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  1. Yeah, been loads of stock drops today. I actually jumped on the All Access deal on Friday. Hadn't intended to but XBox One X is still commanding a pretty decent price. I couldn't afford the Series X outright now but £200+ for the One X and then buying in to All Access suits me. I can redeem the 24 months All Access voucher in two years time. Based on the usual model of subscription services like GamePass we'll all be paying full price each month by then anyway, I reckon.
  2. Just to clarify, I already have a pizza oven so no need to worry about messed up priorities there.
  3. Know it's been asked loads but not for a while that I can see. What's the best strategy for obtaining a Series X now? I'm on the Stock Informer Telegram and have HotStock installed with an alert and full permissions. Since trying Series S enhanced games on the 1080p telly I'm not touching the One X in the living room so may as well cash in with it while it's still worth something.
  4. As a Manchester United fan, one of the things that bothers me most is that United's games against a lot of these teams are boring as all hell. The mere concept of mixing that with reduced stakes sends me to sleep.
  5. I have an XBox One X hooked up in the living room and have been playing through Prey on it, great game. Yesterday, I got relegated to the Series S in the play room. Fucking hell, the Series S version is streets ahead of the One X version. Tried going back to the One X this morning and found it insufferable.
  6. They tend to do livestreams for new console launches. Maybe they will do the same for fridge releases now? Bet Vinny would love unboxing fridges.
  7. Does that mean Jeff B will be doing their game of the year stuff? He mocks it constantly.
  8. Love the clipping. live stream that went out last night.
  9. He's stopped having his face on camera in stuff.
  10. I'm listening live and preferring it to last year so far. Vinny is a lot more relaxed and fun what with staying at home than he has been in the past few. Ben's not being as try hard either.
  11. I still go back to watch the last two episodes of The Shield on a regular basis. I don't think any other show has topped its ending.
  12. Looks like some new Series S units have made it through the wall of Gammon. Just bagged one from Very.
  13. I like titles that describe what you do in the game. Else heart.break() Viscera Cleanup Detail QWOP
  14. Great to see AWB getting an assist there. He's had a really good game for attacking threat. Beautiful move just then.
  15. I just installed Telegram to try and help me get on a 3080. Due to grim family reasons (never touched a thing personally) I have contact numbers for lots of drug dealers/users in my phone. They're all on bloody Telegram. There's something amusing about a service that's used exclusively by nerds trying to procure graphics cards and drug users buying heroin.
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