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  1. Yeah come on it’s been long enough now. Outlets are receiving PS5s so I’m hoping they’re not waiting for all those impressions to come out and die down before releasing the Series S embargo.
  2. There’s a lot of subtle stuff in Star Wars and Marvel too but you don’t notice it next to the whiz bang. It’s in everything now, even stuff set in modern day. Why close a street in NYC to film when you can just put it in later, take your time with the shoot and it’ll probably be cheaper.
  3. I wonder if Netflix will add sunshine glare to half the screen with the reflection of my dad sleeping off his roast?
  4. Looks like he’s about to absolutely wreck some demons in Hades.
  5. Gentlemen please. https://www.sfbags.com/products/dash-case-for-nintendo-switch This could be you @beenabadbunny
  6. Looks like he’s about to get roughed up by the PS5 gang.
  7. As much as I love the OLED chat, can I ask a favour that the thread title gets updated when we get some news? (like when the series s embargo lifts)
  8. Yeah that’s new alright!
  9. Yeah but my headphones plug into the controller so I can watch embarrassing YouTube videos when my OH has gone to bed. Can’t do that with the TV.
  10. You’d absolutely be waving that willy around if the shoe was on the other foot let’s be honest.
  11. Vinyl memory expansion confirmed.
  12. Any chance we can get a sound bar delay thread or something?
  13. Sorry I should say I’m talking about Amazon and Google taking something and hiding it away on their platforms. Although I’m not a fan of ring-fencing stuff that already exists multi-platform either, at least with MS it won’t be on a half-assed platform that is destined to die in two years when shareholders lose interest.
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