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  1. Oh alright then I will. Gimme a minute.
  2. 34s of it all stitched together here, some boss fight bits too.
  3. Both those clips confirmed real by reputables, supposedly. Time to reveal the full trailer hopefully.
  4. You’re assuming it was the same Director’s office...
  5. Also 3070 here, everything set to max and running on an ultrawide 3440x1440, getting 60fps. In game news, I battered Eikthyr with ease, clearly I’m seriously over-powered having left taking him on for ages. Now built some beach-front property and my first raft, and went for a very slow pootle around an adjoining island. All chilled until some cheeky fucking greydwarf dived in to swim after me and attack my raft. Didn’t swim so well with two arrows in him. Three hours gone in what felt like minutes. Amazing game, just utterly eats time.
  6. What do you say to those who point out the two typos in the thread title? Edit:
  7. Every time it loses its connection with the server you get booted and your mission resets to the last checkpoint. Fuck off. Also the shakey-cam cut scenes are instavom. Appalling oversight. And the entire demo takes place in a brown warzone, with a sub-Killzone 3 art style, killing Helghast, while the trailers are all vibrant sci-fi vistas and creatures. Way to sell the game dumbasses.
  8. The biggest trick that show pulled was making Returnal look like it might now be worth a £50 punt. But still a big fuck-no at 70 notes.
  9. And is that FFVII date 6th October or 10th June?
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