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  1. Scary stuff. I'm giving up this evil hobby. Seeya.
  2. Guy in Wigan GAME was asking the lass behind the counter about the Wii launch date. She proceeded to give him a very eloquent and heartfelt sales pitch for the Wii, and got all of her factoids spot on. I was suitably impressed.
  3. How refreshing to see someone accept a sound argument from someone else, without blindly defending their earlier post. A rare show of maturity on this forum. I doff my cap to you Mr fatoy.japa. For what it's worth, I agree with you. I'm happy to give Minter the benefit, based on his earlier output. Mind you, that video really was shit!
  4. So how solid is this release date? Sure they just announced it, but the PS3 was also announced as coming out in Europe this year too... While £180 isn't that expensive, it is too much more than every other territory (including the rest of Europe) will pay. Do they not have 17.5% VAT in mainland europe? Or is it that shipping it over here to Treasure Island is really more expensive than driving them up into the f***ing Andorran mountains, or some other European backwater? Think I'll wait awhile.
  5. Can someone just predict a riot and get it over with?
  6. Let's not forget Tony Kaye's legendary rubber fetish Dunlop advert, it's the music that really makes it of course. Linky
  7. Perfect. When do you want to play
  8. Thanks guys. I jessied out and lowered the difficulty a touch. Made it tough, but manageable. What a game though. Setting out on horseback from Weynon priory, with Sean Bean and Jauffre riding by my side as the morning sun lights up the countryside.
  9. Help guys. Just got this. On the very first Oblivion gate at Kvatch (part of the main quest). I've got a right puny wood elf theif, who so far is pretty crap at everything. I can only just about kill the little oblivion imps, but the harder scamps usually kill me with a couple of shoulder charges (through my shield) and my sword seems to have little effect. I've tried using a bow but only get a couple of shots off before I am run down and caned. And for a thief my sneak skill is pretty arse too. Basically, I can't get any distance into the Oblivion tower without some big fella in armour or a couple of fire lobbing scamps giving me a thorough hiding. I assume I'm on the default difficulty, and don't want to turn it down (assuming I can), but without any serious magic, scrolls or combat skills, I can't get close to beating this first oblivion dungeon. Can I peg it through this level, as described earlier in this thread, or will I need to collect some keys. What general thiefy tactics am I missing? (First ever RPG!!) Should I start again with a fighter! Is the whole game so combat dependent? I enjoyed the first hour, out in the wilds on my horsey, but this difficulty spike is a but annoying. Any help appreciated...
  10. Reviewed in one of the X360 mags this month. They love it up (natch), and give it a 9. However, they do slag off the handling, saying it falls uncomfortably between arcade and sim handling(?). Erm. It's a car driving game. Handling is THE most important thing. 9 my arse.
  11. [Nick Heyward] When I call, love plus one! [/Nick Heyward]
  12. Game are already doing a nifty offer. 360 (not core), plus Oblivion, plus Prey for £320. I was very nearly tempted, seeing as they are the only 2 games I want for it. But the thought of a price cut pre PS3 stopped me flashing the plastic.
  13. jonamok

    Edge 165

    Do they say anything nice in their TDU preview? Last month they were starting to lose the love...
  14. It weighs 5kg ? Blimey. Even the monstrous 360 weighs 3.5kg, and that's f-heavy. Does the PS3 have the power brick internally? Haven't trawled the thread, so sorry if this has been covered all ready.
  15. Me too. Saw it going along Speke Blvd this morning. Loads of little loco's tumbling down the side of the bus. The gf spotted it first, from me showing her the demo, so we sped up to get along side it. Lovely.
  16. Is that why Kutaragi is trying again with the PS3 being a computer?
  17. But it's free? Fine by me. Immediate trade in on Brain Training.
  18. Sorry guys, couldn't make last night, sounds like I missed a doozy. Anyway, I'm already signed up at Ladbrokes as jonamok, but have no money in my account yet. Am determined to make it in for next week's game, as long as it doesn't clash with any major world cup games. j.
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