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  1. What about an Archimedes? Bit of Zarch action?
  2. We just finished this tonight, loved it. Lots of fun and quite emotional at times. Would recommend.
  3. Same, missed the nice translucent one though Still, white vinyl not a bad second option
  4. roobarb

    Aphex Twin

    ..and found the pre-order notification email in my spam folder. Out of stock now of course EDIT: scrub that, just pre-ordered one! EDIT2: expected Thursday!!
  5. roobarb

    Aphex Twin

    I'm a sucker for shit like this.. already on the wait list
  6. aww don't bin it, that's an ace joystick can't be that hard to fix - it's either a cable or a microswitch, nothing much else to them!
  7. I was thinking a swappable control panel would be perfect - I could even have a separate panel with Tron stick and spinner!
  8. I did see your build on this very forum, and super nice it is too! There are certain classic games that simply must work well on my system and some that I'd really like, so that will no doubt force my hand with controller layout, etc. (e.g. Star Wars is a must have). I'd also love marble madness, centipede, missile command which explains the track ball. 2 player sticks as well for bubble bobble, golden axe...
  9. I fully intend to build/commission my own 'dream machine' sometime early 2021, so will be watching this and similar threads with interest Things I'm debating at the moment: - 2 sticks, stick and trackball, all 3? - vertical or horizontal monitor? - pc/pi internals - UI frontend - how to affix my star wars Kickstarter yoke (if it ever arrives) - custom art for the cab
  10. So I shouldn't try online multiplayer Mario kart with my my mate then? I've just setup his hacked Wii U, we were going to give it a go
  11. Hmm ok.. is there a way of copying Wii U files from one usb drive to another? Can I just copy them using a PC? Really don't want to go through the hassle of installing and moving them all again if it did die.
  12. Depends how many you need, but in my experience it's much nicer to pick the Wii, GC etc titles you want and inject them. That way you can have them nicely organised in folders, plus they fit onto the same storage as Wii U games. Also the tiny SanDisk usb stick I bought works fine, no need for y-cable.
  13. My God.. I feel like I've been waiting for this all my adult life. Battlezone original mode in VR was amazing but this would take it to a whole new level!
  14. I have a broken one - it's a phat OLED model in near perfect condition, except the screen doesn't work! crack just visible. Bloody shame as digitiser and the actual console still works, because you can hear it... not sure how useful that is to anybody
  15. You might find Glen's Retro Show products interesting as he makes a quality Tron spinner, I think he's doing some awesome stuff (I have backed his Star Wars yoke) http://wagnerstechtalk.com/grs/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P5WJ7BC/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_ZhKaFbH67MK8E
  16. So I have a Wii U! Setup the hack last night using brain training to add HB launcher to home screen. Installed disk2app to install pikmin3 to usb. What do I need to do now to be able to play it from usb? Do I need wup installer? Also is there some way of copying directly from a PC to the usb as with the old Wii loaders? EDIT: Got the ripped game files installing to system memory using Wup Installer, then moving files to USB drive. EDIT2: Everything working from the same HDD now, including downloaded WiiU, Wii and GC titles. USB helper, utik downloader and TeconMoon's WiiVC Injector have been brilliant. This is currently my favourite console and definitely the most played Emulation next I reckon..
  17. So I'm thinking of picking up a secondhand Wii-U to do this. Should I be looking at only the black 32GB model or doesn't it matter? Also is it important to get a pro controller as well? Note: I already have loads of GameCube and Wii controllers..
  18. I don't think they print your own models? I can only see an option to buy from their own list of prints unless I'm missing something.. Know of any other 3d printing services?
  19. This clear GameCube build is pretty amazing
  20. I love my RadPad as well, such a quality product. Can anybody help with something? My vectrex arrived a bit beaten up and missing it's front panel controller retaining clip. I'd like to get a replacement clip.. can't find anywhere that sells them but I did find this thread where a guy created a model for 3d printing: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/300839-vectrex-front-panel-controller-retention-clip/ Does anybody know a place that would print one for me from the .STL file for not too much outlay?
  21. Any idea when these are being sold again?
  22. I'm just about to pick up a Sony bvm-9045d, will be my first CRT since the olden days (not counting the vectrex).. excited!
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