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  1. No need to whisper. We don't judge.
  2. Not the release version of Ghost of Tsushima, as it didn’t have Japanese lip sync.
  3. Did it sink on planet Earth? Just Google the GPS coordinates.
  4. Whoa. Wait a minute now. Being ‘bummed in the gob’ requires either party to engage their bum? I’ve fundamentally misunderstood the terminology all along. I think I’ve just frittered away the last 15 years. This is embarrassing...
  5. As long as I get to see it in my (Covid-free) house, I’m good.
  6. Just finished. Thought it was great. Liked the S2 reference. Loved Buckley, Whishaw and Turman. Not nearly the best season, but even the least great slice of Fargo is still top drawer telly.
  7. Isn’t that like 600 obolites for both of them, and you said you also used a silphium vial on the same run, so another 100-200 or so? That’s potentially a lot of obos collected for B1 alone. Are you suuuuuuure you bought the Bezos?
  8. As well as them saying it’s a bit physically underwhelming and uncomfortable to play (oh dear), of the four games EG played, one was good, three were not, and one of those gave him motion sickness. Shame.
  9. IGN has put up its next exclusive video, which is a very misnamed ‘deep dive’ into the hardware. Not worth the 10 minutes, and absolutely zero new game footage. The DF video above is good though.
  10. I was on the fence, but I’m off it into the no camp now. I know it’s vastly different in games, interface and vibe, but the Steam Deck has caught my eye now and I’m rather excited about that. Sorry Playdate.
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