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  1. Still stuck in biome 3, at 40 odd deaths in about 40 hours played. Only one of those runs had some golden RNG, about a dozen or so hours ago, when good Gesus blessed me and took me from Biome 2 to Biome 4 at a canter. Then a rest mode crash and save file corruption deleted all that lovely progress, and I’ve been getting shafted by dirty Gesus ever since. After being obsessed with it last week and playing it heavily every day, I’ve now gone four days without touching it, and can feel its pull quickly fading. I imagine I can happily park it for a long while now and focus
  2. You’ve been such a Debbie downer about the game for pages/weeks now, I’m genuinely surprised you’re still playing it.
  3. Or, yes. And BOTW is my favourite game of all time. Cyberpunk did little for me though.
  4. I left that fight to the end and still couldn’t beat it on default difficulty.
  5. I only really want to play the spruced up ME1 on PS5. Assume you can’t buy them separately?
  6. Yep, the skill quest that had you looking at paintings of scenery to work out where to go was just wonderful stuff. Did that early on, and that was when it had me. And each of the signature duels in these amazing locations were just incredibly evocative too. It’s a game to savour, not race through. Take your time, wander, do the side quests, it’s an absolute labour of love, and hands down the best open world in all of gaming.
  7. Did every single side mission. Loved them all. Go figure
  8. #TeamSilent. Though I do slouch about 12-15 feet from it.
  9. The RNG of the earlier biomes is definitely weighted against you if you’ve made it further. Only at Biome 3, but going through biome 1 at the start of another doomed run, I now routinely get 3 big lockdown areas with energy towers back-to-back, and even the once-friendly yellow-light trapdoor areas have now started spawning an orange mini-boss and a load of purple lasers. It is a fucking hateful, trolling thing in many ways.
  10. Lovely new bug last night. Planning on maxing out everything before trying 3 again. Perfect run through 1, rinsed everything, barely took a hit, made mincemeat of Phrikey, got a new data cube, and went back to ship for a cheeky heal before grabbing up all the health items, went inside and the ship disappeared. Stood in a volume of fog, nothing to interact with, no way out. End run.
  11. Yep, you bossed the shit out of that. I’d have been dead in 20 seconds.
  12. @Thor Your little half-hearted melee swing at the end was just precious.
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