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  1. Against my better judgement I've just ordered the PS4 version, so I'll be double-dipping with the Switch version come September (it will inevitably launch alongside the online service). I can't wait that long. Fuck you Nintendo.
  2. Right now, all I fucking want is a legal way to watch season 3.
  3. jonamok

    Nintendo Switch

    That sounds like a shit deal.
  4. jonamok

    Demon's Souls

    Although, to be honest I wish you had posted that spoiler a week ago. Would have saved me some grief.
  5. jonamok

    Demon's Souls

    Got Yuria back to the Nexus. Oh thank fuck. Screw you Demon’s Souls. I will wrap her in cotton wool and keep her safe.
  6. jonamok

    Demon's Souls

    I know. Shut up! Let me bitch. It's the only way I've got through this so far. Well, that and the odd dip into a wiki, and having some questions answered here (ta, luvs). But without that I wouldn't be in here at all and wouldn't have got much further than last time.
  7. jonamok

    Demon's Souls

    I'll settle on nasty, punitive, trolling, indefensible design. Like if the blacksmiths could die, through no fault of the player, and there were no more weapon upgrades or repairs? Fuck that. Man, if I hadn't had my Fireball spell equipped when Freke died. Jesus. I'd be done with it. So, off to the wiki I go, and... discover there's someone called Yuria the Witch? Not seen her yet. Will go find her if it's not too late already, and hopefully she can unlock my spell book again. Screw this game.
  8. jonamok

    Nintendo Switch

    I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t find the Pro controller especially comfortable. Only played with it for a couple of hours, but struggled to get the back of it comfortable against my fingers. It has hard angled edges that rest a bit awkwardly on the tops of my middle fingers - as I don’t use these for the triggers (I continuously switch my index fingers between L1 and L2, R1 and R2 as required) which might be just me. I’d recommend trying before buying.
  9. jonamok

    Demon's Souls

    So, releasing Sage Freke was literally game-changing. Armed with Fireball and Warding, and a bow, I’ve rinsed through most of it. Now done 1-1 to 1-3, all of 2, all of 3, all of 4, and 5-1. I tried the dragon in 1-4 got toasted, and thought, I’ll go back and get Freke to swap my spells to the water wall one. Back at the Nexus everyone is dead. Wtf? I worked out it was that spiked helmet fucker, Yurt, so now he’s dead too. But how the hell do I change spells (let alone learn new ones) without Freke or his mate? Or miracles for that matter (that bloke's dead too)? Am I boned? Am I stuck with suboptimal spells because I never realised an NPC was gonna go on a killing spree? If so, that’s terrible design.
  10. Her experience looks like mine. Although I did get a bit further than that against him. So, the master key lets me bypass this boss, you say...
  11. jonamok

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - Out now!

    Seriously, is this something you just have to play to get the appeal? The reviews and vids aren’t lighting my fire, but you blokes keep piquing my interest....
  12. Doing God’s work.
  13. jonamok

    EDGE #320

    Can’t remember. /coat Edit: Some poor late game mechanics and a really dissatisfying narrative ending.
  14. And just like that they pull me back in...

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