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  1. From what I recall Sony did their part dedicating ample marketing and E3 press conference time to it too. I’m really not seeing any great injustice here.
  2. Also I haven’t watched the interview but does he mention the game took him 7 years to make? A game would need to do much more than just wash it’s face financially to justify a dev time that could have produced more than one game.
  3. Those bastards at Sony, the only thing they care about is *checks notes* ...making games that review well!
  4. Haha yeah I also love the part about the difference in face quality and if you can see the pores on a character’s skin you know to keep an eye on them as they’ll be a main character.
  5. It’s a sad state of affairs that using a woman that actually looks like a normal person is probably the boldest character choice I’ve seen in a videogame for a while and really makes it stand out to me.
  6. They release full numbers every quarter I believe (they’re actually one of the most transparent companies when it comes to sales, you just have to wait) But yeah for NPD’s you pretty much have to double the numbers for any Nintendo game. They are absolutely killing it right now.
  7. Mate you can’t stroll into the church and say you’re only here for the decor.
  8. Well considering I’d quite like to use the internet in the future without rolling my eyes so fucking hard into my head I give myself a frontal lobotomy, I really hope neither Sony nor MS buy them.
  9. Yeah they literally mentioned Turtles in Time in the direct so fingers crossed.
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