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  1. Hang on a minute. Yes! I think I can infer from the image above that some excited person out there is setting themselves up for some major disappointment if they think the whole thing will be connected so intricately.
  2. Sarlaccfood

    SNES Mini

    Is there a world where I can play Marvel vs Capcom 2 or X-men vs Street Fighter on my SNES mini? I’ve got a real itch to play them for some reason.
  3. Yeah there was a lot of excitement about that and it was clearly too late to make changes at the time, so they’ll definitely be looking to do it now.
  4. I don’t get the obsession over new models. Quite happy with the current one tbh.
  5. Maybe when they said “nearly finished” they meant the series as a whole.
  6. I don’t think they announced any of those and Bayo 3 is Platinum, not 1st party.
  7. Yeah I enjoyed the Direct but would have loved to have seen the next Splatoon or ARMS. It certainly makes the treehouses more interesting when they have new game mechanics to deep-dive into.
  8. This has happened with one game. (That they openly admitted was scrapped and restarted)
  9. You’re holding out buying a switch because of their online system?
  10. It looks great. Can’t wait to play as play as Venom the whole time and fuck shit up.
  11. I’m basically hoping for a “Breath of the Halo” where you just have this big halo to explore at your own pace, with different pockets of enemies that you can deal with how you like, playing around with their AI like the original. Oh and couch fucking co-op.
  12. Studio setup looking NICE now they got those screens in.
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