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  1. Where did everyone go? Been working my way through the quests just killed my first koshai.
  2. @Hexx you can craft a powertalon and armourtalon also and the effects stack.
  3. It's the hunter rank requirement for those hunts.
  4. @Starbreaker We need to be in the same online session for me to be able to invite you to the squad.
  5. @Len stop using expeditions to hunt that's what investigations are for. Expeditions are used for gathering and exploration.
  6. @wev room is up now zfn4tDx8dtk if you need an invite.
  7. @wev yes you need to go to gathering hub and speak to the squad lady.
  8. 100 hours played and just had the credits roll best game EVER!
  9. 1 - No monster's don't scale to level. If person is 2-3 levels higher and using upgraded gear then yes it's making fights easier. 2 - AFAIK it's all separate
  10. You are going to upgrade equipment not forge equipment.
  11. Should be on a while tonight session ID is mifmvbJji3n for anyone wanting to join the PSN squad.
  12. Just set up an online session on PSN and should be on for most of the night so anyone wanting do to some co-op or wanting to join the rllmuk squad can jump in. Online ID is 6vJt72taj2Be
  13. Good idea will do that tonight.
  14. @Big Swifty @CheekyLee Plenty of room in the rllmuk squad I setup. Have to get into the same online session to add you though so add me on PSN at AnthB and I will invite you in to a session.
  15. If people on ps4 would like to join a squad you will have to add me as I can only add people from within the same online session. PSN ID AnthB
  16. Yes you can if you press start/options when on manage items in the item box you can set up to 40 load outs.
  17. Have set up a rllmuk PSN community and a in game squad if people are interested in some multiplayer or general chat.
  18. Created a psn community for us all to share our hunting achievements.
  19. Co-op anyone? Quest ID: jTrrRJNWrGm
  20. Did Rathalos earlier today, also just taken down Diablos they were both great fights.
  21. Same was happening to me but I have a good connection and other streams where fine think it may have been from his side.
  22. There is a list in the opening post of the thread in online. Just post your code there if you want added
  23. Have set up a room 20-7877-1168-1242 pass 4224
  24. Just set up a room 19-3446-0216-3215 password 4224
  25. Yeah it was me and I would be up for some form of voice chat seeing as the in game chat sucks.
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