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  1. I reckon I should put this in here, Computer Exchange in Kingston has some 360's in stock. Dunno if it's premium/core, or how many they have. They're selling them for £320 however

    £525 for a second hand unboxed 360 premium?

    CEX can chew on my COX.

    I think someone should set up an Xbox 360 retailers Wall of Shame website that lists of all these gouging cnuts, so that once the panic is over, people can boycott the f*ckers.

    Perhaps a letter with a list of them should be going to the Daily Mail? :D

    Makes my heffing blood boil.

  2. I got my PSP this week. I started playing my PSP this week. And to all intents and purposes I stopped playing my PSP this week. It really is the most pointless purchase a DS owner could make right now.

    I never even got into Lumines, so underwhelmed was I by the whole PSP experience. Of course, watching movies/video files on it will be a significant consolation over months to come.

    Similar story. Got mine on release. Played it for a week. On the shelf since then.

    It sure is purdy. But...erm...

    Maybe handhelds just aren't for me. My GBA suffered a similar fate.

  3. Aye, just add my voice to the chorus. Brilliant stuff.

    Have fed back much love to auntie beeb. Here's hoping for more of the same.

    Highlights of the series:


    Michael Barrymore's pool.

    Legend's Daddy.

    Marvin Gaye on a tractor. :(


  4. Pre-orders are for wimps.  I had a look around at lunchtime yesterday but couldn't find one, so my wife bought me a premium pack last night from the local electronics superstore thingy (Italy).  They still had some at 9pm last night.  Yay me.

    Which raises an interesting point. Has this sold out all over Europe or just in the UK? Might be that MS should have given us a bigger EU quota.

  5. [subliminal]wednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesday[/subliminal]

    Looks like wednesday is the best day.

    No, really. It does.


    Trust me.


  6. II got to speak to the store manager and won the day with "I know you can do something, you know you can do something.  All you have to decide is 'are you are willing to do something?'.  If your staff have made a mistake, just give me one that they have ordered."

    I picture you saying this looking like GwiDan's avatar.

  7. For those expecting to walk in and pick one up in Asda at midnight, don't bother.

    My nearest store (Huyton) has 8 prems and 6 cores in stock. They are definitely embargoed till midnight and at 3pm they already had 20 people queued up by customer services waiting to purchase. Oh dear.

    There will no doubt be dozens more there later, and a serious likelihood of midnight muggings in the car park for the "lucky" few who get a box.

    I guess those of us without very early pre-orders will just have to sit back and enjoy the madness. :)

    Still according to Peter Moore's comments somewhere else, there should be drip feed of more consoles over the next few weeks. ;)

    EDIT: Just noticed all the other asda posts earlier in the thread. D'oh.

  8. Another solid issue of pokerplayer. Interview with Ivey was okay and plenty of other info and amusing articles in the mag. Liked the piece on the history of the playing card, too. It's a quick read but it costs next to nowt.

    Well worth a sub.

  9. 720p is better than 1080i.

    Oooh. Didn't know that.

    So in terms of buying a new LCD panel to last for say 3-5 years, for use on next gen consoles, HD Sky+ and HD DVD's, you lot reckon I can happily settle for a 720p panel rather than splurging the extra on a 1080p? Or in those non-gaming apps will I see the benefit of the extra pixels?.

  10. Taking Halo 2 as an example, headshots are much much easier in progscan than interlaced due to the increased clarity. That will be doubly so in 720p.

    In Amped 2 it is actually easier to plot your course downhill in 720p (xbox supports it) as you can see clearly so much further down the hill.

    It has real gameplay benefits as well as the pleasure on the eye. Progressive makes judging the corners in Forza MUCH easier.

    Finally, a gameplay enhancing reason, rather than prettification. Thank you Kerraig, it will amke it much easier to sell the HD idea to the missus.

    Now, how much better will 1080i and 1080p (PS3) be than 720p in gameplay terms? Might as well go for broke...

  11. Dammit - apologies for the no-show people, there were 'incidents' that couldn't be avoided (namely a fuck-off asthma attack that really caned me around 8.00pm). Still, better now.

    As long as you're okay dude, s'all that matters.

    Of course, we were all cursing your sorry arse as your empty chair limped on to the final table :(

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