.
  5. I enjoyed that. Certainly, it would've been nice if they'd had another six episodes to really pace things out, but overall I'm happy with the season and the conclusion. Good show.
  6. It's subjective, I suppose. I'm enjoying the open world, it feels quite true to the original Rage and gives you a lot of freedom in how much you choose to engage with it. Indeed, after a few hours you can just fast travel around and fly to locations instead of actually driving anywhere. I suppose with Eternal being so close they wanted to differentiate Rage and Doom given the similarities between them. Thankfully I get to enjoy both!
  7. I saw someone on twitter describe this as a 10/10 shooter set in a 6/10 open world and that's about as accurate a description as I can think of. I've unlocked all the abilities and levelled my key ones up now and the game really is a joy to play. The movement and the combat are truly excellent, it's a huge shame people will skip this because they don't like having to drive between places before they get to murder a lot of folk.
  8. It would be a better shooter, perhaps. As someone who's really enjoying the open world it'd be a worse game for me.
  9. Yeah it does get very Doom when you're in enclosed spaces with a lot of enemies.
  10. Yeah driving is pretty simple, it feels mostly identical to the driving in Mad Max which I thought was pretty good.
  11. In terms of tone, this is a very odd game. I replayed Rage last year and the world in 2 feels very true to the original at times. It's muted and low key, which isn't what I was expecting after the trailers. I've found it to be quite a nice game to just wander around in, even though there isn't always much to find in terms of stuff, because the world feels relatively well realised. It reminds me a little Breath of the Wild, actually, with the game coming out of the initial introduction, putting a big open world and some systems in front of you and just leaving you to it for the most part. I've found my approach to exploration has been quite similar to BOTW, in that I'm basically just moseying about, ignoring objectives and playing with the systems. On the flip side, the characters often feel like they got lost on the way to the Borderlands set. They're not all completely over the top, but very few of them feel like believable people who react to events in believable ways. Rage wasn't a great deal better in that area, to be entirely fair, but Rage was a long time ago and things have come a long way. Ultimately Rage 2 feels a little bit confused, like they couldn't decide between making a more considered and weighty post apocalypse game or a 100% EXTREME wacky romp like the trailers implied the game was going to be, so it's actually a little of both and the two halves don't always play nice together. Still, much like DOOM, the wafer thin plot and characters aren't really what you should be looking for here. It's all about that delicious combat, and you can tell ID have helped Avalanche out here, because much like the aforementioned DOOM, Rage 2 finds a way to tie both old and new schools of FPS combat design together in a really unique and enjoyable way. It's fast, it's brutal and when you've got a bunch of powers and weapons it's genuinely a lot of fun. I can't overstate how important it is for FPS combat to "feel" right, you know? Some games just have it, and this really does have it for me. Even taking on the most basic enemy groups feels satisfying, and sometimes getting that core loop just right will carry your game an awfully long way for me. So the reviews are pretty spot on as far as I'm concerned. Superb combat, slightly confused tone, relatively empty open world (though I'm actually quite liking that aspect myself, it means I get to explore on my own terms and not because I feel like I need to scour the map for stuff). I like it a lot. GOOD GAME. Edit: I play a lot of PC stuff with a pad. Pads are great, especially in games like this with driving and that, where analogue controls are really useful!
  12. Can't help with console impressions but this is lovely on PC. I've only done the opening few hours, getting my first car and setting off into the wasteland for a bit of a look about. It may well all descend into a repetitive mess later in the game, but this is a strikingly enjoyable game to play even early on. Has a responsiveness that you just don't see very often. It's reductionist but if you liked the combat of DOOM and the open world of Mad Max I just can't see why this wouldn't be a game made for you. Looking forward to playing more!
  13. This is just irresponsible planning, Dan. You have an obligation to your fellow forumites.
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