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  1. Tool

    And Maynard is on the latest Joe Rogan podcast, if you can bear listening to Rogan that is. 


    Hoping they have quietly been getting a decent vinyl release of the new album ready. There’s still no official release of 10,000 Days, is there? Also some more uk tour dates please.


    THE most frustrating band to be a fan of.

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  2. I love the Rival Consoles album, it’s definitely one for people who like the new Jon Hopkins record. It’s much more melodic and expressive than his earlier stuff I think. The Nils Frahm one is really good too if a bit austere, Sunson is a great track though. 

  3. No luck on the Bibio @Shoes sorry :( Not sure that’s a Witney sort of artist.


    Got a copy of Amorphous Androgynous so quite pleased with that, wasn’t expecting to find it. 

  4. My Sound of Vinyl order arrived yesterday. To continue my usual luck with buying vinyl, the copy of Entreat Plus skips and jumps all over the place on both sides of disc one. I haven't had the heart to try disc 2. So that's going back. The copy of Pornography plays perfectly though which is nice. My luck of 50/50 fine/shagged continues. 



  5. @Mentazm What I thought. I was kind of expecting it for RSD stuff, but it's disappointing when it's standard releases by relatively big artists. On the upside the Amon Tobin and FSOL stuff I've bought has all been perfect so far. 

  6. I ordered The Cure's Entreat and Pornography, just waiting for shipping now. Could have ordered loads more. 


    General question: like a lot of others, I'm coming back to vinyl after going towards CDs in the 90s and then digital. Wanted to get back to the physical side of music ownership a bit more, especially since with Spotify I'm buying very little digitally now. My question though is - is quality control of new record pressings just really shit these days? About 50% of the new records I've bought recently have problems - Massive Attack's Mezzanine had a giant scratch across track one, plus loads of skips later. The No Man's Sky OST was FUCKED on all 4 sides, and my copy of Metallica's Hardwired has a few skips too although I'm letting that off a bit as it was a RSD special. I don't remember records bought new in the late 80s, early 90s being this bad, have I just been unlucky? 

  7. I'm finding this the perfect low-impact game to play on Vita remote play while baby is snoozing. Just pottering around doing a few quests, some smithing etc. Lovely. Lvl 36 now and haven't even explored all my starting faction's areas or the DLC yet. And not gone anywhere near the PvP yet.

  8. I went on foot with that tanks bit in the end and took them out with a guided anti-tank rocket of some sort.


    Anyone who buys this and plays the SP and never touches the MP is demented. Fact. It's the only online shooter ever to get properly under my skin, it's superb. With the different classes, and loadouts and attachments and vehicles and etc etc etc you can pretty much pick your own style of play. And with the maps being so large, every round plays out very differently.


    And £12 for the all-DLC version is a steal. That's LOADS of content, and some truly excellent maps.


    I want to go home and fire this up right now, but tiny screaming person says no. They're off staying with Nan in a few weeks though, so I'll be on then :D

  9. I'll be up for that, subject to wife & newborn letting me near the PS4 ;) Then Hexx can see that players like me are still terrible after many many hours of play :)


    Definitely fiddle with aim sensitivity controls for standard and ADS view, finding a setup that works for you makes everything so much better.

  10. 21 minutes ago, kerraig UK said:

    I do definitely think though that the game should allow you 1x scope of each range on every gun that unlocks and 1x anti air, 1x anti ground and all the team based gadgets from the get go. It's INSANE that you need to unlock stingers for a jet for example. 

    It takes about 4 hours of play to have the basic tools needed for gameplay. Which is 4 hours too long.


    That's a good call - the amount of guns I've barely used because I can't hit a fucking thing with iron sights :lol: a basic RDS unlocked with the gun would be bloody useful. 

  11. Yeah, there's no 'best' load out, just stuff that suits your own play style. That's part of the beauty of BF4. Good stuff for starters are the AK5C carbine (early Engineer unlock) and the large medic and ammo bags for the Assault and Support classes. After that it's your preference for scopes and so on for your favourite guns, which are unlocked fairly quickly though getting kills with that gun or through Battlepacks. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, Stanley said:

    I can actually understand people's reticence towards PSVR now until we learn more about how this new PS4 model affects it. 


    I mean you wouldn't want to spend £350 to find out you'd get better performance with the new one. A £350 purchase suddenly becomes a £700 purchase.


    This is the point for me - I'm not fussed about 4K, but if the new machine turns out to be needed or significantly better for PSVR, I might as well cancel my preorder as I won't be affording a new machine this year as well.


    Concerned too about how a new machine would affect games such as BF4 where it helps for everyone to have the same hardware. Then the only differentiator is skill and connection. But suddenly if some players have higher resolution and faster framerate...


    I'm hoping this new machine is just to get 4K movies into homes rather than for gaming, if so I can happily just ignore it.

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