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  1. It looks and sound lovely. But, that first protracted fight and eventual defeat to three trash mobs by someone who knows the game inside and out, where the newly added D20 rng fucked all of his sensible planning and half an hour of focused effort, is exactly why I’ll never be playing this. Life is too fucking short.
  2. So still a game about hanging on as long as possible before quickly dropping a nice, long brick. Too much?
  3. jonamok

    Nintendo Switch

    So excited for the ACNH Switch. It and the game are a prezzie for the missus, but the minute she puts it down for more than 10 minutes it will become mine.
  4. Be surprised if it doesn’t get at least a 9. It’s purest Edge-nip.
  5. Read on Era or somewhere that this is twice the length of Blind Forest. Which is a shame. For the type of game it is, it was plenty long enough already.
  6. Amen. Banks’s outside context problem paragraph really needs quoting: What a loss.
  7. jonamok

    Xbox Series X

    The Halo franchise is a good trilogy.
  8. On the island naming, I think the character limit is around 10. So sadly no Sunlit Uplands.
  9. There are more hairstyles than that. Sure I’ve seen the selection scrolling to more than those 8 in a recent video. Also there’s a sixth ‘pen’ item in some versions of that green menu, but nobody knows what it does. Guesses include name changing, facial hair and tats.
  10. When are they likely to be available?* * I refuse to say ‘drop’.
  11. Just been absorbed in The Last Guardian artbook/walkthrough. Utterly lovely and makes me want to play it again, alongside all the insights into each section of the game.
  12. El Camino was very good. Not Saul good (man), or peak BB good. But it was very enjoyable and nicely done. S5 Ep1 of BTS was stupendously good, though.
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