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  1. Cheers, Sloth! Left a tip by your house.
  2. Thanks, Rikku! Managed to sell up with no fuss. Left some items by your hammock as a tip.
  3. This game is like a soothing balm in these troubled times. I've gone through and added as many friend codes as I could find in the thread. It's a lot of numbers for a Sunday morning! If I missed anybody and you need yet another friend, mine is: SW-1472-2146-4722 104 bells for turnips at mine. Decisions.
  4. I've finished the series and I feel like it's a remarkably faithful adaptation of content from the books, flaws and all. Overall I really liked it. It definitely gets better as it goes along and I'm looking forward to more. It's been a great end to the year for TV!
  5. I quite enjoyed the change of pace for episode 4. The show has a nice Man with No Name vibe, and I quite like that it feels like an older serialised TV show.
  6. I like this, it's one of those things where I look at it and think, "weird that I've not seen this before." Good work!
  7. I'm really enjoying this. It's very much a jack of all trades and master of none, but it's a well put together adventure in the Star Wars universe, which is what I was expecting.
  8. In chapter 3 at the moment and the game is opening up a bit. I've got tools that allow me to deal with BTs now and it's made those sequences a lot more enjoyable. New traversal options and fast travel have made getting about a lot easier. I'm having a great time moving stuff about and working with other players on big building projects like roads and stuff. It's such a weird game, but I'm having a good time with it!
  9. After a few hours I can now understand why reviewers have had such difficulty articulating why they enjoyed their time with this game so much despite many of its parts being either bizarre or frustrating. It is an extremely strange game that I am not always enjoying, but I love it.
  10. The reviews are kind of what I expected, and my general impression is that the game is a continued evolution of what Kojima was doing with MGSV - an interesting open world experience laced with busywork and grafted onto a convoluted and confusing story. This could be a good one for me.
  11. Just finished this in one sitting on the Switch and found it completely magical, couldn't stop smiling.
  12. I've been greatly enjoying Classic, but not really for the reasons I expected. I thought it would be a big nostalgia hit, running around those old zones and remembering good times, and while that's certainly been the case to a degree I've been surprised by just how much about Classic I prefer to the retail WoW experience. It's much more of an RPG than I remembered it being. The control you have over your character, through things like skills trees and spell levels. The way professions are really useful and the economy isn't completely broken. The necessity of preparing before you embark on your next adventure, having to train abilities or purchase reagents, lots of little flavourful aspects of the game that got removed over the years. I like the requirement to read your quest log and learn your way around the areas, the importance of exploration, the feeling of being left to my own devices - in a lot of respects, after playing games like BOTW and greatly enjoying how stripped back they were in terms of tutorialisation and hand holding, Classic actually feels like a markedly more modern experience to me than BfA did. It also feels way more social. I've had to group with people to beat content and trade with people for items or services in ways I really never felt the need to in the modern game. It's possibly purely a perception thing, but for me personally, BfA sometimes felt like a singleplayer game with other people running around. Classic feels like a MMO, and while it's 15 years old and that says a lot of terrible things about the state of the genre, it feels wonderful for me to be playing this sort of MMO again. Like Mallet says, it's just a brilliant game. It was then and it is now. That doesn't mean you have to like it, of course, but I'm glad it exists.
  13. I got gifted a copy of this on PC having heard nothing about it previously and it's been a hugely surprising game. It's certainly Dark Souls with guns in a lot of ways, but it's doing some really interesting stuff with mob types and the way they interact. Some combat encounters feel a little bit Halo, with bigger enemies forcing you into cover while smaller ones attempt to flank or rush you depending on their abilities. I've had a couple of particularly thrilling running battles through the streets with groups of ranged and melee enemies, ducking behind cars and running in and out of buildings as we manoeuvre around each other. Colour me impressed!
  14. This is a wonderful. There are elements of Minecraft obviously, but also Animal Crossing, Dark Chronicle, Stardew Valley and yes, Little King's Story mentioned above is a great shout, hadn't thought about that at all but it does feel quite similar in some regards. Having recently played through the first one again this is a big step up for me. Very pleased with it!
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