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  1. Got my third Solo win last night, was quite pleased as I wasn’t really playing to win but was trying to do some challenges. What I think I really like about this game is that you can absolutely win by being a bit cleverer than the other player - use cover, build, right gun for the range etc. I used to play BF4 a lot and I used to get absolutely minced but the pace of this seems to suit me quite well.
  2. I’m similar - I tend to drop in with one of the quests or challenges in mind, then I get tooled up and go looking for a fight. I’ve started building too a little bit, mostly just a couple of vertical walls for cover, but its quite striking the difference it makes. Some other players see a wall go up and just leg it away!
  3. Just got my first Victory Royale! I didn’t even realise we were last 2 - i blindsided someone who was trying to snipe from a hillside. Got a bit excited and forgot to do a victory emote or how to take a screenshot on my Switch so I had to scrabble around for my iPad I was playing on the Series X last night and I think I got to 8 kills, one was taking on two other players at once. I think my mid-range shooting game with AR’s is doing well, I need to get a handle on building now. I’m really starting to see why this game is as popular as it is.
  4. Is there a list of everyone’s Epic account names? I’m just starting to get into this, prompted by small person pressure I won’t be on regularly but it would be good to be able to join a squad every now and then. Mine is same as name on here (same as XBL and PSN name).
  5. One of my RSD purchases. I was doing well until I noticed the bit on the back cover that says ‘30th anniversary edition’ and now I’m ready for Logan’s Run. Sounds nice though.
  6. When the big neon sign hit the floor, did anyone else think it was a big stompy mech foot for a second?
  7. As long as it has Locker, I’m in.
  8. I forgot to say: I played with headphones for a bit and the 3D audio was quite impressive. You can tell quite clearly the direction baddies are coming from and there is a good sense of space, different footstep sounds from materials underfoot and so on.
  9. I’ve played the first hour or so now and it’s ok for a very 2010s Grim Corridor Shooter. The licence carries it really and it is very atmospheric. Technically the framerate is probably identical to PS4 version and I’ve noticed some tearing, so I don’t think playing on PS5 is helping it much! I kind of wanted a dramatic suiting/arming up sequence too but nope. I’ll play until I unlock the Assault Cannon at least and then see how I go.
  10. and to whoever spawns in the helicopter I’m flying
  11. The d pad is so clicky my dog goes and hides in a different room whenever I am playing Xbox
  12. Well, for the sake of £6.24 and my nostalgia about playing Space Hulk in secondary school I’ve taken a punt and I’ll report back on how it runs on PS5
  13. Even if they do release the next Elder Scrolls & Fallout on PlayStation (which I doubt will happen), the Xbox version will be the one that runs better, looks better and gets all the DLC first, right? They’ll probably just give PS5 owners a “Game of the Year’ version 3 years after Xbox release with an unlocked frame rate that struggles while Xbox is locked at 4K/120.
  14. Are people still playing BF4 (PS4)? I might install it and have a few rounds if I’m likely to get some full Conquest matches.
  15. I had basically decided to go for a bundle with extra controller and either Miles Morales or Demons Souls to increase my chances (I expect I’ll be getting all those at some point anyway) but then I got lucky with Smyths.
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