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  1. Don't chuck it out, I need a willing patient for me to transform into a franken-vector monitor (or kill myself trying)
  2. This is a cool use for an old G3 https://github.com/wickerwaka/iMacSTer
  3. Oh sorry that's what I meant, doh I did the composite mod on mine, very easy..
  4. Nice. You going to do a component composite mod?
  5. I think that guy even has the eyes of Sauran tracking you in his circular screens for the LoTR table
  6. Have a look at this guy's table, it's insane! Head tracking, circular "speaker screens", so professional. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1602697096474910/permalink/4787961137948474/
  7. Glad to see there are other fans in here.. we loved the first series in our house, freaky disco included!
  8. A really interesting open-source CRT chassis project! https://youtu.be/6l6mUYQhgSU
  9. Kick muck! So good. These guys formed the soundtrack (often live) to some quite acid fuelled teenage years for my friends and I. Much love to the Ozrics, and Eat Static.
  10. Vectorblade! This is quite a good deal for a boxed one with games and 2 controllers .. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/584360539324769/
  11. There used to be one in the basement of the building next to the London eye.. not sure if it's still there though.
  12. I imagine MiSTer support should be no problem?
  13. Pixel Bunker in Milton Keynes - really good
  14. I have a spare 14" Trinitron you can have for £50 if you're anywhere near Bucks
  15. Yeah, this is poor. Was trying to persuade myself it was just a parody or some kind of protest against WB and therefore fine, but I'm not sure that's actually the case...
  16. Pengo, frogger, Ms Pac Man, galaga..
  17. @SwainyI just listened to you on the Vectrex console special of Cane and Rinse podcast.. very good! In other news, really good article about the PiTrex by Nicole Branagan here: https://nicole.express/2021/delicious-vectrex-pi.html
  18. As per my post in the trading folder.. Gutted that I can't go to this. I have 2 tickets for this Saturday: Roni Size x LTJ Bukem O2 Academy Oxford 190 Cowley Road, Oxford Sat Nov 13, 2021 at 11:00 PM Just after ticket price, £37 for both ONO. Short notice I know, but it would be a shame to waste them!
  19. Do you lose any image quality through a switch box? I thought about using a simple VGA y splitter cable with 2 spectrum next leads but the splitters I've seen have some pretty bad reviews.
  20. Clever Love the proper old school look! Is it a VGA switcher with multiple VGA-scart cables then? I was thinking of using a separate hdmi-vga-scart for verts but a scart switch box would be easier/cheaper/better I think..
  21. One for TATE cores? I'd have a CRT permanently on its side
  22. The MK one even has 80s sweets on sale for that added authenticity
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