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  1. Dodo code is 1MB21. Turnips are 92. She's in the SE corner right now.
  2. I'm at 92. Not a clue how to get people to my Island but happy to open up for people.
  3. Thought I'd got some sort of glitch in the graphics. Some VR games struggle with my height so I either get head too high or can't crouch to pick up stuff. In this is get a weird yellow halo. Turns out I actually just spent the whole of chapter 3 with a construction hat on my head. I'm chapter 4 now and it has that same variety and shifting tone chapter by chapter that Half Life 2 did so brilliantly. Work of genius.
  4. I'm running it on a 980 and it's smooth as and looks bloody lovely. Explosions are a bit stuttery but that's the only thing I've noticed.
  5. Oh god. I've got trip mine puzzles to come, haven't I. Oh god.
  6. Stayed up half the night playing this, took a toilet break and then tried to teleport off the toilet after I'd finished. It's incredible. It's not just that the VR 'gimmick' is realised. The pacing is perfect, the script is brilliant and the set pieces are among the best I've ever played. Think it finally clicked for me when I ended up frantically scrambling for ammo in a locker room while zombies descended on my location. Finding a clip and clicking it into place just in time. That or the first time I had to shoot myself in the face to clear a headcrab. Maybe my love of it will change but right now it feels like the best game in years.
  7. Thought Jeff did a pretty good job in the email today of talking about why they didn't do a 'hottest mess' category this year. It basically boiled down to the messes getting too dark and that you couldn't really have a category that encompasses Anthem, sexual abuse, Google Stadia and suicide and form an argument. Suggested that possibilities next year might be "the year in game news" as part of the content or just 'messiest game'
  8. I'm not sure there's too much money in the young crowd, they spend naff all. Relative to most other videogame audiences I suspect the GB one is lucrative. I think Jeff mentioned on a recent phone-in that the last time they checked GB subscribers spent a *lot* of money on videogames compared to the average fan. There were always a lot of streamers, the advantage that they had was the budget, but a lot of others have that now.
  9. 01 - Dry Cleaning - Sweet Princess 02 - Fontaines DC - Dogrel 03 - John - Out Here on the Fringes 04 - Warmduscher - Tainted Lunch 05 - Fat White Family - Serf's Up 06 - Snapped Ankles - Stunning Luxury 07 - Amyl and the Sniffers - Amyl and the Sniffers 08 - The Murder Capital - When I Have Fears 09 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen 10 - Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
  10. Yeah, Ben is being pretty good so far, I'm 2 days in. There's quite a few games he hasn't played and he's just letting people talk about them. May be different come the categories.
  11. This Ron guy is fucking hilarious. Knew I was going to love the episode as soon as he started calling bullshit on Tetris Effect as GOTY in his first sentence.
  12. Marzipan Travolta


    Anyway, finally managed a few listens this morning. Certainly nothing as immediately brilliant as previous albums for me but I definitely like it. The lyrics just don't seem to fit the music sometimes. A lot of my favourite Tool tracks were ones I glazed past on early listens and I think this will continue here. Invincible is my favourite so far, love the drumming.
  13. Saw these comments before listening to the episode. Didn't cross my mind you were talking about Tamoor. I really like him on TCGS where you've got someone like David that will tell him to shut up when needed but Brad is so completely going through the motions it's a car crash.
  14. Can't stop watching this video from The Chats. Touring later in the year and playing Reading/Leeds and look to be a great live show.
  15. I think it perhaps carries more in the US where there are a whole lot of crazy people who don't think dinosaurs were real. It is still a bit 'YouTube'. Anyway, I thought Abby did a great job hosting the Beastcast this week. Vinny is doing a great job with keeping the team improving over there.
  16. How happy everyone gets at the stuff you build is done brilliantly. I don't think any game can beat it for giving you a feeling of being a hero of a community. The linear scripting of the story really harms it at times and it punishing you for experimentation and exploration really pulls me out of the experience. I had to smash my tomato field down and replant it to get that quest to trigger it knowing I could grow tomatoes. My villagers are currently getting pumped about the rumoured existence of gold somewhere in the mines as we all stand together in our Trump-ass gold town square covered in gold braziers.
  17. Right, I'm back from Argos with a shiny new Switch game. Looking forward to it.
  18. So, I've just started My Time At Portia. Do I bin it off and get this instead? Loved the demo of DQB1 but got sucked into Stardew instead.
  19. I liked the Destruction Derby chat. There's a bit where they're talking about the Olympics that is very similar to that 'script' on the previous page though.
  20. I'm not sure Stormzy has the tunes to back up his headline slot but the art direction and effort that has gone in to his set is astonishing. Idles were exceptional, Slowthai and Fontaines DC were pretty good too. Looking forward to checking out Jon Hopkins when I'm in the mood.
  21. Jeff getting excited about the tactical kayak game on this week's show is brilliant. When GB get excited about a game it really means something. I appreciate those moments.
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