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  1. I pay a fucking fortune every month for Sky, Prime Video, BT and Netflix. But I'll be fucked if I’m buying another sub mostly just for this. I can’t see them sticking it out at retail any time soon either. It will print subs-money. So here’s me, no easy/affordable legal way to watch this, and never worn an eye patch or a parrot in my life. Guess come November I’ll finally be looking up beginner’s guides on YT and working out how the fuck you dip your toe in the high seas.
  2. HOLY FUCKING SHIT I’VE FINALLY WON WITH THE DEFECT. Won with Ironclad and Silent on first two runs, weeeeks ago. That took way too fucking long to get No.3. Don’t know how I did it. Had virtually no orbs on the run and barely scraped through. Will sleep tonight!
  3. I know it’s a Gif, but that run animation is comical.
  4. Should have embraced Bond’s inner Jesse: “Ain’t got time to bleed.”
  5. Resetera is a cockfest over this.
  6. After dozens of failed runs on Switch, I am now a Defect failure on Xbox too. Hurrrah.
  7. Looks great. Also makes me really want a Switch 2.
  8. That’s awesome. Would love them to film it ala Critical Role. I can imagine Wes would be hysterical.
  9. Stick her in Beat Saber. You’re golden.
  10. jonamok

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's a genius way to tie us all into Scarlet, rather than PS5.
  11. jonamok

    Xbox Game Pass

    Game Pass too many effing games.
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