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  1. Haha nice inclusion of Bradshaw disliking it there. Looks like it’s gonna be a good ‘un!
  2. In all seriousness, even though they’ve matched the price point, this has probably got more to do with Microsoft’s actual competitors like Amazon and Meta etc. who have all been tightening their belts in the face of an upcoming global recession. Pissing money up the wall on loss-leading-market-share-land-grab endeavours like Alexa and the Metaverse are first on the list of cost saving measures from these companies. (After putting thousands out of a job of course)
  3. Thanks Obama Sony er, people who do what they like with their money! That poor third-biggest-corporation-in-the-world. Their hands were tied really.
  4. Yeah good thing about holding off is you only have to do it once then you’re forever in catch-up (aka bargain) mode.
  5. Deffo another sign to stack as much as you can at the current price if you’re a subscriber.
  6. I love the visual style in this, but the wee red trails off the taillights make me sad thinking what a modern Ridge Racer could be like. 6/10
  7. Hrmm well I lost my save file from the 360 version on the Series S so maybe I’ll rebuy on PS5 and give it another g-no! What am I saying that’s mental isn’t it? I did just get an analogue pocket so maybe I’ll play COTM on that instead.
  8. All that crunch that nobody was forcing them to do probably coincidentally stopped when this story came out.
  9. So glad to hear others didn’t bother with the second half of SOTN, I thought I was on my own! It just looked like some weird cheat along the lines of big head mode, so I drifted off it onto something else.
  10. “didn’t like all the birthday present shit”
  11. Didn’t they fix the stinginess in Advance Collection?
  12. Sounds like anyone looking forward to a new game today should be diverting those funds to Midnight Suns instead.
  13. Can’t wait to see how Rise looks on the home consoles. It was already an absolute stunner on Switch.
  14. The IGN review said this was coming to Switch too. That’s not right is it? I hope it is, if I’m going to be BFFs with Wolverine and Peter Parker I want to be lying down.
  15. VGC review for this has me hyped too. Just want to see how the console versions run now!
  16. That’s our use case though and doesn’t really affect pricing. From EA’s business point of view, the NFS series is more like FIFA and COD rather than WRC Generations. It’s aimed straight at the normies who buy (or are gifted) a couple of games a year. Before COD, NFS was regularly the Xmas number 1 game.
  17. Oh that’s a dilemma. Was looking to pick this up soon and now I don’t know if I’d prefer the portability over what I assume will be a performance boost on the home consoles. I take it it ran pretty good on Switch?
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