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  1. For anyone else who loves turn bases squad combat games Silent Storm Sentinels is excellent. Much easier than the original (which was often obscene) and doesnt have the silly robot levels.
  2. A continuous revenue stream, such as that offered by subscription-based MMORPGs is something very attractive to a publisher.
  3. KotOR would be the obvious choice I think. As much as I love Morrowind it will never be regarded as a classic because it was a game limited, for the most part, by the technology available. Oblivion will likely improve upon it in every way and Morrowind will be forgotten. From Eastern RPGs I think Kingdom Hearts was the best of this generation, I'll certainly remember it fondly anyway.
  4. That's the problem with the majority of online games. They're very subjective. The experiences of someone who starts off in a good location, at a good time and with good people is bound to have a much better experience than someone who doesnt experience those things. Of course when the killer app comes along, which I'm sure it will, that stuff wont matter. Pacing a game as open ended as a MMORPG would just be a massive job though.
  5. The Blizzard fanbase is one of the most rabid of any of the developer fanbases. They certainly outstrip Bungie and Valve.
  6. I've seen far better. Some examples are on this page: http://groups.msn.com/fleurswiccapagina/1stefilmlotr.msnw If you're gonna make a CGI movie then fair enough it looks great in movies like The Incredibles, Casshern and Sin City is looking good too.., but CGI for the sake of CGI is utterly pointless.
  7. Ah I see. I actually know a few people who think GoldMember is the best film they have ever seen. It scares me. Most of the top movies are old films from the good old days when cinemas were like modern football stadiums and they didn't have none of this DVD, Sky Box Office and home cinema rubbish. What a pointless sodding list.
  8. A list of great movies that contains GoldMember (one of the most pathetic movies I've seen in recent years) and doesnt contain either Rain Man or Magnolia clearly does not respect the cock.
  9. Dunno about that. I just did a search for Nancy Sorrel on google. Looks like a horse imo.
  10. The actual best is: the Littlest Hobo. kthx. Also King Arthur and the Knights of Justice had a wicked Hair-Metal theme but that was from like 1990.
  11. Coast line section spoilers: Click For Spoiler I really enjoyed the coast line section for the most part. It was always well broken up with set-pieces such as the Rocket Launcher fights and the crane section. One small touch I particularly enjoyed was exploring some of the properties along the beach. There is one that you get to where there are a couple of combine soliders looking through surveillance equipment, if you look through it you see a supposedly secret rebel base. There were little touches like that all the way through that section. I have to say overall though it doesnt quite have the same sense of fun that the original had at times. I've played through it twice now and just haven't found as many of those hidden little extras.
  12. Dear Bill If you read this you are gay Love S8N Also, Tiger Woods is really rather lame, Links is where it's at.
  13. A thrustmaster fire storm 3 but with a Nintendo D-Pad and XBox-S analogue sticks and wireless. and XBox triggers on the underside.
  14. Looks like they're gonna get a match against L in the next round. Hope they win, Electric are amazing but their defence is letting them down. Still reckon Andre will win overall.
  15. Sure it does. They put on some bloody weird-ass crap at my local indie cinema, it has enough of a following to guarantee that. To everyone else it's just another sci-fi film and you can get the mob to watch just about anything.
  16. They won't put it straight to DVD. They might not put it out on general release but Firefly has too big a following to not be seen on a cinema screen anywhere.
  17. Apparently the anisotropic filtering algorithms on the new cards dont really make much difference with HL2s Image Quality. They're only really any use when moving quickly along a large flat surface, HL2 doesnt do a whole lot of that. And it doesn't look at all like AA is on in that picture. You shouldn't be able to see any jaggies unless you really focus if you have 4x FSAA or above on.
  18. Game didnt have the little pre-order box things in today. The beta had best start soon though cos I've played everything else now.
  19. 404. I need to see this. It's love sounds the same shape as the gaping hole in my life sexual favours may be available.
  20. Awesome. They had a message up earlier saying they had been closed down and weren't coming back. Maybe your magic computer fixed it, or mine's just a bastard. Also: FITTIE! Who the hell was that girl. I want to "fuck" her up the "arse"
  21. The Bride vs. Elle Driver in Kill Bill vol. 2 is one of the finest there is.
  22. Watched 'War Stories' this morning. One of the finest pieces of episodic television I have ever seen.
  23. The show is certainly in need of something dramatic. Unfortunately it looks like the current dynamic is continuing for at least the next 4 weeks.
  24. Apparently as good as the last two. I'm quite looking forward to the inclusion of Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel, they come across very well in the trailers. Triple H from WWE as the main bad guy though? I'm scared.
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