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  1. For anyone near Epping there's a B&O going free! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/458494356075932/?ref=facebook_story_share
  2. If you ever need somebody to look after your Paper Mario let me know
  3. I've been holding off getting a PS5 for this.. really hope they announce a console pack on PSVR pre-order day.. maybe even a slim!
  4. Yeah an analogue board is much more useful than a digital one..
  5. What's the huge black and silver fight stick? Looks Great!
  6. I must be dumb - can't get this working Probably doing something similar to Klatrymadon but I'm pretty sure I've downloaded the raw files and put them in the right places: R-Type (Japan).mra and R-Type (World).mra in /media/fat/_Arcade/ M72_xx.rbf in /media/fat/_Arcade/cores/) Then ran update_all - it downloaded rtype.zip to /media/fat/games/mame/ ..just switches back to OSD when I try to run one of them. EDIT - I was being an idiot. Don't worry I downloaded them again and it worked anyway, R-Type.. woo hoo!
  7. Quick q.. can you put the port covers back on over these mods? (probably not over the SD2SP2 I guess)
  8. roobarb


    Saturday's show was immense.. pretty much straight away everyone was jumping, went full on moshpit for some heavier tracks. Maxim ruled the crowd throughout, he was awesome and some nice crowd interaction from Liam as well. Some really heartfelt and tastefully done tributes to Keith, including a great instrumental version of firestarter with an laser animated Keith dance. Was easily one of the best live performances I've been to, not sure I've ever come away so sweaty Brixton Academy still rules, so do the Prodigy
  9. I just ordered all the bits to do this mod, excited!
  10. roobarb


    I'm on my way to Brixton right now to see them.. it's going to be mental I know it
  11. I'm hoping the GRS Star Wars yoke will work for these.. it's recognised by a PC for MAME so maybe.
  12. Was anybody else at Arcadia for the Carl Cox/Chase n Status set? That blew me away, was probably the highlight for me.
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