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  1. Was anybody else at Arcadia for the Carl Cox/Chase n Status set? That blew me away, was probably the highlight for me.
  2. We're going, can't bloody wait!! We have coach tickets so not getting there until later during Thursday. Any tips on where best to camp?
  3. Yes that's what I really meant.. doh. USB hub not IO board
  4. Yes it needs the new one on the left.. I failed to check this and therefore needed to upgrade my old version IO board USB hub. The hubs come with the necessary power and bridge connectors, at least mine did.
  5. If you haven't bought the hub yet I have my old one that I could sell for cheaps
  6. It's this one: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005003531497871.html I have to say it's really good quality, very well designed and nice and sturdy. Comes with all screws and spacers you need, even a screwdriver lol Careful though I needed to change my IO board USB hub to a new version as my old one didn't fit the case..
  7. shiny case get! only £30 from AliExpress
  8. I've noticed the default 5V 2A adapter isn't enough to power several USB devices art the same time, e.g. wireless keyboard and wireless mouse plus joystick. Can anyone recommend a better one?
  9. Ooh where can I buy a copy of this print issue? .. If I subscribe now will I get #233?
  10. Nice thanks.. should just be a matter of choosing a MiSTer core and getting the right rom then
  11. I have a very similar telly (MX4002) I like it too! Can I ask what you are using to generate the test pattern?
  12. Should be alright then as I'll be replacing the deflection board.. sure I could knock a fiver off lol. PMd
  13. Don't chuck it out, I need a willing patient for me to transform into a franken-vector monitor (or kill myself trying)
  14. This is a cool use for an old G3 https://github.com/wickerwaka/iMacSTer
  15. Oh sorry that's what I meant, doh I did the composite mod on mine, very easy..
  16. Nice. You going to do a component composite mod?
  17. I think that guy even has the eyes of Sauran tracking you in his circular screens for the LoTR table
  18. Have a look at this guy's table, it's insane! Head tracking, circular "speaker screens", so professional. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1602697096474910/permalink/4787961137948474/
  19. Glad to see there are other fans in here.. we loved the first series in our house, freaky disco included!
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