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  1. It's a bit naughty of Argos this. I did the same, put my details in with it reading as in stock all the way, then bam, after they have all the data it's suddenly out of stock. Now they have my CC details etc, and I get nowt for the privilege. It's still showing as in stock. Stupid fuckers.
  2. Stick me in for now. What's the minimum number to make it worthwhile? 10? 12?
  3. Which will probably be nicknamed 'Zebedee 7', prompting legal action from Eric Thompson.
  4. £525 for a second hand unboxed 360 premium? CEX can chew on my COX. I think someone should set up an Xbox 360 retailers Wall of Shame website that lists of all these gouging cnuts, so that once the panic is over, people can boycott the f*ckers. Perhaps a letter with a list of them should be going to the Daily Mail? Makes my heffing blood boil.
  5. Similar story. Got mine on release. Played it for a week. On the shelf since then. It sure is purdy. But...erm... Maybe handhelds just aren't for me. My GBA suffered a similar fate.
  6. Happy to do $10 or $20. Available 20,22,23,28 December Else I'll see you on the other side.
  7. Blimey, it's already under 200 notes equiv. How low can they go. They might as well just giv it away free with a 360 game. Oi, Peter Moore, I'll buy a couple of premium packs for £188. Just ship the f*ckers over here you cnut.
  8. Aye, just add my voice to the chorus. Brilliant stuff. Have fed back much love to auntie beeb. Here's hoping for more of the same. Highlights of the series: Barry Michael Barrymore's pool. Legend's Daddy. Marvin Gaye on a tractor. genius.
  9. Well done 3B's and BK. And huge thanks to the Jesse May brigade. I'm up for a Xmas special and would definitely go for a bigger stake. It would be cool to get a big turnout. Say 3 tables, each punter at a $10 or $20 stake. Hoo boy $300 top prize! That would elevate the old heart rate a bit.
  10. Sure this has been answered before. But can I play Xbox live on the 360 with say Halo2 in backwards compatible mode, with others playing it on their original xboxes?
  11. Are you keeping your "power brick" well ventilated?
  12. Which raises an interesting point. Has this sold out all over Europe or just in the UK? Might be that MS should have given us a bigger EU quota.
  13. [subliminal]wednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesday[/subliminal] Looks like wednesday is the best day. No, really. It does. Wednesday. Trust me. [subliminal]wednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesdaywednesday[/subliminal]
  14. I picture you saying this looking like GwiDan's avatar.
  15. Can't do Monday as usual, and my company xmas lash-up is Thursday, so can't do then either. Would love to play and try to get a bit nearer the top. So Tuesday or Wednesday?
  16. Awww...shucks And in this atmosphere of mutual love, a huge well done to ThreeB's for the Championship. Wear those 'links with pride, mate.
  17. Hurrah! Good game everyone. Shame no chat on the final table, but ne'ermind. j.
  18. For those expecting to walk in and pick one up in Asda at midnight, don't bother. My nearest store (Huyton) has 8 prems and 6 cores in stock. They are definitely embargoed till midnight and at 3pm they already had 20 people queued up by customer services waiting to purchase. Oh dear. There will no doubt be dozens more there later, and a serious likelihood of midnight muggings in the car park for the "lucky" few who get a box. I guess those of us without very early pre-orders will just have to sit back and enjoy the madness. Still according to Peter Moore's comments somewhere else, there should be drip feed of more consoles over the next few weeks. EDIT: Just noticed all the other asda posts earlier in the thread. D'oh.
  19. Another solid issue of pokerplayer. Interview with Ivey was okay and plenty of other info and amusing articles in the mag. Liked the piece on the history of the playing card, too. It's a quick read but it costs next to nowt. Well worth a sub.
  20. From Anandtech: We roughly estimated the shader processing power of the Xbox 360 GPU to be similar to that of a 24-pipeline ATI R420 GPU. So how does the R420 compare with the latest retail cards?
  21. Another great episode in what is becoming a weekly dose of the finest geek TV.
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