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  1. Late rllmuk sentence of the year contender.
  2. You can install remotely via the Xbox website. Saw that on reddit and still seems to be the only way - mobile app doesn't work either.
  3. Yes. This is the Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad (analogically - not actually as good as BCS of course).
  4. I think it's gruelling but not gratuitous. It's not casually chucked in as plot device or ultraviolence, but instead a repeated and fundamental thematic and narrative element.
  5. I hope the pace stays exactly where it is. Of course it will be cathartic when it explodes into action, but the real joy is in the slow burn. Reminiscent of Breaking Bad season 3 or The Sopranos season 4 in a very good way.
  6. Intriguing. Have you got the 2OE scene number?
  7. Ravern


    I've nothing against the genres, but it feels harsh to "reduce" this to interactive movie/VN. The video scrubbing controls made me feel like I was "playing" this more than, to name a recent example, As Dusk Falls. That control gave it a lot of its creepiness for me.
  8. It was 6+ hours for me to see the credits so just keep going everywhere. It is a bit luck of the draw, but actually I preferred it being more roundabout as I understood a lot more by the time I got there.
  9. Ravern


    I did feel less control compared to Her Story, where the player input - video clip output mechanism was deterministic rather than the slightly more random feeling nature of this.
  10. I'm going without spoilers given the thread title. At one point the male entity, I think after being killed by the female entity in the subverted version of the Marissa killing Carl scene, says something along the lines of her never having watched him die before, so I'm not sure about the constant killing of each other. I don't think the poisoning in the final scene theory is correct. There are earlier clips from the 2OE shoot showing Marissa having nosebleeds, as well as the one where both her and John pass out at the same time. Likewise it being the final disposable of her body. After Amy burns her, the body seems to fall apart like it is a doll e.g. it is another construct that has temporarily held that spirit after being fed upon. I think the female entity is now moving on. I'm not sure, however, whether this is having still failed to find fulfilment in yet another muse/model for an artist role or whether her co-authorship as John/Marissa combined gave her some satisfaction.
  11. The game is co-written by the man who was original writer of Wild at Heart and the screenwriter for Lost Highway. Also the irony of "pour over the footage and anything will fit" just before your hagiography of David Lynch...
  12. As much as the end result didn't quite work, there's more merit in the thought process and intent there than fault in the outcome.
  13. It's decent and accessible for a now and again blast.
  14. If you're like me you try to learn the wind up animation then get thrown by the kanji and noise and just mash whatever.
  15. I found the story just about engaging enough and it's got all the gloss, but is such a pain in the arse to actually control and play.
  16. Re story endings Re pacing and stakes in the endgame - I really liked this and it felt a deliberate design choice. Two other thoughts: I really like the way many of the repeatable actions separate into a real feeling dilemma over the choices between mundane money making worth and more reciprocal, co-operative and community oriented activity. If you like the overall feel and setting of the game, I'd really recommend Ann Leckie's Ancillary books which share similar ideas of exploring what it means to live in a society via artificial bodies and intelligences.
  17. This is an interesting trick, especially given the (clearly deliberate, opposite to Dark Souls) design choice of regaining posture (stamina in DS) when guard is up rather than down, which seems therefore to positively encourage this type of thing.
  18. Talking of the decision tree, does anyone know what happens if you replay from a certain point using the explore story screen? Does it "rewrite" your original choices from your existing save game?
  19. Chinatown Detective Agency. Charming enough but a bit buggy.
  20. Just finished Citizen Sleeper. Absolutely brilliant - one of the most emotionally engrossing games I've played in a while.
  21. I found it interesting enough to persist through the bugs for a while, but in the end had too many occasions where I had to repeat the previous 10-15 minutes and had to let it go. Plus it was an update or two behind the PC version (might now be fixed?) which meant at least one puzzle solution didn't quite work.
  22. Ravern


    I finished this tonight. Loved it, most of all because of its echoes of The Witness and Outer Wilds with their freedom to engage directly with the experience without the mediation of dissonant "this is how the game works" instruction. Comparisons to Dark Souls are not that useful - they share a few mechanics and elements but they the reasons for their greatness is quite different imo, and this probably shows how increasingly redundant the "Soulslike" genre descriptor has become. Some of the combat and boss design in particular lacks tightness and fairness, but not to the extent that it dampens the overall mood and thematic content of the game as a whole. I found it interesting how finding your way through Tunic very much relies on already understanding some of the key grammar of games, but then also deliberately subverted or commented on this in various ways. I've not played a 2D Zelda all the way through except Minish Cap. Should I go back and play them if I enjoyed this? Or are they more about the combat and puzzling than the narrative and themes?
  23. Ravern

    Edge 370

  24. Location question for those who have finished/right at the end.
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