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  1. Goddamn these Bongoes can take a beating. I've been rabidly pounding the utter shit out of mine for the last 2 weeks and there's not a thing wrong with them. Got about half golds on gorilla here.
  2. Lionel can't remember what happened. That would be story progression! Seriously, other than Token not being in it anymore is Smallville actually any different to how it was in Season 1? At least there's only been 2 KVotW episodes so far. 1:3.5 is a pretty good ratio.
  3. Should anyone be worried about not getting a disc with their Steam purchase there is a function built into steam that'll create a backup to go on a DVD/CDs. Sounds like a damn good idea, it'll also make sure all the patches and that are included in your installer.
  4. Admit you're scared. It was the best nick in the world when I was 15 and playing Quake1 test. Struck fear into the hearts of fellow GCSErs everywhere. Now it's stuck.
  5. Assuming that XBox2 launches next Christmas then Xbox probably has enough titles to maintain it's sales through to launch. Halo 2 pre-Christmas, MechAssault 2, Forza, KotOR 2, Doom 3. Then a bit of a drought for a few months and Xbox2 launch titles. I'm guessing Bungie wont have a game out at launch so Rare must have some. XBox 2 needs its Halo to come from somewhere.
  6. The Official winner of best joke is Monkey Island 3: Voodoo lady asks Guybrush if he wants to see some of her photos. 4 options ranging from "WOW! That would be absolutely fab" to like "DEAR GOD NOOOOO WOMAN! " whichever one you pick he just says "maybe next time"
  7. Was in Burger King in Leicester last Saturday. The muppets had run out of burgers. I asked for a King, they didn't laugh.
  8. It's a bit of a good night for films actually. Touching the Void on Channel 4 @ 9, Mad Max 2 on Channel 5 @ 10 and Memento on Channel 4 @ 11. Can't say better than that for a night of movies really.
  9. I stumbled across this as well and thought it was mostly OK. I disagree with the complaints about the show completely. Educating parents to the fact that videogame content has the same broad spectrum of maturity as movies is absolutely essential. This show made a genuine attempt to do this. Complaining to OFCOM could well have the effect of scaring broadcasters away from the subject altogether.
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