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  1. Haha, I was going for Futuregamer, circa 1998. Later expanded to include watch, read, listen.
  2. Surely she's minted after Astroneer blew up? Can't imagine GB doing new acquires during a takeover and it would feel like a pretty big step down and deskilling for her.
  3. They've done a live set for 6music. www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p08tfgxx Reigns is an astonishing tune. Can't wait to hear it live in 2023.
  4. The album was recorded over a year ago now.
  5. The drums on this album are fucking incredible. Loving the guitar noise and production throughout as well. Brutalism is my favourite album of the last 20 years so it doesn't touch that, might like it more than JAAOR though. That bit at the end of Anxiety that just descends into it chaos before recovering. Incredible. The lyrics are pretty shit though. I'm all for the intent of the lyrics and there's some brilliant ones. I also have absolutely no patience for the 'left eating itself' bullshit criticism of them linked to above. Writing concise straight to the point lyrics is fucking
  6. Can't imagine they wanted to go that cheap with the no disc drive version. They're really fair prices though. Wonder if they will regret not going for the 1080p/4k model structure that MS have. Not sensed any traction for the Series S from all the kids at school.
  7. Good to know Jeremy Hunt is as shit at being a linesman as he was at being a health secretary.
  8. Good to see Mengi getting on. Had hoped he'd get a bit longer, mind.
  9. Finally had the time to give everything from the year so far a good listen. Think it's the new Protomartyr album that does it for me most: FFO: Fontaines DC, Idles, PiL
  10. Brought back memories! Yeah, I had to tread over their still on fire corpses to get out too. Just about to finish TLOU2, will try to follow the narrative more.
  11. Sweet! Always wanted a game set at the Biological Threat Characterisation Centre.
  12. The Gardens Between. It came on Game Pass two years ago and I played it as it was short, had good word of mouth and I was very busy dealing with some personal stuff. I played it shortly after my brother committed suicide. We had been close, he was losing a battle with drug addiction badly, had become very violent and abusive to anyone that tried to help. When he died I remember the relief I felt that he hadn't hurt anyone else physically on the way out and feeling glad that he was gone, then I started to feel guilty about feeling that way. The Gardens Between is a game abo
  13. Martial's sheer refusal to give up the ball does it again. Loving Tony at the minute. Southampton have been by far the best opposition we've played so far. Really well organised.
  14. It's all relative, I guess. We're getting quite a window into their lives at the minute and with the exception of Jeff and Vinny I don't find myself thinking their way of life is somehow extravagant. Those guys more than earned their mountain of games hardware and Transformers.
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