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  1. Yep the two Buxton podcasts are such a nice companion piece to the film. Knowing it was made with humour, enthusiasm and a huge amount of collaborarion (sounds like DDL pretty much co-wrote it) has made me enjoy the movie even more to be honest.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Shame Ubisoft couldn't get the Steep port out in time for the Olympics. Well up for some snow action on the sofa right now.
  3. It's amazing isn't it? Just reminding myself it's the same person in There Will be Blood or Lincoln blows my mind.
  4. Venom - October 2018

    Venom aint in the sinister six bruv.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    I immediately changed the controls. I can't remember what the defaults are but I have fire on the bigger right trigger (ZR) and roll on the bigger left (ZL). A to knock over tables, map on R and use item on L. Never looked back.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Also it gave us this gif so it deserves an Edge 6 at least:
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Don't forget Power Stone 1+2!!
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Other M was awesome you fools. Apart from the cut scenes. Oh god those cutscenes.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Gungeon should scratch that arcade itch for a while. Such a good "in between" game.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Just imagine how good Dreamcast Virtua Tennis would be on Switch. Shit just image how good any Dreamcast games would be on Switch.
  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    And visually her movement is pretty sloppy too. She's hardly doing somersaults in between perfectly composed stances. Some people just think too much like a video game. "But he's got Force Push +7 and his defence stat would be higher!"
  12. Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    So is anyone that buys a Mario game in the "Nintendo core"?
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Not the XXX version.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Mate. Gungeo- okay maybe not for bed time.

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