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  1. Erm....Jesse, Are you bearding/shaving, whatever it is..?
  2. I must have missed a memo, but why is first place 12 points this season? Are we not doing F1 points anymore or has the real F1 points system changed (I stopped watching it a few years ago) ? I ain't complaining of course, more than happy with 10 points for second, just curious... j. Oh, and any day other than Monday.
  3. But that would mean you took it out of your DS?
  4. Never had my gates open, not online yet. Anyway, had a visit from Dotty the rabbit this morning, and this time I hung around outside. Come the appointed hour she hadn't appeared. So I went inside and a minute or so later, she knocked at the door. Hurrah! Perhaps the others deliberately stood me up. Different animal personalties and all that? Anyway, today is a happy day, as we have our newly enlarged house from Tom Nook (with a nice green roof) and he is about to expand his shop, too. Definitel need some new wallpaper to go with my rotating space station (a present from the missus). Lovely, silly, involving game....
  5. Good game tonight. Had some monster pocket cards all night. At least three lots of cowboys and a set of rockets against someone's KK (sorry, whoever it was!) Still, the better man won the heads-up. Well done Stifler. j.
  6. Only just started playing. But 3 times I have invited villagers over to my house, and on each occassion I waited in for them to arrive. The time came and went and nothing happened. When challenged later, they blamed me for not being in and got in a right huff. What am I doing wrong? There was no knock on the door. Should I wait inside or outside the house? I am getting a lot of annoyed animals!
  7. Not really followed all of this Highbury shenanigans, but am I right to assume that there is currently no GamesTM issue 41 published (the one due on Jan 26th)? But it will be published at some point in the future by Imagine, Highbury's new owners? Is that the crux?
  8. Oh man. I can't do it if you're all watching me!!
  9. My heroine However, Sprite has besmirched my honour and thus I am doubly determined to give RSG another couple of evenings of my precious non-work time. Thanks Sprite However, if I haven't nailed this wee bastad by the weekend, I will indeed PM moosey for his details and you lovely geeky couple can save my sorry ass. Not in the south/east/midlands so will have to be by post. But perhaps, just perchance, it won't come to that.
  10. That vid does look fake. Some odd twitching of the open DSL with respect to the DS.
  11. Nevermind the snare, I'm thinking of following the sodding noose.
  12. Okay. I've had ENOUGH. Twenty goes on RSG Normal last night and all to no avail. Just before you get to the first spinner, the tap frequency slows right down and I can't hit them right. It's definitely not in sync with the music and as far as I can tell it isn't in time with the lyrics either (using 'phones and a long stylus btw). So if I do make it in to te first spin, I have the bloke giving me serious evils and I only last about two taps on the second stanza before it shuts me down. Aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I really want to play all the other levels on hard etc, but I haven't got the time/patience to beat this effing level. I have two options. 1. Sell it. 2. Put it in an envelope with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and post it to one of you fine people (Iza, Moosey anyone who has cracked it?). You then complete RSG on normal for me, opening up the other difficulty levels) and send it back in the prepaid envelope. I can then enjoy the earlier levels on harder difficulties etc and get more value from the game. You will earn my undying gratitude and that of the missus who is sick of hearing my screams of frustration. Any takers for option 2? j.
  13. In like ThreeBs. EDIT: It's Tuesday 31st, yeah? Not Wednesday?
  14. Different folks, different strokes. It is the best written, most eminently readable games mag out there. It soars when compared with moribund crap like GamesTM (no offence Games TM staffers ). I too wish they were paid more, and would be happy to pay another quid on the cover fee if it went to their writers. But what are you gonna do?
  15. Will a jap DS lite take the power adapter from my UK DS? Want to preorder, but don't want any step-down shenanigans.
  16. You did RSG on easy, but you can't do the potter on normal? Curiouser and curiouser.
  17. You will all buy one. Really. And you know it!
  18. Thanks Cheeko. That is fab! Tech-lust a go go.
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