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  1. I just keep watching the trailers for thisΒ and I’m absurdly excited for it. More excited than for any game I can remember. Even more than I was for Elden Ring.


    It also probably helps that I’m currently midway through my second BOTW playthrough, and also knee-deep in the Creating a Champion art book (incredible piece of work and a must buy).


    I’ll even be buying a Switch OLED for TOTK. And even if it’s only 75% of the experience BOTW is, it will still be the second greatest game ever made.


    10 weeks to go. I think I’ll explode before then.

  2. 8 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:




    These. Bold statement but given BotW is something special maybe not so ridiculous.

    "New gameplay that will bring about changes to the game world” is suitably vague, and different to gamesradar’s article headline. Arguably BOTW had gameplay that changed the β€˜game world’ in that the more monsters you killed, the stronger all respawning monsters got.

  3. That Mickey Mouse safety car. Lol. At least try to be subtle about it. Glad Perez made a race out of it at the front, FWIW (which is bugger all tbf).

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