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  1. She just wanted to be a “Lurrrdeee.” Keoghan’s accent was all over the place too. Mind you, that was the most audible Sean Harris has ever been. Only needed the subs for about a third of his lines.
  2. The lack of spray lets it down. The bikes look a bit disconnected from the surface.
  3. This. But not in a good way. Definitely did not live up to the hype.
  4. Eps 4 (Village Bride) and 5 (The Ninth Jedi) were much more like it. Both excellent. Would love to see more of the latter.
  5. I’ve no idea which bit of the Dark Side Twins episode (Ep 3) that’s referring to? Or was it in Ep2, which had Fett in it?Though I still missed the line.
  6. Thought the Thor one was rubs. Clearly not in the right mood, as I barely cracked a smile.
  7. First Ep was good. Second about the band was just okay. This third one about the twins is fucking terrible. 15 mins of shite Star-Warsy exposition, truly piss-poor script, and shrill anime bobbins. Not a great hit rate so far, and not sure this is gonna be my thing, but I’ll stick with it for another couple.
  8. Any way to watch this on D+ in Japanese with English subs that aren’t closed captioned? As otherwise it’s gonna have to be dubbed.
  9. Completed the first mask quest, and though it was genuinely brilliant. Midway into the second mask story, and it’s already topping it.
  10. This, like every high-concept, multipart UK drama series of recent years, went to purest shite past the halfway point. Absolutely shocking writing. It’s like the Bodyguard in a tin can. Utter trash.
  11. About 4-5 hours in and it’s getting better and better.
  12. Early days, but this is lovely. Opening area isn’t amazing, but post opening title card it’s just gorgeous and super cute.
  13. Review embargo is 4am tomorrow. Few early tweets bigging it up. We’ll see.
  14. My journey exactly. I’d wager you’ll momentarily contemplate trading it in again before you beat it, but beat it you will.
  15. Lovely. Not all spoilers are equal. Context is a courtesy. I’ve no idea if that’s major or not, and it seems neither have you.
  16. That needs a better spoiler warning @Moz. Like: “Major plot development spoiler”
  17. Got all of the slabs bar Havok now, as I keep fucking up my stealthy approach to Fia, but I’m just not engaged at all. It feels like a shopping list, or a pile of systems looking for a game. Only done a few cycles, but already near the point of following a walkthrough just to get it done. And as for difficulty, I don’t find it remotely trivial. Using the Dualsense, I’m dying plenty. No matter what I set the sensitivities too, it aims like shit, so in a firefight I get shot plenty.
  18. Ah, that’s more like it.
  19. That was just okay. Nothing else has come close to Captain Carter yet.
  20. I doubt it will be done any time soon. The devs seemed surprised and disinterested at the clamour for it, and I’m guessing only said they’d look into it to get Twitter off their back. Personally, I’d rather they spent the time creating some killer DLC. Which I suspect is what they’re doing.
  21. [Cross-post] Farewell you lovely boffin. The ZX81 and Speccy cemented my life-long fascination with this hobby. 10 PRINT RIP SIR CLIVE SINCLAIR 20 GOTO 10
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