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  1. Thanks @Larsen B! That field of money was something to behold.
  2. Oh boy. I've PMd you, @Larsen B.
  3. Good luck in whatever's next @Nate Dogg III. And welcome back to rllumk full-time.
  4. Neither, sadly. @choduk told me it's an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo.
  5. Can’t believe jonnyalphainc didn’t upgrade their servers for launch AGAIN.
  6. Where do you need me to drop off the commission, @jonnyalpha?
  7. Anyone heard or watched any good Half-Life: Alyx spoiler chats? Gregg Miller and Danny O'Dwyer's chat on Kinda Funny Gamescast was excellent, but I need more.
  8. Just finished it. wow.
  9. Yeah, same here. Maybe it's as much as 20-30 seconds at points, but I'm happy with the breather tbh.
  10. Small update out for Alyx btw. It adds continuous turning!
  11. Same here! Hey so for someone who can't really handle horror and horror games, those sections in Chapter 3 were so intense that I was almost sick. Felt absolutely wrecked afterwards, but what a game. WHAT A GAME.
  12. Glad I ordered it from ShopTo... Because mine’s just shipped!
  13. Finished this last night. Absolutely loved it. The Xen chapters are SO well done. I didn't finish this back in the day, but considering that people widely regarded the Xen chapters as the worst bit in the game, what they've done here in the remake is an absolute triumph.
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