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  1. Haven't tried running it off the hard drive yet. Could be something to do with video settings, I can't remember if my Xbox is set to NTSC or PAL (or even whether it's PAL50 or PAL60) - I'll check later.
  2. Goes out of sync on my Xbox too. Samsung drive, US yarr copy. *cough*
  3. I would wire the 5 volts to SCART pin 8 - doesn't do any harm, and there's a slim chance that it may fix your problem, some TVs can be *very* fussy about having these voltages present. I don't see anything wrong with the details in the document - although I'm too lazy to bother with wiring up the separate R,G and B grounds, I just ignore those. The fact that there's no video ground wired to the JAMMA connector *shouldn't* make any difference (all the grounds from the JAMMA connector, the SCART lead, and the PSU should all be linked together on that PCB anyway), but you never know - it's a bit of a coincidence that you're also getting video problems. I would try connecting it up if possible. Sorry for all the vague replies, it's very difficult to troubleshoot things like this.
  4. Don't worry, I've lost count of the amount of times I've made a stupid wiring error with SCART leads etc. The trick is to try not to lose your patience. If you find yourself getting very frustrated with it, it's often a good idea to just set it aside and take a break for a bit. I can tell you from experience that very few problems actually get fixed when you're annoyed and/or tired. One thing that just occurred to me - normal SCART-to-SCART leads actually have some of the wires crossed (i.e. composite video out goes to composite video in - pins 19-20). So if you just cut off one SCART plug and took the wire which *was* connected to pin 20 (composite video in) and wired that up to your JAMMA connector, you'll find that it's actually going to SCART pin 19 at the other end (composite video out). Obviously that won't work, so it might be worth double-checking that. If you're getting no video picture at all, then I'd look at the SCART switching voltage on pins 8 & 16 first of all (it's unlikely that all 3 RGB connections have been messed up simultaneously). If you have 5 volts on pins 8 and 16, and a ground and even just one of the RGB connections then you should get a picture, even if there's no sync connected. Good luck with it.
  5. Sorry, forgot to reply to this the other day! Not sure what your picture problem is, I haven't seen that yet on any of my boards. There shouldn't be anything wrong with modding a full-wired SCART lead and using only the necessary wires - just obviously make sure that none of the unused wires are shorting out or connected to anything that they shouldn't be. I gather that some boards can be fussy about the exact voltage on the 5 volt supply (arcade PSUs have a control to increase or decrease the 5 volt supply slightly), but I've no idea if WRC is one of them. Could be something basic like a grounding problem or a sync problem, but I assume you've probably checked your wiring again anyway. Was the board sold to you as tested and working? Congrats on getting this far with it anyway - I bet you can't wait to get the controls wired up!
  6. The Mode button is to force the MegaDrive to see the 6-button pad as a normal 3-button pad, in case of compatibility problems. IIRC, it still doesn't solve the problem with Forgotten Worlds though. If I get time, I'll test FW out with my 6-button pad.
  7. IIRC Forgotten Worlds has an issue with six-button MD pads - could it have been that?
  8. Wow, that was fast work. Very fast. In fact, you managed to go back and post the guide before I mentioned the downgrader in this thread just now! Oh.
  9. I don't have a PSP yet. 8) But if the downgrader works, I may look into getting one.
  10. Looks like the V2.0 downgrader is out there now. Anyone tried it yet?
  11. Wow, what a timely thread. My mate has asked me to sell some stuff for him, and among the items is a copy of ICO complete with all the cards. Only downside is that it has a massive price sticker on the front of it, but I was going to leave it up to the buyer to decide whether to take the risk of trying to remove the sticker neatly or not. I have no idea what it's worth, anyone help me out please?
  12. Yep - all you need as a bare minimum to test it out are the grounds, voltages, and the RGB/Sync/Ground video output. Looking forward to seeing the pics. EDIT: You may also need 5 volts on SCART pins 8 and 16 to switch your TV into RGB mode, otherwise you might just get a black screen.
  13. I'm proud to admit that I've made precisely fuck all progress with my supergun - it still has no lid and loads of wires hanging out of it. I have however amassed a grand total of 3 boards for it now though - Mortal Kombat rev 5.0 (the latest version), Mortal Kombat II rev 5.1 (no mention of v5.1 on the net, and it's not in MAME - as soon as I get hold of an EPROM programmer I'll dump the roms and submit them with a suitable driver to the MAMEDEV team, and replace my ROMs with the Challenger/Immortal ones), and an original non-suicide version of Golden Axe. Here's my MK2 board - have to make up a set of power cables for the sound board: And here's Golden Axe with a JAMMA adapter I made up: If I can manage to also get hold of a Ghouls'n'Ghosts board and a Street Fighter 2 board then I'll die happy.
  14. Well, maybe. But I doubt that the X2 switch problem is very common at all, I was just pointing out that it was *possible*. Anyway, everyone should really be using a Live-safe BIOS anyway (that's the X2 4981 or higher BIOS, for anyone who's using an old one), which would prevent you from getting banned.
  15. IIRC they're already able to tell if any Xbox on Live has ever been modded. If they wanted to, they could instantly ban all of these Xboxes. But for whatever reason, they've so far chosen to allow Xboxes on Live so long as the modchip is switched off, and if the hard drive has never been changed. Goaty, the X2 chips use a DPDT switch - meaning one set of pins for the light, one set of pins to enable/disable the chip. It's possible that the switch was making contact with the pins to enable the chip, but wasn't quite making up with the pins for the light - so it would seem as if the chip was off. Do you have a different-coloured startup logo for when the chip is enabled? If so, you'd know straight away if the chip was enabled or not each time you boot.
  16. 1. The ban can take a few days to be processed, so you can't say for certain at what point you were banned. 2. The BIOS in question will only prevent the modchip from connecting to Live. If you're already banned, it won't be of any use to you. That error message is exactly the same as the one I got when I was banned around the Halo 2 time.
  17. Great timing. I was just saying to someone that Geometry Wars 2 was looking like my X360 "killer app"!
  18. Might be more economical for you to look for a Dexdrive or whatever they were called - the things to let you backup PS1 memory card saves onto a PC. And just to confirm that your Vagrant Story problem is probably because it's an unofficial memory card. I remember one of my brother's friends couldn't get Blood Omen to save onto an unofficial card, it just kept prompting to format the card over and over again.
  19. It'll be interesting to see what happens, that's for sure. If I had to make a bet, I think I'd put my money on a software exploit (á la PSP) being developed first of all, and a modchip after that. It's a HUGE challenge to create a piece of software which doesn't have any loopholes in it, so that's why I think people will be working on hacking that at first. But certainly, the resources of modchip developers these days are incredible - not to be underestimated.
  20. How many were in the E3 demo? This demo has "E3" on it, so I'm assuming it's the exact same one that was shown then. I only fought one Colossus - but having said that, I did die just after he did. Some weird black snake-type things came out of his head and went into my character and then he fell over. It didn't really seem as though I could avoid them, so I didn't think much of it. I'll have another go tomorrow.
  21. Yeah, just one. You do get a bit of running about/climbing/riding your horse beforehand though which is nice.
  22. I've just been playing this, I didn't realise it was going to be quite *so* similar to Ico - definitely a good thing though. Framerate is a bit variable, but I hear they've sorted that out for the final game. The music is just beautiful, and the landscapes are amazing - very similar architecture and lighting to that in the Ico engine, which is welcome. The camera's not quite as intuitive as it could be, but it's a very minor gripe - I think it'll become second nature after a bit more time spent playing the game. The feeling of being dwarfed by the colossus is perfect, although I'm not quite sure about the mechanics of hanging onto something which is trying to shake you off; it can be very frustrating at times. I know that's the whole point of the game, but it's still not fun to spend ages climbing up something only to fall off it and have to start all over again. Not so bad in the demo, but some of the later monsters look MUCH larger, so I can see how it would be proportionally more annoying. I also had a few goes which ended in disaster before I had to go look it up on the net and see exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Turns out that I'd been on the right track, but it's not really obvious as to when you need to jump and when you need to just climb in order to progress - I'd been trying to climb up something when I should have pressed jump whilst clinging on in order to get any higher up. Definitely looking forward to the game now! EDIT: Forgot to say, there's a prog scan option in the demo, but I didn't have the PS2 hooked up to a suitable monitor.
  23. Can't say I've heard of this problem either, but the guy who mentioned the fix on the EAB forum is pretty knowledgeable. BTW, what sort of video cable are you using? Could it be a problem with that?
  24. Yep. Something like ReloKick or SKick should do the job - they're probably on Aminet (www.aminet.de). You may also find some games which don't like having a second (external) floppy drive attached, or don't like Fast RAM installed on the machine (use a NoFastMem tool).
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