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  1. Don't get me wrong, I'm no sexist, but I have this irrational dislike for an as-yet unreleased film because the protagonists are women.

    Don't forget that one of them is an overweight woman! She's the worst.

  2. Wasn't the intention to try and get Sony to admit to their mistakes and sort it out for everyone, not just a couple of individuals?

    If that was the case, then they definitely didn't do a first class job.

    That result aould have been brilliant. But unlikely. Few expected it.

    The battle was won, the war was not.

  3. One of the great things about Point Break was that although the bad guys were into 'extreme' surfing, there was also a very chilled out, natural, tribal, animal pack side to them. This was really complimented by amazing long shots of the beach at sunset and dawn, and the relaxing and awesome sounds of waves. That evocative side was what was so toxic and alluring to our hero Johnny.

    That all feels missing from the trailer.

    And now I really want to see the original again.

    KEANU :mellow:

  4. If it follows the comics at all, for at least some of the time Cap will be

    leading a group of rebel superheroes, and holed up in a secret underground base.

    So if they use that sort of approach, Cap will be central to pretty much everything, but usually seen alongside other characters too.

  5. Quite shocking the dip in quality this season. Now that everyone is a superhero / villain it's pretty dull. The fight scenes lack any originality or excitement.

  6. At the end the New Avengers lineup looked a bit dull and lacklustre compared to the original Avengers.

    Though I suppose it was more a setup for Civil War rather than the future of the MCU Avengers roster.

    One thing I really liked about AOU is that they carried on some of the Stark / Rhodey bromance banter from IM3.

  7. Old Man Logan is Wolverine 3? Love the idea of seeing that on screen, but there are loads of non-X-men characters in that. Are they just going to make up a load of mutants to replace Hulk, Mysterio, Kingpin, Hawkeye etc?

    I guess the concept is still sound. Old cranky Wolverine walks a post-apocalyptic world getting revenge on the dudes who did it all.

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