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  1. Hi I'm taking delivery of a shiny xbox one today thanks to the Amazon deal posted a couple of pages back. Quick question: has an update allowed the hdmi pass through to work while the console is in standby?
  2. Heads up for anyone in the UK with Virgin media, the first 5 episodes are on the on demand service
  3. It also appears to have fixed the bug that prevents the disk being read when you power on from eject.
  4. I just found a radio playing the PT voice over...
  5. You can use the phantom cigar to advance the time
  6. Geralt just recited an amusing limerick about Lambert 😂
  7. Just collected mine from Argos, it came up as £9999 on their tills but this was quickly corrected. Merry Christmas!
  8. Haha, think ultimately I benefited from that, I've saved the replay if you ever want to relive those wonderful moments ;-)
  9. Just grabbed one of these, was looking to pick up Zombi U from the eshop thought it was supposed to be 8.99 at the moment. It's showing 15.99 here am I doing something wrong?
  10. I think the commentary might be broken. In my first quick friendly match Fellaini had been substituted early due to an injury only to then score a hat trick and then rounded his debut off with a red card....
  11. Juat picked it up at Asda for £34.97
  12. Hmm don't know what card I used last and no email from Sony as I linked my account to an old hotmail address that I haven't signed into for a long time. Any other way of knowing?
  13. That happened to me once, unfortunately it used the card I had registered with my wallet to pay for it instead!
  14. Help! I tried to copy the PS3 store bough ff7 eboot file across to my PSP. (I am on 5.00 M33-6) When I launch the game I get the normal warning screen but then I get the " this game cannot be played (CA000005)" error. Am I going to have to upgrade to 5.50? I have tried the Version.txt hack but still cannot play. Any advice is very much appreciated!
  15. So now I have USB loader up and running is it safe to update to 4.0? I cant access the shop channel til I do but don't want to lose anything!
  16. The 360 has the option to invert the aim, but not to invert the camera. Only had a very quick blast, controls are much less restrictive than last gen Silent Hill, but I can't decide if thats a good thing or a bad thing...
  17. I'm another one who wandered in here after Gamecentral mentioned CV, I've bought many a game after watching the 'vania review. Bujingai, Sid Maiers Pirates, Forbidden Siren are all games that I may have missed out on. Thanks for the good times and laughs now hurry up and release the DVD box set with commentary.
  18. Looks like mine is dying, it was working ok for a bit then just kept freezing along with a solitary beep. Rebooting it has gave me the odd 3 rings but mostly it boots ok, but once a game is loaded it just beeps again and freezes. Is it cold or is it dead??
  19. Ray Tracing

    Fable 2

    For those that have played this anyone got any idea what the "mime" statues are for? I've found a couple and managed but then what??
  20. OK when you're on the hacking screen there's some words that will stand out amongst everything else, highlight one of these words and if this is incorrect the number of attempts reduces, however it will then tell you how many letters within that word are in the correct password. You then need to select the next word to see if that has more/less letters in order to work out the correct word in the list.
  21. Been playing a few more hours now, wandered off the main track to do some side quests. There are parts where you feel outnumbered and are running low on firepower and health packs so it gets quite tense. The only minor niggle I have so far is sometimes the guide arrow can be a little vague. This is partly because the world isn't as open as Oblivion because of debris and crumbled buildings. I'm finding myself fast traveling most of the time to try and avoid this. ALSO - not a massive spoiler on plot but will hide this so not to spoil ANYTHING
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