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  1. Not a mega fan of the source material, or the film, so likely missed a lot, but I thoroughly enjoyed that. Personally I loved the score, and the transition from the Milky Way to the shore by Veidt’s castle was one of the best match-cuts I’ve seen in anything. I also loved Tim Blake Nelson’s look. Very creepy. Question:
  2. Not getting that ! bug here. Also handheld only. Deffo needs a remove TAA option, or have blur toggles that actually do something.
  3. Breath of the fucking Wild. Some other stupendous games do get close though.
  4. Seriously, I’ve you’re not lying on the floor panting and sweating at the end of it you’re not putting enough effort in. Literally give it Kermit the Frog non-stop, as fast and hard as you can, remembering to hit the odd block to avoid failing. And if you’re struggling there, there’s one a bit later that Good luck.
  5. jonamok

    Google Stadia

    Christ, so the WiFi direct thing IS bollocks then? Lol. Google StaDOA.
  6. jonamok

    Google Stadia

    With K on this. You can use it as a USB controller for non-Stadia purposes - depending on the HW/SW you’re connecting to.
  7. That should do it. But you need to be quite close and be looking right at the enemy.
  8. I felt this about the first one. Just too claustrophobic for my tastes. Felt awkward. Gave it up pretty early on. Not picked up 2 yet.
  9. How are people using the blur options? I can’t tell the difference, but I have old eyes.
  10. It's quite ugly in places tbf, and the resolution is so low in handheld that remotely distant object are very hard to make out. But it's eminently playable, the frame-rate is mostly solid, and the art style works, even if it is a little 'impressionistic' at times. Either way you get used to the drop in image quality pretty quickly, and then you're playing Witcher 3 on the bog or the bus.
  11. Must say though, how fucking amazing was Claflin as OzzieMozzie? Aside from being far too handsome, he just nailed that confidence and presence, whether talking quietly and ominously, delivering his speeches, goose-stepping and saluting, or just fucking a swan. Mesmerising, series-stealing performance.
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