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  1. Some cool things I noticed about the Depths.



    The name of every lightroot is the reverse of its corresponding shrine name on the surface.


    The contour map of the Depths also seems to be inverted from the surface, so valleys in Hyrule are high ridges in the Depths etc.


    There are pillars in the Depths, if you can find them, that have an Ascend sand pad under them to give you direct access to the surface.


    The set of miner’s gear is amazing when complete, allowing you to fully sprint in the dark with enough glow to still stop before going over a drop or into a gloom patch.


  2. I’m guessing 36 pts is one of the lowest hauls for 17th place? What a shite season we’ve had. Still, not one of the worst three teams in the league, and that’s enough to stay up.

  3. 1 hour ago, layten said:

    Everton currently going down.


    Good stuff :) 


    46 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

    Everton are the turd that will not flush. They've floated back up to 17th again.


    13 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    Ahhh boooo, bloody Everton staying up is gutting again.




    Pretty sure we’ll be doing this again next year.

  4. It’s okay. Enjoying it. Bailed on the first book not long after its barnstorming first section. But I like the world and the cast are great.


    Not really sure how something like


    Stars and constellations 

    are an alien concept to people, though. They get to see them all the time after cleanings, so why are they not part of regular education or oral tradition?


    Perhaps the sky only cleared enough recently and they were previously out of sight for 100+ years?


  5. Finished third temple (water) to add to wind and fire.


    Taking into account the approach run, the temple itself, the boss, and the companion, I’d rate them: Wind >> Water > Fire.


    Gonna leave Gerudo for a wee while, and do some more shrine gets, side quests, and maybe finally activate a damn great fairy - I’m still on basic starting gear LOL.

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