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  1. So why aren't all first party MS games released on PlayStation?
  2. The absolute worst thing for PlayStation owners is Sony dominating another generation and Microsoft leaving the industry. MS being competitive forces Sony to be more consumer friendly. Sony will unquestionably screw gamers everywhere if they can get away with it. For this reason, assuming you agree that acquiring ZeniMax makes Microsoft more competitive, this is good news for all gamers. Unless you believe it's so good for MS that Sony stops being competitive, I suppose. But no one really thinks that.
  3. No doubt, but the discussion was why MS would spend $7.5bn and not make their games exclusive, and you suggested to get them on Gamepass. Clearly they want their stuff on Gamepass, but presumably that could have been achieved by using a pile of money that is big but not as big as $7.5bn. Basically I am agreeing that buying ZeniMax outright suggests their games will not be on PlayStations in the future.
  4. I'm not sure they would have had to buy all of ZeniMax if they just cared about getting their stuff on Gamepass.
  5. Pretty much in line with his general character though. What a dickhead. Imagine being that arrogant when you're talking to Sean fucking Kelly.
  6. You haven't missed something but it's quite nice playing on the same island together. It's kind of in keeping with the point of the game. You can leave gifts and notes and surprises for each other. It is shit that you aren't given the choice though. But anecdotally people annoyed by this have indeed bought extra consoles and copies of the game. Probably more people than have refused to buy it at all in protest. So I guess they're vindicated.
  7. We have Chief and he is great. He sings all the time.
  8. Last time I played Secret Hitler I noticed the back of one of my tiles was damaged. I'd only played my copy a few times, as I'd played it a lot at my old gaming group but bought my own to introduce it to other people, and I didn't think I'd damaged it. Anyway, being able to identify a tile from the back would potentially ruin games. I tried to forget which tile it was but couldn't, so I emailed the makers the other day to ask for a replacement tile. They replied to say they were unable to do this so they've just sent out a complete second copy, free of charge instead. Amazing custo
  9. Left you some bells where other people had and a left Quez wing by your house.
  10. Whereas I was thinking "oh good, just 1 and 2 so no revert". Doesn't the fact that it's in the trailer suggest they've fucked with the gameplay in a really significant way? I know some strange people liked the revert but it totally changed the game and the first two games weren't even designed to have it in. Aren't people worried about that?
  11. My wife and I hit one hundred plays since we started isolation/lockdown today. Here's what we've played: 7 Wonders Duel (x2) A Column of Fire (x2) Agricola Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (x4) Bison: Thunder on the Prairie Brass: Lancashire (X2) Carcassone: Winter Edition (x3) The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game Codenames: Duet (x28) Concordia CO2: Second Chance Cube Quest Duelosaur Island (x2) ERA : Medieval Age (x5) Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia Feudum Fields of Arle (x2) Fungi GUBS KLASK (x15) Lisboa London (second edition)
  12. Thank you @Danster. Very nice island. I left some bells up by your house. My wife joined the queue and is going to do a run too. Much appreciated from both of us.
  13. The rules are a bit of a nightmare for the semi coop mode, because the rulebook is presented as explaining the coop, then a section at the end for the differences if you play it competitively. This makes for a lot of flicking between sections and cross referencing unless you are pretty familiar with the game. It's not that bad really though. I'm really looking forward to the new edition of Kanban. I added The Gallerist too. At the time it seemed recklessly expensive to get both, but given the amount of boardgames we've played in lockdown/furlough, and the lack of other stuff to spe
  14. Funnily enough I played this (competitive/semi coop mode, which is more similar to the original edition) with my wife yesterday. Twice we hit the 500 ppm threshold above which we would both lose, but we just about survived. I won by a decent but not huge margin. I think next time we might either try the pure coop mode, or try a designer suggested variant which removes some of the coal power plants. As it is, it's very hard to not lose, and requires a lot of coop, which detracts a bit from the competition. Thematically it makes sense that you'd lose most games, but I'm not sure that such a resu
  15. I didn't realise you could only have eight bridges?! It's really messed up my residential zone design which I've been implementing for the last week.
  16. Thanks! I too admired your paths.
  17. I tried to join but it doesn't recognise the Dodo code.
  18. 437 bells here if people still have 'nips and that's high enough for them?
  19. Thank you @Larsen B! Brought my wife's turnips too and we've both made enough to get Nook off our back for a while. Left you a suitable tip. Cheers!
  20. Then that is the worst thing about this game. Completely stupid.
  21. When your have a workbench in your house, is there a way to craft stuff straight from your storage, or do you really have to get everything out and into your pockets first? It seems ridiculous, but I wonder if I'm missing something given how wardrobes work.
  22. @jonnyalpha Thanks, nipped in to sell my 'nips and out so others can do so. Left a small tip. Thanks much.
  23. I thought we all already did this so we could read Famitsu?
  24. Hey, I know Tom! Can confirm he is super. I've actually played this game with him, a long time ago. Just checked BG Stats to confirm. And I beat him at it.
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