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  1. Yep, 60 hours in and I haven't worked out how to activate a great fairy (was much easier in BOTW). Also haven't seen Hestu since the first time, and can't get to where I assume he's fucked off to. Ho hum.


    In other news, down in the Eldin Depths last night and found a


    Gloom-infested Colosseum. Once you trigger it you're "locked in" (not really) with waves of rock-hard Moblins. Lots of nice materials to gather and a very handy item of clothing as reward.


  2. One thing I really don’t love though. It’s all too easy to stumble across a much later memory/Nazca line thing. I’d only seen the first two, then stumbled across #15. Made fuck all sense and was quite spoilery.


    How am I meant to know what number I’ll get when I see a line pattern from the air or ground? Is there a list of the memory order the patterns represent (bar the walls in that temple room) before I activate one? At least in BOTW there was a clear memory order in the snapshot menu.


    But unless I’m forgetting something, this feels like a misstep by the devs. They should have just made the cutscene memories play in the correct order whichever sequence you activate them in. There’s zero benefit to it being like this.

  3. I threegree. Very enjoyable. Only weird thing was the apparent inability to show the actor playing Jordan. Not 100% sure why they did it, but it was almost comical in its desperate framing so we never saw his face in all the scenes he was in, and he had only two words in the whole film - an image rights issue I’m guessing?

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