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  1. In one of my games last night, one player ended the round as Aim King with 200% accuracy. How does that work? Every bullet hitting 2 targets? Am I being thick (quite possible)?
  2. Kind of like getting defib kills I guess. If I ever get one, I'll probably punch the moon with joy. Kriess - i might be on later, depends when our guests leave. If I'm online, I'm in I'm definitely free tomorrow night too if anyyone else is around.
  3. Is Paracel Storm a base map? If so, play that lots, because it's fun. Locker/Metro are good for learning the infantry ropes and grinding for unlocks. I'd say play Engineer for long enough to unlock the carbines, then get the SG553 unlocked ASAP because it's a beast. Sadly I'm PS4 only or I'd join you for a game
  4. Cheers for the party invite last night kerrraig, it came through just as I was getting ready to go offline so I didn't join - saved you all hearing my grumbling though as I was having a shit night of it, it was like every single bastard with a sniper/DMR spotted me as soon as I spawned
  5. Anyone up for some games tonight?
  6. I should be in, after several weeks of unexpected Wednesday night social life
  7. It looks like CTE has just or will very shortly be released on the Xbox One, according to Battlelog. No sign of a PS4 version
  8. Not me probably as I'll likely to be out Hoping to make next week though, it's been a couple of weeks since I've played and I'm getting the jitters.
  9. Really enjoyed that first episode, had some slightly Lynchian undertones in places. And I thought Vaughan was very interesting - a likeable, very sympathetic character, but from the context you just know that he's done very bad things and will probably do them again. It's going to have to be VERY good to get close to S1, but that was not a bad start at all.
  10. Am I right in thinking you can't change the control layout on this? It's nearly great on Vita, but it really really really needs attack & block on L1 and R1 so they're on the shoulder buttons.
  11. I have this on PS4 if there's any guild action for that. My ID is the same as my name on here. Spent a few hours today just wandering around, doing a few quests out west from the starting town. Got as far out as Fungal Grotto, then up to Bleakrock Isle. Starting to need some better weapons and armour
  12. That trailer had me grinning from ear to ear. And that's just one map, one mode. With a party of our BF4 regulars, it's going to be magnificent.
  13. Day 1 for that, it looks fucking great
  14. Yeah, I'd had a boost on but it had run out and I hadn't noticed.
  15. I was ridiculously proud of this from Wednesday night's games. You lot probably do this all the time, but it was such a satisfying kill
  16. Ok, I might give it a try though. And yes, the Winter Wonderland maps sound good to me
  17. I'm in for tomorrow I was thinking, what say we all stream to twitch while we're playing? Then interested forum people can watch our streams as we play. Might get a few more people involved. Or would that just murder all our connections? Had some fun with the ACE23 over the weekend, that's a punchy little rifle.
  18. Glad this is becoming a regular thing, sorry I couldn't make it last night. Next week looks good though and I'll probably be on over the weekend as well
  19. I wonder if this Fallout 4.1 thing is going to be exactly the same trailer, but this time actually in the Fallout 4 (rather than 3) engine? Sort of a 'that was then, this is now' thing?
  20. I have an early meeting tomorrow, so if I'm on, I won't be late...
  21. The thread title is misleading, I'm afraid. It'll be like that Robocop remake they briefly talked about. Never going to happen.
  22. I'll be getting the Ps4 version I expect. If it matters, I've played as a Dark Elf in every previous game so I guess I'll be carrying on that tradition. Dunno if that affects faction etc.
  23. Pockets and Alex have already morphed in my head into Matt 'Jam_Sponge' Lees and Barry Shitpeas.
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