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  1. Fantastic end to the season, this has been getting better and better. Love it, can't wait for the next.
  2. That's fantastic
  3. roobarb

    Aphex Twin

    Blimin awesome..
  4. I loved rollcage! I can see me getting one of these, better get saving...
  5. Marble Madness was the first game I bought for my Amiga, along with some defender clone (colourful worlds, cute creatures a big skull that chased you). Man I love Marble Madness, I can still remember the feeling when I first heard the second level music start in the arcade
  6. Hi I went for an A3 150gsm silk poster print: https://www.instantprint.co.uk/posters/a3?rangesizeq=0 I chose just the outline and artwork layers from the template psd, flattened the image, cropped to the correct dimensions for A3 then uploaded, chose 'value' delivery (£4)
  7. Modding guide here: https://forums.shoryuken.com/t/newbie-guide-venom-ps4-mayflash-v2-full-sanwa-seimitsu-mod-with-octo-for-116-uk-pricing/176201 Template for artwork here: https://www.focusattack.com/template/download/plexworks/brand/venom/fa-venom-mayflashf500-artwork-template.zip (use Gimp or Photoshop to align, or just don't bother with the template and print something on A3) Printing and cutting service if you're lazy: https://focusattack.com/artwork-print-and-cut-for-venom-ps4-mayflash-f500-universal/ I used a UK company to print mine who were brilliant: https://www.i
  8. I did a thing to! Bought an old venom stick from FB for £35. Was pretty grotty.. dirty, sticky buttons etc. Swapped out joystick and buttons for nice Sanwa ones, cleaned it and put some custom art in there. Really happy with the transformation!
  9. We watched Parasite last night after reading this thread. It's amazing!
  10. So no PS4 support this time then? So far I have no interest in buying a 5.. certainly can't justify it for this loved the first one though, great little game
  11. Which version of MAME and ROM set do you guys use?
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