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  1. To switch what? The guitar can be played either way up, and the game lets you switch to a southpaw set-up.
  2. This looks sublime. My only concern is that it may interfere with my ongoing struggles to learn the real guitar. Oh well, when you gotta rock...
  3. Played an 18 player (3 table) SNG the other night on UB. Went out in 5th in a blaze of glory. Had to laugh at one of the merkin players who gave me real abuse everytime I took a pot off him. It was the kind of "trash typing" you'd expect from a thirteen year old on Xbox live. I was apparently the worst and luckiest player he had ever played against and totally gay for winning after a generous flop. He didn't appear to understand that AQ isn't far off even money to beat a pocket pair of 7s. How dare I land a Q on the river to beat his cherished pair, and send him home! I felt a very British "bad luck old chap" was appropriate. His considered response: GAY!!
  4. [language pedant] If you are referring to the title of the game and not the title of the thread, then Gestalt is the word you are looking for. Otherwise carry on. Althought it's 'its' and not 'it's' parts. Ahem. [/language pedant]
  5. Just to add my tuppence. Thought it was very well done and LOL funny on a few occasions. I have no idea what consolevania is (for shame!), so no doubt I missed a few in jokes, but oddly, given that I'm a sassenach, I had no problems with any of the machine-gun glaswegian. Must be all those years of Rab C. Keep up the grand work.
  6. Due to changes in the old social life, Monday is now a permanent no go for me. Can't do them anymore. SO, ANYTHING BUT A MONDAY!!! PLEASE!!!
  7. I assume you mean the graphics were much better than the gameplay? So, anyother great gameplay:graphics extremes? Let's call them the Anna Kournikovas - looks great, plays like shit. I nominate Black and White for an Anna.
  8. So guys, what part of your brain actually garners enjoyment from this sort of material? Just wondering like...
  9. BBC should have just repeated The Day Today and saved a load of my effing license fee. TDT still stands as an accurate parody of current news programmes, no need for a shit retread. I knew it was gonna suck when it stole the "shaft of frozen urine" idea from TDT in its first 5 minutes. It should die on its arse and never be shown again. There is NO valid justification for it.
  10. Actually this headline on the same site really is: Trick-Or-Treater Finds Feces in Candy Bag "The girl said when she dumped the candy out, she smelled something really bad." The copy is so bad that this really reads like a spoof site.
  11. On a separate note, I think there might have been a UB software update implemented since our last game - so those logging on to play tonight should be prepared for a slight wait while your systems update. j.
  12. Was a winner in 2003 when my job allowed me to focus the odd work hour or three on making my daily word count. However, last year as this year my somehwat busier day job as a copywriter has effectively buggered my creative juices and my spare time. Weekdays are working and sleeping. Perhaps I can do a more modest total using the weekends only... When I did it, it was great feeling. B) Hit my 54K words in 18 days then had two weeks of flu (hopefully unconnected ). Good luck to all you rllmuk nanoers.
  13. Nice to know someone was watching over me. I coulda limped on into the money, but what's the point for a $5 profit? You have to play em like you wanna make the final table, and you have to draw the line sometime. I did and we know what happened. MTT's are always gonna be a long shot and you really do need some luck to be with you to make it through so many rounds. Anyhoo, its more valuable playing time.
  14. Went for glory in the bubble and just missed the money. Finished 53rd out of 500, but had absolutely shit cards all night. In 3 hours I picked up one straight and one set of trip 6s (from my best pair of the night). I won all my money on those two hands - fat blinds, antes and bully stacks whittled it all away. Went out to a pair of 7s against my over cards. Good fun though, but not as entertaining or sociable as an rllmuk game. For $5 though it was well worth a punt.
  15. Sorry mate, just got back here, registrationis closed. For the record it was the $5 tournament that started at 2pm EST. 500 players in their now though and pays down to 50th!
  16. I've registered myself for a $5 .50 tournament on UB tonight at 7pm UK time. Guaranteed prize pool of £2,000 (pays down to 5th), probably have a few hundred players, got about 60 at the moment (6:10pm). Anyone ever play in these? What's the quality of play like? Anyone fancy joining it tonight? Wish me luck! j.
  17. Never seen Rounders, but after you mentioned it and Poker Player mag listed it as their best poker film, it is now top of my Amazon DVD rentals list. Looking forward to seeing it.
  18. Just read through the second issue of Poker Player (Phil Hell-mouth cover). Again it's fantastic value for money (£1.50). All the rllmuk players really should be reading this - especially as the mag is throwing free 3 month subs around like confetti. It's a quick light read, generally entertaining and often informative.
  19. Enjoyed last night's E4. I like the idea of the kid's imagination making things appear on the island, but that's the second polar bear, would have been funnier if one of the comic's superheros appeared instead. The polar bear was a bit ropey, but I guess fur is hard to do on a budget. So Claire is back (from the black rock?), looking a bit rough. Didn't notice whether she was still with child or not. And Locke continues to rock. Hopefully, we'll get some more hatch action soon.
  20. Or maybe not. An under 18 plays it over Christmas. He is subsequently expelled from one of our lovely sink estate comprehensives for particularly pernicious school yard acts, and cites the games as his main influence. The Daily Mail gets a whiff of it and launches its latest histrionic attack on the industry. R* deny all responsibility. Jack Thompson comes to the UK on a crusade (we sent the yanks Galloway after all). He gets a guest vitriol column in the Mail and demands that R* be sued by all victims of schoolyard bullying. Nothing comes of it. We all debate it for hours on end (alongside scathing reviews of the game and calls for them to remake Skooldaze, but do it properly this time). And then, maybe then, the end.
  21. Wahey, looks like another bumper turnout for tonight. Oh man, do I need a better social life when this is the highlight of my week... Roll on 9pm. I wonder if it will be a marathon like last week's 2 day tourney?
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