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  1. Has seeing Casamiro made Varane think he's still playing for Real Madrid? Him and Dalot have been brilliant so far.
  2. I'm already enjoying this more then the previous two games combined. Reckon we might even score and only lose 8-1.
  3. That's where the wife and I gave up on it. I stuck a bit more on in the background the other day will playing Two Point Campus and it's ended up being being in my top 5 shows of the 2020s. It speeds up with each episode. Wife refused to watch anymore, possibly because she got forced to sit through mass as a kid.
  4. Sunset had some interesting ideas about weaving politics into a game that seems about something else. You're a housekeeper stuck in a flat while a revolution is going on outside. It's far from perfect but would probably be good as a research opportunity.
  5. There is a collective salary option somewhere to do pay rises. I think it's on another tab of the loan screen. It gets introduced a little later in the game. That's my main criticism of the game though, there's so many systems buried inside menus. Relationships, events, clubs, wages are just a few well hidden systems that the game has that can really help with happiness and progression. Overall though, I like it. It never feels as frantic and stressful as Hospital did thanks to the term time, holiday time dynamic. You can take your time during the summer to get stuff sorted. Finally having templates is a great QoL feature too.
  6. Ben Pack is on this week's podcast. I love Jeff, but not "listen to a podcast where Ben Pack is the other 50% of it" love him.
  7. Evolution of the armchair general 1982 - present Nato Commander - Commadore 64 - 1982 Hearts of Iron - PC - 2000 Company of Heroes 3 - PC - 2022
  8. Yeah, I've seen weakest power washer and Penny Farthing as a suggestion I've not tried yet. Had been doing the van to try and combine it with the red nozzle one.
  9. Using the step and ladders to help guide it into the right spot is useful too. I can't do that bloody 95% achievement. Have managed 94% twice before accidentally spaffing on an indicator in my excitement.
  10. It gets brought up all the time but the Byker Grove finale is utterly insane and wonderful. It's on YouTube in two parts here: Part 1 Part 2
  11. 🕹 High Score Day #113 - https://highscoreday.com Did alright today as I didn't need to play Silent Hill Roulette.
  12. Picking a song with 1 second of silence at the start. Genius. #Heardle #145 https://spotify.com/heardle
  13. Stats ported across fine but the in-play skip doesn't work anymore. Annoying.
  14. I think they've both got better since the separation. I'm enjoying the GB Quick Looks and the podcast is a decent higher energy show. If I want something on in the background like a really good talk radio show I stick on Jeff. He's struggling for fresh stuff to say for three hours but it's great to hear him enjoying games/life more and his opinion on news and new games is the one I'm most interested to hear.
  15. Yeah. The nonce ending is an awkward one. Never felt quite as dirty getting an achievement. She's literally described as a 14 year old lolita model Nexus 6 if she's a rep.
  16. I'm pretty sure it's just janky. Not long since I played the PC version and didn't experience any problems but I had exactly the same thing doing the shooting gallery on my Xbox just now.
  17. The main bit that I remember is that we read it in school in year 8 and someone had figured out that if you volunteered to read a certain character in a certain chapter you would get to say the word 'bastard'.
  18. My grandmother sitting down with me to watch notable animated kids caper Watership Down when I was four. Still not fucking over it. First cinema memory couldn't be much better though. Dad taking me to Wimpey and then to see The Transformers: The Movie at the cinema in Loughborough when I was five. He got a right bollocking from my mum when we got home late having spent the better part of £10 just before Christmas.
  19. I wonder if there was a bit of stuff planned with Jeff for this week, with Friday as his last day and then it all went wrong and Monday ended up being his last day. Perhaps he was meant to be in office for his final week and just freaked out about it - we've had that happen with a couple of people at work. I suspect him leaving had been planned for a bit as losing Jeff would have given them the money 2 or 3 of the new hires. Jeff had obviously done some planning for this solo stuff but not enough, kinda like it came a bit early.
  20. "FUCK YOU, MATTHEW CASTLE!" Absolutely perfect moment this week. Can't stop laughing at it. I was a bit worried about the 90s PC draft after their preamble but they did a great job. Did make me appreciate how amazing the year 2000 was though. Amazing array of games just missed out.
  21. Those dick pill people should make him do all their ads, everywhere. Worst negative of premium, missing those ad-reads.
  22. Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism superhero power consistency.
  23. Someone needs to make a service that rotates your Patreon subs around each month and downloads all the bonus shows that you've missed since you last had a month of that sub.
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