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  1. I opted for the very deal, opened the account they only gave 10% rather than 20, then told me it was out of stock with no future fulfilment date...
  2. It's on my list but will go physical for most games I think
  3. I've just joined the switch love in club, ordered with Zelda, Mario kart and splatoon. Also ordered case, screen protector and pro controller. Did someone say the controller comes with a USB C cable or will I need one if I'm gonna charge it at work from a power bank? Am I missing anything else essential?
  4. Ray Tracing

    SNES Mini

    Anyone managed to get a patch for uniracers to stop the cpu glitching?
  5. Received an email from MFM confirming that they will be sending me a copy of the superplay mag shortly
  6. Nope, not even a response from the original email I sent on Tuesday
  7. Did a quick round trip of my local stores, none in smiths, none in one Tesco extra, then 6 in the next (Handforth if anyone locally is still searching)
  8. Ordered mine Thursday morning, just arrived minus the superplay mag too
  9. Is that what it goes for these days? I've got a copy with the cd but sadly the artbook was lost some years back.
  10. What's a non eBay reasonable price for a copy of Castlevania symphony of the night these days? I have a copy with the cd but no artbook gathering dust
  11. Never played this as by the time it came out I'd moved onto the ps3. Looking forward to playing it for the first time after all the positive things I heard about it
  12. The biggest mystery of all is when did james hurley become John cena?
  13. I found this to be terribly boring for the first 30 minutes or so, then just a terrible film for the remaining 90. I enjoyed prometheus as a sci fi flick, but this was just awful, nothing positive to say about it other than it was cool to see the alien again
  14. I'd never played a persona game previously but grabbed this on release thanks to the positive word of mouth. I've just finished it now and loved every minute. The weird thing was that when I was in the palaces I couldn't wait to get back to the story, then when the story progressed I couldn't wait to get to the next palace. Finished with a few completed confidantes and presumably have missed a fair few sub plots. Tempted to dive straight into NG+ that's how much I enjoyed it.
  15. Ray Tracing

    PS4 Pro

    After biting the bullet and upgrading i can confirm that following update 4.50 if you have an external HDD the transfer process is as easy as: 1)Backup installed games onto the HDD 2)Upload Saves to the cloud 3)Sign in on Pro - connect HDD and Voila you're up and running Took about 90 mins last night to transfer to the HDD in preparation (about 600gb) so possibly not any quicker than some of you guys experienced when connecting with Ethernet but this should help anyone who wants to prep and then trade up for a pro
  16. Ray Tracing

    PS4 Pro

    With this new 4.5 firmware am i right in thinking i can now transfer all my stuff from my existing PS4 onto an external HDD and then just connect it to the pro?
  17. Ray Tracing

    Yakuza 0

    For those (like me) having issues with the pocket racing. If all you want to do is build the friendship up so that you can acquire this in the real estate game you can just keep doing the first race.
  18. The biggest problem with this is that it makes little effort to explain a lot of the features. As above with people explaining guard mode etc and so much info flashing up on screen "maphack detected" uh what? Just a shame as this feels like a great game but to a noob it just feels like everything is a big secret either that or I'm just stupid, regardless none of these possibilities are good for new players.
  19. Sounds great to me mate just let me know your details and I'll send the cash
  20. Let me know how much you want for this
  21. Thanks for this, now gotta grab a bigger SD Card!
  22. I've got a code going spare if anyone wants it?
  23. Thanks tbb, pm'd. What a nice way to start my xbox experience!
  24. If it's still going (and you like me) I would be very grateful to take it off you
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