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  1. Three weeks ago, after just finishing a second full play-through, BOTW was by far my GOAT. It felt so close to perfect.


    I knew that TOTK would likely top it. But I didn’t expect it to so comprehensively reinvent its mechanics that the thought of returning to BOTW would feel so limiting.


    Firstly the shrines in this are just on another level of creativity. They constantly wow me with their set up and solutions.


    And then there’s open world traversal. The thought of not dropping on Hyrule and eyeballing landmarks from the sky, or using ascend on everything makes me a bit sad.


    And although they’re only avatars, running through the world, looking for trouble, flanked by team blue is genuinely thrilling.


    Going back to BOTW will be interesting.

  2. As in BOTW I went stamina all the way first. Only 4 hearts (well 5 after the first temple) by the time I hit 3 full rings of green. I just like to sprint places, jump up mountains, spin attack for days, swim the channel, and glide for fucking miles.


    Now, 75 hours in, I have 17 hearts and finally some double boosted armour, so as well as a stamina beast, I’m a tough wee bastard to boot.

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