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  1. Yeah mine came via Royal mail, apparently they're being sent out in batches and only the signed copies will be sent by courier
  2. I still couldn't get the Turkey VPN trick to work, they were still asking for a Turkish mobile. I changed vpn to Argentina and it went through on UK starling mastercard at just under £7 for the premium plan
  3. Have you done this recently? I get as far as entering payment details and then it requires an sms authentication to a Turkish number.
  4. My Smyths all access order placed yesterday afternoon is apparently being delivered in the next 2 hours. Looking forward to some Halo later then!
  5. It seems these are available via the all access 28.99 a month option through smyths. The main site doesn't allow you to purchase one outright but I've just ordered one with a delivery date of the 16th December through all access
  6. Just back from watching this and really enjoyed it, great cast and some really good performances. Some nice throwbacks to the series and I'm not 100% as it's been a long time since I watched the show but I'm pretty sure some new revelations I'd say 4/5 if you're a sopranos fan. I think if you're not invested in the characters then ymmv
  7. 2 bosses down and this is exactly what I expected. Fun, silly, and stylish. Sometimes you just need a game like this. My shopto copy also arrived with a cotton bag and a badge which I didn't expect.
  8. Is this just the b/w video that's on YouTube or is there another one? Can't understand why more of Laymons material hasn't been picked up
  9. Whatever it is, the app is updating now... Edit: it's nothing to get excited about, they continue to troll
  10. Either force a database rebuild or click on it to start the download again, then delete it again.
  11. Wow I watched that VHS in preparation for my snes arrival so many times.
  12. Mine finally arrived this morning with a poster, postcards and a notebook. I was a massive fan of hyrule warriors and this feels like an evolution already, from the start not being all about capturing outposts. Looking forward to getting stuck in properly now
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