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  1. Some kind of closure to this would be nice...

    Yeah, he says he got the cart working again, so it would be nice if he'd actually shown a clip of the actual game running, rather than just a blurry circuit board.

    I don't really understand why he seems so firmly set in his belief that only one of these prototype carts exists - surely there'd be several different WIP versions? The fact that the other guy's eBay cart had a version number on it would give it away.

  2. and don't they also show them at the same time each night?

    IIRC, yes. A shocking display of stupidity.

    I remember they also used to send out a free monthly listing guide which was really useful, but they discontinued it ages ago. :unsure:

    Clearly someone in Film Four management needs to be sacked.

  3. I almost subscribed to FilmFour, and I'm bloody glad I didn't, because it was just before it went crap and just had Film Four, Film Four +1, and Film Four Weekly.

    The channels they used to have (World and Extreme?), always seemed ace.

    Agreed, the World channel was outstanding, and there was a fair amount of decent stuff on Extreme as well.

    I resubscribed to Film Four again last year, but cancelled it after a month because it was rubbish - no World, no Extreme and, worst of all, the same flipping films shown every single day for a whole week at a time. Surely a large percentage of the Film Four demographic would have access to a video recorder? Idiots. :unsure:

  4. yeah, i once went through the whole game on legendary without dieing once. Came very close on Truth & recon and again on the Maw but managed to make it all the way.


    FFS, I can't even do it on Legendary full stop. I've been stuck one one of the bridges in AOTC for about a year now! ;)

    I sincerely wish I could unread your post, I've been utterly humbled. *kills self*

  5. 360 halo is gonna be borked isnt it :) US copies wont work on pal machines and Pal copies will be 16% slower. bugger. I bet the jeep run at the end is vastly improved in NTSC.

    Since the backwards-compatibility is emulated, I'd like to think that they'd sort out the PAL glitch to enable it to run at the correct speed. Anybody tried it yet? And anybody actually tried a US Halo in a PAL 360?

  6. Did the original version of the Xbox with the dodgy dvd drive make much noise? I've never heard so much as a peep from my crystal xbox. Maybe they'll quieten it down a bit?

    Not really, no. Funnily enough, it was some of the crystal Xboxes which were cursed with noisy fans (IIRC the Sunon fans were noisy).

    I also noticed that my mate's 360 was a little noisy, the sound of the exhaust air was quite loud. I had a quick look at the back of it, and to me it looked as though the vent holes in the inner shielding didn't quite line up with all the vent holes in the outer shell, which would create a lot more noise!

  7. In that picture it looks like there's a harddrive on top of the DVDrom drive.

    There is. They've added a 2.5" drive internally, with USB converter - you can see the cable coming out of the back and plugging into one of the 360's USB connectors. Means you can play media directly off the drive without having to stream it from a Media Centre PC.

  8. My two cents/yen/dirhams/pennies: the framerate is annoying, but it doesn't make the game unplayable.

    Let's face it - anyone with a decent PC is not going to want to play the Xbox version.

    People with a shit PC or no PC at all obviously don't have that option, so you'll either have to make do with the still-playable Xbox version, or miss out on the game entirely.

    So if you can't play it on a decent PC then either buy the game now if you're not overly fussy about framerate, or wait and pick it up cheap/second-hand if you are.

  9. i assume you have never done the mod, nothing to do with the mod and more to do with what chip the machine has - as ive said many times in this thread there are a range of serial numbers that give a good rgb output, everything else gives a bad one.

    There are actually 3 different ways of modding an N64:

    1. Just add the R,G and B connections directly from the chip to the AV port. Gives a very sharp picture, but very dark.

    2. Same as 1, but short two points on the board to brighten the picture. Gives a bright image, but can give horizontal flickering bands noticeable on solid blocks of colour. I find it very noticeable on my TVs, but a lot of other people don't see it.

    3. Same as 1, but with an RGB amplifier fitted to brighten the picture. The best solution IMO.

    Do you happen to know which way yours was done, Shimmy?

    BTW I do agree that finding RGB-moddable machines can be a bit hit-and-miss - I've had a few over the last few years which weren't moddable.

    IIRC I paid £35 for my NTSC N64 (already RGB modded by hellbelly) with a UK PSU and postage.

  10. Why are people unable to download this? I got mine off Piratebay, and I've been seeding for days now. Just checked it, and it's still on forced seeding, and it's uploading nothing at all. :)

    Anyone want to explain what I should be doing? I'm using Azureus, BTW.

  11. Yeah, you could get your stripboard sorted - wire up the power supply, the fuse holders and fuses, and the SCART lead (if that's what you're using).

    Then when you've got the rest of your parts, you'd just need to connect the JAMMA harness to the stripboard (for power and video), and wire up the joystick connectors to the JAMMA harness. And just add the buttons for coin/start/test etc.

  12. Or if Yorda gets pulled into a hole, just pull her out and then remain close to the hole while you're fighting the shadows. That way, if she gets pulled in again you'll have plenty of time to get her out again since you'll already be nearby.

  13. A friend of mine has just put a new page up - you can find it here:


    It's a page dedicated to unreleased Amiga games, with a goal of providing information, screenshots, reviews and downloads of these titles.

    There's only one unreleased game on it so far (Son Shu Shi), but there are plans to add more - details of these games are under wraps for the moment, but I'll post an update when I can. :)

  14. I have a 5k resistor in between the JAMMA audio output and the SCART lead for the TV.

    Obviously when you're trying to get JAMMA audio into a TV you should always start with the TV volume turned right down, then turn it up very slowly just in case there's a problem somewhere.

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