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  1. I just bought a $15 licence as well, pretty good!
  2. In this video you can see it being used for all sorts of other games, so yeah
  3. Well the Kickstarter yoke arrived! Now to decide how to mount the thing, starting with a simple control panel to clamp to my desk.. then think about an arcade build in the new year (maybe). Seems really good build quality, super solid and very heavy!
  4. roobarb

    Aphex Twin

    Look what arrived today!! Can't wait to make some tunes (dick around) with this at the weekend
  5. What about an Archimedes? Bit of Zarch action?
  6. We just finished this tonight, loved it. Lots of fun and quite emotional at times. Would recommend.
  7. Same, missed the nice translucent one though Still, white vinyl not a bad second option
  8. roobarb

    Aphex Twin

    ..and found the pre-order notification email in my spam folder. Out of stock now of course EDIT: scrub that, just pre-ordered one! EDIT2: expected Thursday!!
  9. roobarb

    Aphex Twin

    I'm a sucker for shit like this.. already on the wait list
  10. aww don't bin it, that's an ace joystick can't be that hard to fix - it's either a cable or a microswitch, nothing much else to them!
  11. I was thinking a swappable control panel would be perfect - I could even have a separate panel with Tron stick and spinner!
  12. I did see your build on this very forum, and super nice it is too! There are certain classic games that simply must work well on my system and some that I'd really like, so that will no doubt force my hand with controller layout, etc. (e.g. Star Wars is a must have). I'd also love marble madness, centipede, missile command which explains the track ball. 2 player sticks as well for bubble bobble, golden axe...
  13. I fully intend to build/commission my own 'dream machine' sometime early 2021, so will be watching this and similar threads with interest Things I'm debating at the moment: - 2 sticks, stick and trackball, all 3? - vertical or horizontal monitor? - pc/pi internals - UI frontend - how to affix my star wars Kickstarter yoke (if it ever arrives) - custom art for the cab
  14. So I shouldn't try online multiplayer Mario kart with my my mate then? I've just setup his hacked Wii U, we were going to give it a go
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