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  1. This isn’t going to be the greatest Indiana Jones film. This is clearly a tribute.
  2. First episode was a solid 5/10. Hopefully it gets better. Edit: It did. Ep2: 6/10. At this rate…
  3. I for one can’t wait to hear more of Ric’s expert views on “story arches”.
  4. Framed #263 https://framed.wtf Blegh.
  5. Yep. It’s exactly what you’d expect. Not a great deal of art, a small amount of lore, and thousands of screenshots and step by step guides to ways through each area, weapon and character stats, NPC journeys and interaction points etc. No boss strategies I don’t think, that’s book 2. Nothing you likely can’t get online now, but it’s a hefty, well thought out beast.
  6. And a reason to have a functioning toilet.
  7. Framed #262 https://framed.wtf Meh.
  8. Framed #261 https://framed.wtf NSI, nor do I want to.
  9. Could be. Was just assuming it was Luke given the context.
  10. Shout out to another great D+ docu (from ESPN’s 30 for 30 series). This one is called Year of the Scab about the NFL during the 1987 strike season, with a focus on its impacts on the Washington team that year. It’s a good 5 years old now, but I’d not seen it before and found it fascinating and occasionally touching.
  11. Framed #260 https://framed.wtf NSI.
  12. Delighted for Iran. No other group of players deserves success as much as they do. Would LOVE Iran and the USA to make it out of this group.
  13. But that’s still true. They don’t know what they are, and never will. The fact that we do just adds to the dramatic irony.
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