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  1. Argos dicked me too. PayPal has a £449 payment that I can’t cancel and Argos has no record of an order. After the 3080 debacle yesterday, new gaming hardware can fucking do one.
  2. Why in the thundering fuck do I need to go through captcha every time I want to post some comment on fucking Eurogamer, but not at all on literally any of these retail sites asking me to drop £800 on one of the most sought after bits of tech this year and one scalpers are on like flies on festering shit. I imagine the tech is trivial, and benefits them and us - it would have slowed down the instantaneous tidal wave that crashed their systems just a touch, and they’d sell their allocation in 10 minutes not 10 fucking milliseconds. And it reduces the well-deserved poor PR they get for effectively encouraging this fucking shitshow. What a shower of clueless pricks.
  3. Pleased there’s a proper next gen console gonna be out for £359, though I will still get the disc version, as the games look extortionate.
  4. Thought that looked pretty damn good. So I’ll pick it up and de-Covid it from CEX in a year or so for a tenner. TERF piece of shit isn’t getting a penny from me.
  5. So, it looks fucking amazing (it was clearly set in demo mode with no hud (git hud) and one-hit enemies), but by Christ the 4K 60 YT video is stunning. It is also a goddamn launch release (fooook), and it is a PS5 exclusive (we are now being told). Day fucking one. Sony wins.
  6. Just give me 5 minutes of Boletarian Palace gameplay and an ‘Available at launch’. Everything else is gravy.
  7. By the way pretty sure that picture from OCUK in Dr Shark’s post up there is the wrong EVGA card. Looks like the FTW3, not the base ICX3 model, which lacks the fancy RGB panel amongst other things.
  8. Hurrah! PS5 (in bc mode) + PSVR + HOTAS. Excite!
  9. The little slow down before hitting the last peg followed by a little burst of Ode to Joy are one of the best bits of audiovisual feedback reward in all of gaming.
  10. I absolutely prefer the combat shield effect in the ‘84 version. Both the visual concept and, surprisingly, the technical realisation of it. I do quite like the new sphincter-worm though. While I expect DV to knock it out of the park, I worry it will be a financial failure. However, what all this has mostly highlighted to me is a pressing need to finally read the effing book. So, there’s that.
  11. Le Mans 66 / Ford v Ferrari Excellent biopic about Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby’s attempt to beat Ferrari at the ‘66 Le Mans 24 with the GT40. Great racing scenes, fantastic audio work and good performances all round - though Bale‘s version of Miles’ supposed Brummie accent is distinctly more Northern. Quality stuff. 4/5
  12. Guesstimate based on the rate of growth I’d seen on various sites and predictions from a few years ago. Last figures were 35% in 2018/19 up from half that the year before. It’s been predicted to hit 45-50% penetration in the US and Western Europe by 2020 FWIW (which is of course fuck all). Anyway, back on topic. I don’t care how much more a PS5 costs than a XSX/S, have you seen the newly leaked Demon’s Souls screenshots?
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