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  1. Their August showcase should just be this clip and the price and release date at the end.
  2. Whensitout precious?
  3. I’m in exactly the same spot but too large a price and no 4K (as the rumours suggest) for the series S would be a big turn off for me.
  4. Gotcha yeah that makes sense. Way more noticeable when I actually click on the pic and not just look at it embedded on my phone too.
  5. Hmm maybe. Depends what else is going on out of frame? I can’t see any darker shadows it should match though so what makes you say that?
  6. Looks like it’s in shadow already in the bottom one and in the top one you can see the front right wheel is casting a really long shadow because the sun’s getting real low.
  7. For one thing you could have covered up some of those model intersections in that gorilla monologue with some well placed lens flares.
  8. Yeah fairplay to them getting something out at least. I think there’s a reason we haven’t seen much pure gameplay demonstrations in these directs and it’s not just because it’s a new gen. Whether MS made the right editorial decision to show this is a different matter but I sympathise with the devs.
  9. Yeah I really think the impact of covid19 cannot be underestimated for some of the shortcomings we’ve seen in this trailer. If it’s anything like film, the creatives in charge basically live in meetings and screening rooms with giant screens, reviewing and approving work in the scramble leading up to showing the public something. Not to mention they’ll be with a team of people in the room, providing a second and third pair of eyes, catching stuff that gets missed (which becomes increasingly essential the more exhausted everyone gets)
  10. Yeah there’s a lot of over-talking and they sound a bit bored of each other. But I’m putting that down to the zoom format so can’t hold that against them too much. I enjoyed this week’s ep but I think Jones doesn’t realise Kyle used Love and Respect questions as a way to talk about the general state of the industry away from the news. The submissions he picks always seem a bit throwaway.
  11. Yeah the bets being exactly the same as the ones Kyle came up with just with a new release really don’t help.
  12. Haha pretty sure I was lumped in with the NDF at one point so I’m good there. I think MS haven’t been great this gen but I enjoy talking about why I think that is as (sad as it may sound) discussing the game industry and it’s various companies strategy with you guys is my hobby and I enjoy it. Especially at this point of a generation and with them all trying different things. My mood doesn’t really have anything to do with it.
  13. But Apple still try their best to make people want to buy the new phone, showing off features with big pomp and ceremony that only the new model can do. MS want us to buy the new console and they want us to get gamepass. IMO they only did one of those things last night and until you don’t need an Xbox to get gamepass, they still need to be doing both.
  14. Just talking about games dude. Didn’t wanna derail the thread replying to a personal jibe. Sorry if I’m not as enamoured with your favourite company’s latest video as you are but I’m not the only one am I?
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