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  1. Do we know if this remastered version will work on single core CPUs?
  2. Been absolutely loving Atomicrops. It was kicking my ass and feeling really messy for quite a while but I wanted to get at least one achievement from it. It's really clicked now and the ramp up in the progress you make and damage etc is huge and really satisfying. It gets a lot easier once you unlock the second character for getting past summer as the gun doesn't usually break at the end of the day with them.
  3. Plastic fan. You probably don't even have posters of them on your wall. I'm not really sure what I'm meant to do with my Richard Sawyer one now.
  4. It's very competitively priced. Huge spec leap from the Switch too. Really not sure about the positioning of the controls. Feels like you might end up with nothing in the right place while trying to get a compromise on both. Still, it has massive potential. Be interesting to see if Valve go hard on marketing it.
  5. Something terrible has happened in the world of gaming podcasts and I feel deeply uncomfortable. It's probably ruined my day tbh. TCGS spoilers:
  6. Delta Force and an RS232 cable was how a friend and I spent the whole of Christmas 1998. The game used voxels and our PCs were crap so the enemies were barely visible. https://youtu.be/80cMKK2_WR4
  7. Always had a real love of some of the B-tier FPS games. Redneck Rampage (1997): Outlaws (1996): Kingpin (1999):
  8. That's incredible. Well done!
  9. Regarding TCGS. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone at one point.
  10. "What are you, his fucking lawyer?" Classic TCGS. Loving it.
  11. They should absolutely demand @elmodoes it again next year, properly. Great mini podcasts, mind.
  12. There's a lot of fantastic looking indies there. I guess it makes sense that during covid it's the smaller, more nimble teams used to home working that are still able to produce great stuff on time.
  13. Meaneater Move around your local Wetherspoons pouring vinegar over everybody else's dinner to ensure that no one gets to enjoy their bargain priced meal other than you.
  14. Not subbing on an attacker felt like such a Mourinho "I've got no attacking depth, buy me more players" move.
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