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  1. Not sure if this hasn't already been mentioned, but c'mon really is this the best Microsoft could do? Lets face it the hardcore wont stop playing copies, they may have continued to pay for DLC and Live subscriptions, however now they cannot and will not continue to pay for this... So Microsoft get nothing at all from the majority of the pirates. Not exactly the best course of action but I suppose they were going to do something sooner or later
  2. anyone else finding by staring at the screen in concentration, and then looking immediately at something else thats stationery, messes with your eyes? My wallpaper crawls up the wall...
  3. AMAZING! Ive never played many other games like this, I've played Fable and enjoyed it but the thought of this sort of game used to scare me as being far too complex for the beginner. But I've just spent the last 12 hours non stop and Ive NEVER done that with any other game before, everytime I learn something new that will help me complete a mission off I go to do so. My wife has just had to prise my hands off the pad to stop me playing anymore!!
  4. Finished this on career mode (61-1-0 61 by KO ), had my first go online. First fight I realise I hate fighting on the other side of the screen it makes blocking and combos much harder, but this guy is just throwing power punches so after a coupla rounds I manage to make him look an arse by just countering as I knock him to the canvas the poor loser quiits out on me, that should count as a win surely?? Second fight Ok Im now on the left hand side as normal and this guy is clearly using buttons the damage i did to his eye was pretty immense but he beats me hands down his stamina kept getting
  5. no its the 360 version ive only recently started getting them whenever you fight your "rival"
  6. Anyone know how to get the most of the pre fight weigh in events? Am i doing something wrong it goes in to first person mode and i can parry his attacks but it never gives me a chance to hit him back it just ends and goes into the main fight is there a purpose to this???
  7. Downloadin now..got a tracker error, anyone else have this problem. BTW cheers again guys will be seeding for the rest of the week
  8. My core died on me tonight kept freezing up with white blocky lines across the screen .... took it back to currys where paid the extra and exchanged it for a premium
  9. I have a core pack sat waiting for me at work if i want it, we dont sell the hard drives just the memory units but i suppose that is sufficient as long as i dont want backwards compatibility...If i go for this what should i buy with it??
  10. anyone happen to know whether the wifi works with wanadoos wireless service??
  11. Atrincham - near manchester
  12. I work in Currys and bout half a dozen both the core and full 360 arrived in today probably more than we have on preorder along with a few peripherals but no games yet
  13. Ray Tracing

    Pes 5

    not sure if this has been mentioned on this forum before, but if youve got a ps2 and a max drive you can pop over to pesfan.com where some genius has edited all the correct kits for us. The x-box version is being worked on as we speak to so theres no excuse to say fifa has all the kits as these are nigh on perfect!
  14. Cant find any other threads about this but is this out yet? If so is it worthwhile any idea exactly what extra is in there and is it worth a play through if i have the original?
  15. clearly not then... aahh well guess the last one was best possible gameplay could get i was just annoyed they removed te live option from the uk release still i'll trade in the old for the new..
  16. still no love for Road Rash tho - am I wearing Rose Tinted specs? it wasnt that bad surely...
  17. Streets of Rage is definitely screaming for a remake - as long as they dont ruin the techno-dance soundtrack!
  18. was that the FPS off PS set in egypt or something similiar??
  19. Personally I cant wait for the next installment of TW since the last one was so great just missing an online multiplayer mode which should appear in the pal version (fingers crossed) Anyone else excited by the prospect of swinging (virtual)big sticks at (virtual) little balls?
  20. Or How about another Double Dragon maybe the first good one since DDII
  21. Just been playing MotoGP3 online and becoming very frustrated at the other drivers really wish i had a punch/kick button which got me thinking how a new road rash game would be perfect on LIVE if done correctly. I mean c'mon when was the last decent road rash??? any other games that you believe would be perfect for live or any other reason???
  22. picked this up today as part of currys buy any game get killzone free, since im staff i managed to find a bargain game for 47p so i now have the pleasure of playin this on the extra cheap side of things. only had a quick go but seems quite promising so far
  23. yep youve done it again, ive now had to go and buy this just to play it again, think im gonna love it all over again cheers
  24. best.episode.ever. Monty brought back so many memories including the best cheat in the world entering iwanttocheat as your name in the high score - class
  25. Right me old muckas I have now gotten meself a nice x-box live subscription so i am welcoming myself into your fold anyone who fancies a bit of a race against someone reasonably poop feel free to add me gamertag is tenmenuk
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