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  1. don't know, I don't think I've ever used the WHDLoad version of syndicate. The save problem might be something to do with the format of the hard drive? Directory caching or something maybe? *shrugs*
  2. Cruise for a corpse seems to be cracked ok if you run it from the startup menu, but not from workbench, just press OK at each screen. Robocop 3 works for me both from the startup menu and from Workbench, I typed "000" as the code.
  3. Yeah, try quitting the game properly after you save. IIRC to do that you have to move the pointer to the top left corner of the screen and click and/or press Esc or shift/esc. something like that, anyway.
  4. Treble, did you rename your hard drive? If it was called "Amiga" and you changed it to something else, that would break the assign. And some games don't run properly from workbench, so they're installed, but you launch them from the startup menu (hold the left mouse button when the amiga is booting) rather than the Workbench gui.
  5. Might be worth bearing in mind that a lot of PAL N64 games are optimised to run full-screen. Given that most N64 games are hideously blurry at the best of times, I don't think I'd like to see how blurry they'd be with the lower resolution of NTSC. Mind you, this is countered by the option of RGB modding an NTSC system. Mmm, dilemma.
  6. Hi Glimmer. The pic at the start of the thread is what I found. I was told that the Xbox (never opened before - with security seals intact) had been given to someone else for modding, who then returned it several weeks later saying that it couldn't be modded, and that nothing whatsoever had been done to the Xbox. As soon as I opened it up (security seals were broken when I received it) I could see that wasn't true. No idea. Just looks like a botched mod attempt to me. I've never seen a brand new retail Xbox shipped in such a condition, so someone else must have damaged the traces on the board. Nope. Those are PSU problems.
  7. A replacement control panel with an LCD screen fitted? www.baldbouncer.co.uk sells them. You'll need an X3 chip to use the screen though. Yeah, that'll be a v1.6.
  8. The bottom of the board is far worse than that. The underside D0 point and the pad beside it have both been pulled off the board, and two of the pin header connections have been damaged as well. The black stuff has been used as some sort of "glue", and caused no end of problems for me.
  9. Well, to be fair, this is a thread of people yarring the ROM. I doubt many people here will have any qualms about yarring the Saturn ISO instead, and just using a swaptrick to play it on the real thing.
  10. Maybe it's only running at 50Hz instead of 60? It would explain the massive border.
  11. Thank God for that. I've just spent 5 mins trying to decide if it was worth the risk of dragging the topic OT to sort that out. I've seen it a lot recently, and it really bugs me.
  12. Tsk, feeling lazy today, Sean? http://hol.abime.net/3209
  13. I just said they had better resources now - better financial backing and incentive, better/more equipment, they have the ability to manufacture fairly complex modboards now etc. I didn't say they were cleverer. It's a moot point. If nobody can agree on what the phrase "more secure" means in the first place then it's a pointless discussion anyway. And Happy Christmas to you too!
  14. No, keep going, I think this one was on my Maths A-level paper... @ Mr. Gerbik: Yeah, extra power would certainly help. You're right in saying that a lot of the trouble with Saturn emulation has been due to technical difficulties in actually emulating the two processors in the Saturn, but I believe it can be done. There's actually a pretty good Saturn emulator for the PC now (called Cassini, IIRC) but it requires a very beefy machine to run. It should definitely be within the realms of possibility to have a Saturn emulator running at a decent speed on a 360. Whether or not it'll happen of course is anyone's guess.
  15. I tell you, it's not safe to even answer the door any more with all these burglars around. This is getting really silly now though. You mean if one team of burglars gets started on your house, and then the next year a different team of burglars gets started on your mate's house using better equipment etc? And if we don't even know which is the more talented team of burglars? Yeah, that's a nice clear-cut argument if ever there was one. The most secure system to me is the one which requires the most effort and ingenuity to circumvent it's protection.
  16. I agree with both those statements. How? Because hackers have a lot more resources now than they did before. So there's nothing conflicting there. The Xbox can still be cracked in a shorter time but have had better security, if you see what I mean. If you read up on GC and 360 security, I don't think anybody will claim that the 360's security features are inferior.
  17. Sorry, I missed the part where the 360 was actually cracked now.
  18. Can't believe I'm having to justify it. Right now one machine has been cracked, the other hasn't. Which would you say is more secure? Let me put it another way - even now some Saturn cdrom drives are resistant to Saturn modchips. By your logic, that would make the Saturn more secure than a Gamecube? I disagree.
  19. No, I don't think so, haven't seen any around yet. So is the Nex actually out now then? Been waiting for ages for this, it'll be interesting to see if it's possible to get RGB out of it.
  20. ? Gamecube's been cracked, 360 hasn't. So the quote is true. And I don't believe there is going to be a 360 modchip in the next 30 days or whatever. It sometimes takes them longer than this just to adapt the modchips to each new version of Xbox, let alone a whole new system.
  21. Actually I see there's no mention of the SNES version on that page, I'll have to get that amended. EDIT: Fixed now, thanks to Cody's lightning-fast editing!
  22. I always loved the graphics in Jim Power, really great parallax. http://hol.abime.net/798 And Lionheart and Overkill AGA which have already been mentioned.
  23. Another vote here for an A1200/extra RAM/hard drive. If you can pick up an A1200 with a RAM expansion card then I can sort out a hard drive and a suitable stick of RAM. The CD32 is ok, but rather limited - it's very difficult to find a CD32-compatible keyboard, which rules out any games which require key presses. I think it's still relatively expensive to track down any of the CD32 expansions for adding a floppy drive/hard drive etc, so it's not really worth upgrading either. The final nail in the coffin must surely be that disgusting official CD32 pad. *shudders*
  24. New unreleased game added - Indigo. http://agtw.abime.net/game.php?id=2
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