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  1. I think for Xbox and GC your options are fairly limited - you're probably best going for the Soul Calibur 2 stick for each of them.
  2. I don't really mind the actual stick itself, but the analogue buttons are pretty poor. How come there's a microswitch in them that clicks when the button's pressed down half-way? The microswitch isn't even wired to anything! Crazy...
  3. It was Rantin' James (aka Kazaroth) who was offering the service - I'm not sure if he's still doing it or not. I can do it for you if you provide the parts (a DC stick and a Gamester Xbox arcade stick), but I'm not sure when I'll be able to do it - I'm very busy at the moment.
  4. Yes, you do end up losing some buttons if you just use the standard DC stick on an XBox - you lose Back, Black and White. But yes, it would be possible to obtain some extra buttons and fit them into the casing of the DC stick and connect those up as well. If you just want the DC stick to work on the Xbox (and you don't need it to still work on the DC anymore) then yes, you can just use the guts of the Gamester Xbox stick and put those inside the DC stick instead. If you don't put a resistor across each of the main buttons then you'll get button ghosting (i.e. it'll randomly generate phantom keypresses). The Gamester buttons are actually analogue (and work with a variable resistor), so if you don't want to use resistors you can just strip the buttons apart and keep the variable resistors soldered across each button input.
  5. I still haven't bothered to take any pics, sorry. I had a look and found a guy who's using almost exactly the same method as me: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/jdpyle1/controls_xbox.htm He's just gutting various sticks/pads and putting the electronics in external plastic boxes. I'm using 15-way D connectors though - this is exactly the right number of pins to do all the buttons on a PSX and Xbox controller. (The DC obviously has less buttons, so doesn't even need to use as many wires as that). So I've now removed/bypassed all the electronics in my sticks, added a length of 15-core cable and wired it directly to a 15-pin plug. One pin for each direction/button. In each plastic box I've put 2 15-way D sockets, and 2 sets of electronics. So for example, the PSX adapter unit has 2 D sockets, each one wired to the innards of a standard digital PSX pad (each wire to a direction/button), and the original controller leads are coming out of the other side of the box which are plugged into the console. The Xbox one is the same, and contains the electronics from a couple of Gamester Xbox arcade sticks, the DC box contains the guts of two DC sticks. Will definitely try and post pics later.
  6. Going a bit OT, sorry... In case anyone's interested, I'm currently gutting all my sticks, giving them all a standard connector, and making external adapters for all my consoles (DC/Xbox/PSX/PS2/Megadrive etc). The goal is to be able to use any of my arcade sticks on any console. I'm feeling very lazy at the moment, but if anybody cares then I'll try and find a digital camera to get some pics.
  7. Way back when the Xecuter chips weren't supplied with an external switch panel, I used to mount a small switch inside a small vent hole on the left-hand side of the Xbox, just underneath the joypad port. For anyone really bothered by the external panel/LED, just remove it and wire up a single switch as I've described. James, if you (or anyone else) want your white Xbox modded in this way, just let me know at the time and I'll sort something out.
  8. IIRC I chipped your Xbox - so yes, it'll be fine for Live. You may want to download the newest Xecuter 4981 BIOS and flash your chip with it - this will help prevent you accidentally going on Live with the chip enabled and getting banned. If you need the BIOS emailed to you or any help flashing the chip, just PM me.
  9. Fair enough - I think you've done a great job on yours. Just wondered if anyone actually finds the "straight line" layout more comfortable...
  10. I'm genuinely interested - do people really prefer having the buttons in a straight line? Isn't it more comfortable to have them in an arc? (Like DC sticks or the old Neo Geo sticks for example).
  11. Yod@

    Hired Guns (Amiga)

    Great review K, Hired Guns is one of the few games I bothered to actually complete. I played through it with my brother with the cheats on, and joked about how impossible it would be to complete it without cheating. Then we managed to play it again all the way through with cheating. B) I think Hired Guns is my favourite Amiga game. :jealous: OT: One of my A1200s has an 040 accelerator which was reviewed in Amiga Format - i.e. the *actual* piece of hardware which was reviewed. :nerd:
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