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  1. There's a patch out to fix this. It's a problem with the positioning of the ride entrances apparently. Considering that the game was finished well over 2 months before release you'd think they'd have patched up the game before they sent it off to manufacturing really but apparently not. Finding path building a nightmare myself, just cant get them to go the right way.
  2. There's nothing legally set in stone about this specific idea but there have been cases leading to fair-use policy of recordings being 4 weeks.
  3. Apparently they banned a shitload of people from the service yesterday. All those playing with modded Hard Drives and even a few with certain modded DVD drives. Bit harsh imo. If you're playing with legit copies of games and have paid your XBl subscription it shouldnt matter to them much.
  4. Anyone having problems with their going through just get it from Game. They're probably getting a bit pissed off at my local one now as me and my "housemate" seem to both get the same game on release day without telling each other and I always end up taking mine back.
  5. Looking back at the first half of this decade from our perspective it will likely be Eminem that is remembered above anything else. He sells bucket loads of records, has launched the careers of a lot of other rappers and he's white. Other notables would be Destiny's Child, The White Stripes or The Streets. Maybe. I dunno really.
  6. I think TV Shows are an interesting case. For the most part the broadcasting industry is tackling them in the right way. They're getting show to other territories faster, they're putting out DVDs quicker and giving them a decent amount of extras. The problem is more for people like Sky and NTL really, but then in NTLs case it has probably driven an uptake in Broadband and in Sky's case just look at the sales of some of their shows on DVD. I bet a lot of the people who downloaded stuff like Buffy have the DVDs
  7. play.com sent! whooooopah. Most games recently that I've had preordered have shipped 2 days before and made it for release day.
  8. Do you lot really listen to that and think "I Wish you were my Dad" well do you?!
  9. Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet Elliot Smith - Needle In Hay Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Boy Sets Fire - My Life In The Knife Trade
  10. It's a question of budgeting. You can make a decent porn movie with a handful of stars a cameraman, a lighting man, a director and a few props. A popular photoshoot with even less. Making a decent videogame? That requires a hell of a lot more.
  11. Silly Pseudonyms Metal Gear: Acid Eater? Glitch in his system
  12. It's from the US version. In the European PC version you see their breasts rather than them wearing a bikini. Clearly there are big issues that must be dealt with first if a game can't even get away with a lady-nipple.
  13. It was made to be playable when drunk. They should have built a breathalyzer into the controller or something.
  14. who cares about the menu, it has FRESHNESS in the title. Carls Jr were probably my favourite of the burger places in the US. Taco Bell last. Jack in the Box and In and Out were good too.
  15. I don't think I ever really have. I'm hardly a macho scouse bastard or something it's just that no film has managed to make me care enough about their characters in the space of 3 hours that I would. Buffy, Angel, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos mind...
  16. Control of the PC version was horrible, I was using a decent gamepad too. Really hated the punk rawk soundtrack and the way he shouted "BITCH!!!" too. It all kinda screamed sell-out to me.
  17. Some kind soul goes to the trouble of posting xvid rips of neighbours every day on alt.binaries.multimedia should you be into the yarr.
  18. Was a pretty good ep. The guys were a bit rubbish this week but Summer was great and Marrisa's AAAAAARGH speech was f'in A. Theresa 'losing' the baby was a bit weird though.
  19. Goddamn these Bongoes can take a beating. I've been rabidly pounding the utter shit out of mine for the last 2 weeks and there's not a thing wrong with them. Got about half golds on gorilla here.
  20. Lionel can't remember what happened. That would be story progression! Seriously, other than Token not being in it anymore is Smallville actually any different to how it was in Season 1? At least there's only been 2 KVotW episodes so far. 1:3.5 is a pretty good ratio.
  21. Should anyone be worried about not getting a disc with their Steam purchase there is a function built into steam that'll create a backup to go on a DVD/CDs. Sounds like a damn good idea, it'll also make sure all the patches and that are included in your installer.
  22. Admit you're scared. It was the best nick in the world when I was 15 and playing Quake1 test. Struck fear into the hearts of fellow GCSErs everywhere. Now it's stuck.
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