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  1. Eagerly awaiting posts from those suggesting ASO have an anti-Ineos/pro French bias a couple of days ago.
  2. It's not the organisers that threw them out, it's the UCI. And it's really quite a stretch to suggest the UCI have been biased against Sky/Ineos for years.
  3. I believe it was filmed at the National Trust Back to Backs. Hard to get any more 'fabric of Brum', I would think.
  4. I just tried this by buying from CDKeys. Both codes they sent gave me a "This code has already been redeemed" message. Probably just me being unlucky, but maybe relevant information.
  5. They certainly seem like a shitty organisation, with highly dubious ethics, that's run by an arsehole. But then they're quite successful so you can see why Ineos want to sponsor them.
  6. People backing Kickstarters now: how do you feel about Brexit? Are you only backing ones that will ship from the UK, or are you just hoping something happens to prevent you paying import duty, or are you happy to pay that as well? I'm assuming anything that just says EU friendly will have 20% plus a handling fee added and it's put me off quite a few projects.
  7. I auto-neg any post that doesn't bother with punctuation/sentences. EDIT: He's edited his post, if anyone was wondering, despite calling me a fucking idiot. It was borderline incomprehensible before.
  8. I've played it once and liked it. It is a fairly dry economic euro, as you say, but within that category I wouldn't have said it's that heavy. Although obviously that term means different things to different people. There are other things I'd rather play. Lacerda stuff is denser and I'd prefer that. And the new versions of Brass I enjoyed more on the subject of economic euros about the industrial revolution. I'd happily play it again though.
  9. Added a few people from the spreadsheet as I need the three more friends quest. I'm MeurigPanda. EDIT: And if anyone wants to add me, it's 4987 0425 0379.
  10. I've been playing it too. I think the bit that it's saying is not available is the paint designs stuff. Presumably they've taken the servers for this bit down? If it's the same as on mine, you can just back out of that and pick a manufacturer's colour. Does seem a bit rubbish though, especially since it's on GwG. If they don't work any more they could surely do a simple patch that means it doesn't try to load it every time.
  11. Martin Luther King was a plagiarist and people like him. This guy doesn't need to apologise, he just needs to lead an enormous and historic civil rights campaign. Then we'd also get to see which thing pissed off gamergaters more.
  12. I've played 3rd edition with eight a few times and it never got to 12 hours. Closer to eight would be normal. 4th is definitely streamlined significantly, and not just because it's capped at six players. But yeah, very dependent on how much arguing etc there is.
  13. I think that this sort of service is also much more viable with the rise of DLC. It's not just about what slice of subscription fee you get. Anyone who plays your game on the service is a potential DLC customer.
  14. I haven't played TM but I consider Anachrony to be a far better game than CoC, if that helps at all.
  15. MalevolentPanda buys a 10% share of TAG from IPO for $70. -> @SimonC
  16. My copy of Feudum arrived yesterday and it's definitely the prettiest game I own.
  17. MalevolentPanda starts AB&C at $75 and pays $150 for 2 shares (20%) to BANK -> @SimonC
  18. Ok. I think? I've bid on M&C. Check whether I've done this right, someone who understands this!
  19. Hello. Sorry I've been a bit tardy everyone. I've had a stupid busy week at work, and I'm working this weekend. And I've started seeing a girl which is consuming most of my spare time. Obviously I'm not suggesting that playing 18XX with you is less important than her, but well, you know. I'm on it now. No idea what I'm doing, obviously. Just installing Rails.
  20. I'd be up for that. Always fancied at least trying an 18XX and I'm unlikely to achieve that in the real world.
  21. Not sure I could have less interest in that. Which is nice, given the mental pricing. Did back CO2 though. Lacerda.
  22. Remember to watch it all on Eurosport rather than the BBC. Way, way better. Less jingoistic flag waving exercises, more actual sport. And no Clare 'animal cruelty' Balding.
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