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  1. As impressive as it can occasionally look graphically, I’ve yet to see any footage that didn’t look like it was struggling to hit 30fps. It’s always a stutterfest. How badly optimised is the engine when even official footage, presumably demoed on a monster rig, looks like shit.
  2. Well done fella. This bastard’s been eluding me all night. Just can’t reliably nail the first falling shinespark. Is it Left on the stick with Y&B EXACTLY simultaneously or can you lead with one or the other? Think I’ve managed it twice out of about 50 goes, and then fucked the next bit in the ensuing panic. I’ve been blaming my OG switch B button for so many missed jump inputs throughout the game, so maybe it’s that.
  3. Assume this is also coming to PC at launch? Anyone fancy updating the thread title?
  4. Indeed, this is what I’m referring to. She can’t even see Kosh’s true form in Kosh’s own memory of looking at his own hand. She sees the human-angel version instead. Just instinctive. Of course, it might just be JMS hadn’t worked out the whole Vorlon schtick at that point and they just used a glowing white hand.
  5. jonamok

    Disco Elysium

    This will be my first game on Steam Deck. I've waited this long, I can manage another few months. All assuming they include a legible font size option for it (as they seem to have done for Switch).
  6. Just started a full rewatch thanks to this thread, and had a ‘fuck me’ moment just now watching The Gathering as Mr Morden (Ed Wasser) has a fun cameo near the end as a technician on the command deck. Never knew about that. Marvellous. Answer me this though. Why in Lyta’s mind-reading of Kosh meeting fake Sinclair does Kosh see himself extending a glowing human (or perhaps Minbari) hand? That’s for sure what a human Jeff or Minbari assassin would see, but presumably not Kosh himself... unless they too happen to have decidedly humanoid hands. Or perhaps, is it because Lyta can’t process what she sees of how Kosh sees himself, and so she subs in human physiology? Either way, a very cool reference to much later revelations. As is all the stuff around the Battle of the Line and the hole in Sinclair’s mind. Love it.
  7. Go to the map and highlight the boss icon.
  8. Register for a chance to participate. Lotto then? Ho hum.
  9. I doubt it will clash with H:FW (unless that slips again too), as I expect this is only the first slide deeper into 2022 for ER. Don't actually mind personally, as long as it makes for a better game. I'll also hopefully be playing it on the Deck, so late Q1, early Q2 is fine by me.
  10. Dear God, that is going to be fucking stupendous. Makes me massively emotional just watching the bloody trailer. Can. Not. Wait.
  11. It’s not going to trouble the top of my GOTY list, and that final boss choice mentioned above won’t be doing it any additional favours. An excellent 8/10 nonetheless.
  12. And finally arrived at the last boss. Tried once and lasted seconds. A fight for another day, I think. My save file says 11:35 on the clock. But it clearly doesn’t count times when you repeatedly try and then die, to either bosses or EMMIs, as I’ve played it for 3 hours a day since launch, and have easily clocked 20+ hours on it. I assume before I go back up the lift to face ole Beaky again that I can just go explore the maps for stuff I’ve missed?
  13. So, you know that thing were you try a boss for hours, and go on rage-tilt and piss and moan about it online, and then you go back the next morning and beat it in a few goes? Onwards!
  14. A feeling which will last for about 5 minutes.
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