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  1. Added you and idiwa. Might be controversial, but my advice would be to play Conquest on the smaller infantry-only maps like Metro, Locker and maybe the Dragon's Teeth ones first. Metro/Locker are quite linear and should help you get used to the gunplay & squads etc and should give you some easy opportunities for early kills to get some more guns unlocked. Once you're getting comfortable, head out to the bigger maps. The Naval Strike ones are good fun. Play engineer for a bit to unlock the Carbines. The AK5C is a good all-rounder and I'm finding the SG553 to be a right little bastard at the moment too. Dive straight in to Conquest, obvs. And Rush. I've only just started playing Rush. Rush is good.
  2. Aaah, the picture of Sean's hideous hole again. Lovely.
  3. Don't know if i can do Wednesday this week, but Tuesday and Thursday both look good for me if some organised games are getting together. In other news, I played some games of Rush yesterday and I think I can see what kerrraig etc are on about
  4. I'd be up for a forum night, definitely. I've never had a problem finding games, but I only ever really play conquest which seem to be fine.
  5. I'm reading The Peripheral too, it's really fucking good. And I can see Lowbeer being the character that crops up in the next couple of his books, like Hubertus Bigend.
  6. I can always see loads of Conquest games and Carrier Assault still seems popular too. More maps would make me very happy. I'm starting to get serious BF4 withdrawal, we moved house last week and the internet doesn't get installed until Thursday.
  7. I'm hoping for a whole episode about the argument about whether to go for Imperial arbitration or expert determination.
  8. Is everyone thinking the black guy is a stormtrooper? I thought it was a fairly clear call back to Han and Luke on the Death Star in A New Hope. And being a black guy, I was thinking Lando's son? Apologies if I'm stating the blindingly fucking obvious here.
  9. There is a rllmuk (MUK) platoon, join that. Can't remember how, sorry. Anyone else? Also, add the regulars from this thread to your friends list and jump in their games. My psn name is the same as on here
  10. I'm not convinced by the quillion on the lightsaber, but I like how aggressively it lights up. Little ball droid is cool. Other than that, trailer is basically just appealing to nostalgia. Tells us nearly nothing except the people making the new film have seen the original trilogy many many times.
  11. I have the same thing on I think DC Universe Online, Mercenary Kings and something else. Never stops me downloading something new though.
  12. Haha I did that last night too. The amount of times I angrily waved a repair tool at an enemy helicopter when I was after my Stinger and of course I kept forgetting to swap them round before I respawned the next time
  13. Yeah, all my loadouts reset to default. On the upside, for some reason it gave me 5 gold battlepacks, which was nice. Was that a Premium thing?
  14. Had a go on the new maps last night, the Dr Evil's Lair bit on Hangar 21 is fucking massive Gave me a bit of a Half-Life feel as I was making my way up the ladders and gantries too. A fun map for snipers if your team is holding points A & B i think.
  15. 1) AWS nerfed. 2) All sniper rifles now fire kittens instead of bullets. 3) Smoke grenades have explosive yield of approx 2 kilotons. 4) All squad members get a 50% score reduction whenever I'm playing.
  16. lankysanchez


    I'm almost embarassed to play the daily challenge - there's others on my Friends list with their level reached as 5-4 or something, and I'm often 1-2
  17. lankysanchez


    I am so so so terrible at this game. 300+ deaths and I haven't made it all the way through the jungle yet. Just utter bobbins.
  18. Personally I go Stinger for anti-aircraft and the rpg for when I need to annoy tanks.
  19. I think I bought premium after about an hour of playing the base game. Oh, and add up the usual suspects in this thread What platform you on?
  20. I lost my single-player save a few weeks back, but a couple of days later it restored all the unlocked chapters, presumably as progress was synced with EA's servers. So I ended up just losing the mid-level checkpoint, no big deal. As you say, the MP is sorted now.
  21. Yep, updated everything on Wednesday morning after we got back from abroad. The vita works fine, except for remote play. Rebooted the router too.
  22. Yep, so my ps4 is now doing the orange flashing light in rest mode thing. And remote play on the Vita doesn't work either, even if the ps4 is powered up first. Might as well start powering it down fully until an update fixes all this.
  23. I've just noticed that mine has done this too. Basically all I have done with it is to update the firmware and plug the controller and vita in to charge. The router was fully rebooted today too since we were away for a few days and switched it off before we left.
  24. Never played Spelunky much when it first came out on Xbox and having recently bought a Vita this is a no-brainer for me
  25. +1 for rllmuk platoon tag pls.
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