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  1. Can't imagine they wanted to go that cheap with the no disc drive version. They're really fair prices though. Wonder if they will regret not going for the 1080p/4k model structure that MS have. Not sensed any traction for the Series S from all the kids at school.
  2. Good to know Jeremy Hunt is as shit at being a linesman as he was at being a health secretary.
  3. Good to see Mengi getting on. Had hoped he'd get a bit longer, mind.
  4. Finally had the time to give everything from the year so far a good listen. Think it's the new Protomartyr album that does it for me most: FFO: Fontaines DC, Idles, PiL
  5. Brought back memories! Yeah, I had to tread over their still on fire corpses to get out too. Just about to finish TLOU2, will try to follow the narrative more.
  6. Sweet! Always wanted a game set at the Biological Threat Characterisation Centre.
  7. The Gardens Between. It came on Game Pass two years ago and I played it as it was short, had good word of mouth and I was very busy dealing with some personal stuff. I played it shortly after my brother committed suicide. We had been close, he was losing a battle with drug addiction badly, had become very violent and abusive to anyone that tried to help. When he died I remember the relief I felt that he hadn't hurt anyone else physically on the way out and feeling glad that he was gone, then I started to feel guilty about feeling that way. The Gardens Between is a game about two friends suddenly finding out that they have to separate and them going back through time and piecing together memories of their happy times together through meaningful objects in the levels, you don't control them, you control time. I genuinely don't think I would have been able to grieve without this game showing me the way to do it. Before the game I could only remember the bad stuff, after it I was remembering holidays together, pass the pad Resident Evil 4 and just how funny the guy was. Losing him still hurts every day but I have places in my house that have those objects that help take me to the happy memories, just like that game. Changed my life. Writing this felt good, thanks.
  8. Martial's sheer refusal to give up the ball does it again. Loving Tony at the minute. Southampton have been by far the best opposition we've played so far. Really well organised.
  9. It's all relative, I guess. We're getting quite a window into their lives at the minute and with the exception of Jeff and Vinny I don't find myself thinking their way of life is somehow extravagant. Those guys more than earned their mountain of games hardware and Transformers.
  10. I was listening to the podcast wondering what the fuck he could have done and upon reading transcribes of his exe's tweets I was utterly gobsmacked that they felt the need to cover it. I've done 90% of the shit Pasquale did, though I'd be more open about doing it, and I'm a decent person. My respect for Vinny fell through the floor there. I think they sacrificed Matt for the sake of making themselves look progressive and 'open'.
  11. I was only considering the Kinect-less model. Don't think they're about to surprise announce Kinect 3.
  12. Adjusting for inflation the launch prices of current gen consoles now would be £420. I think a lot of people forget how long ago the last launch was. There's some seriously expensive kit in these consoles. They're not off the shelf mid-range PCs in the way the last gen was that will have to push it above that. Think it will £549/£499 for the Sony machines. XBox to undercut by about £20 just because they can and need to.
  13. There's a reasonable chance of Sheff Utd finishing above us in the league with their goalie as player of the season and De Gea top of the mistakes leading to goals table.
  14. Baba is You could work well, it's great for a two player 'try my thing next' style. The Gardens Between might be another worthwhile shout. If you want to get them to divorce so you can get better Christmas presents then Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes would be a good way to do this. Not sure if it's on PS4 though.
  15. I tend to find relentless horror games get quite tiring and boring. Alien: Isolation ebbs and flows well enough to avoid it for me, though Love me a horror level in a game. The hotel in Vampire: Bloodlines or Shalebridge Cradle in Thief: Deadly Shadows are absolute brilliant and compliment the rest of their respective games beautifully. Knowing it's going to end helps lots too. The Northern Star hotel in Half Life: Alyx also nails it. You think you're at the end of the horror section and then it just gets even worse. Brilliant.
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