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  1. I think 5-1 is an amazing bit of level design, it's rank and utterly bewildering, yet still makes sense. And when one of the big boys comes lumbering at you, like a serial killer cosplaying 'It's a Knockout', it's genuinely scarier than when any of the bosses do. That said, it's tonally a week in a fucking Spa next to the soul-sucking misery that is 5-2. I imagine when they got to making Blighttown for Dark Souls, FROM thought 'fuck we can't make it as a miserable as VoD, let's tone it down, a lot'.
  2. Forgot how tough this can still be. Three current roadblocks for my SL49 wizardy swordswoman:
  3. Apologies. So you did. Will try that. Thanks again.
  4. So, does anyone know where the supposed 180+ help videos reside in Demon’s Souls? You know the ones you need PS+ to access? Is it within the game, somewhere in the game’s page on your dash, elsewhere in the PS5 interface? All I see are the usual activity cards of the world you are currently in, and in the game the tutorial area button/action guide recap vids - like those in God of War. They exist somewhere right? Anyone?
  5. Every time I beat a boss and return to human form I get ganked or at least waylaid by some scuzzy invader within about 5 minutes. Think I’ll take to doing the Nexus swan-dive.
  6. You should have activated a lift right near the starting Archstone/merchant bloke. Take it down to the blacksmith.
  7. I got no code from The Game Collection. Can't say I'm arsed though.
  8. Also, backstabbing a skellie with a club is fucking hysterical, you swipe their feet out so they hit the deck like a sack of boney shit, and they just lay their stunned as you do a massive wind up and smash the fuck out of them.
  9. Re. the backstabs, I believe as well as hitting R1 from a couple of feet behind them, you can't be pushing or pressing anything else.
  10. Maybe the PS5 fell asleep during Ghost in the Shell?
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