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  1. If you haven't played Outer Wilds yet, I am deeply envious of what you are about to experience.
  2. Amazon were awful for me. Delays, deliveries that didn't happen, then finally a package that turns up full of toiletries (presumably after someone half inched the console). Put me off ordering big ticket items from them. In the end, Smyths had some in stock and it turned up problem free 48 hours later.
  3. Amazon delivery failed yesterday (no one-time password given apparently, even though I was in and other parcels were delivered). They now basically don't know where it is but are giving estimated delivery of 17th. Should I assume it has been nicked by driver or warehouse and start looking for another one?
  4. Ravern

    Outer Wilds

    No spoilers really, just responding to the above:
  5. Yes. Although I've played neither so no idea if it is a decent sized evolution of the original mod.
  6. Ravern

    Outer Wilds

    I was about to pop in and ask how you were getting on after your earlier post about thinking you knew where things were heading after 6 or 7 loops. I was concerned that I was very slow in figuring things out - I have now completed it but it took me far longer than that.
  7. Air frying is great for tofu - really cuts down on the oil. It's the same idea as the baked version above but just more convenient. In my opinion it's fine going in strongly flavoured Thai curry style sauces just untreated and warmed through. I've also tried baking it whole in foil surrounded by a good marinade and then cooking for a little with the foil off, but the outcomes have not always been great.
  8. It was fun to come back to this for a few hours this evening having last played it in Early Access some time ago. It's a lot more refined than its Early Access form and still has all the charm. Things going wrong and the permadeath creates the sense of peril that keeps the stories meaningful, and the game deliberately gives you interesting alternatives rather than a simple character death. Reminds me of Crusader Kings in that respect; you can easily enjoy the stories, not the "winning".
  9. Ravern


    Panic/anxiety attack is possible, but given the stomach holding and ambiguity period pains are a real possibility too and would be equally difficult to specify.
  10. Harry Kane. I've never said a bad word about the bloke.
  11. "Do you think you justified your selection today, Raheem?"
  12. The vital footballing role of captain.
  13. I know this is a classic whinge, but music pumped into the stadium in halftime and pre match really undermines the uniquely tense atmosphere of sporting occasions like this.
  14. U wot? This has just been a perfectly normal, slightly low tempo game of cup football.
  15. Team has played pretty well, particularly Rice and Saka. Kane clearly unfit but that's been obvious since match one.
  16. "Have you justified your selection?" and we wonder why sportspeople don't want to do press conferences.
  17. Check the rules. "No offence There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from: a goal kick a throw-in a corner kick"
  18. You can't be offside from a corner. And a quality own goal. Good to see the comical international football train rolling already.
  19. I have finished 1 and now starting 2. I was nearly full on Paragon in 1 but would like to try Renegade in 2. Some points have carried over, but can I still realistically make enough progress down the Renegade path in 2 for it to be worthwhile or is it more an average between the two games? Spoiler free answers appreciated, I'm on my first play through.
  20. What help can I offer? If the game is so bugged, it's not worth bothering with.
  21. Yeah it's a shit game. Probably best play something else instead.
  22. Japanese audio says it like that.
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