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  1. Would love one for Infinity War if another becomes available
  2. Sarlaccfood

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Might go watch this just to piss off Kerraig.
  3. Sarlaccfood

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Did it?
  4. Sarlaccfood

    PlayStation 5

  5. Sarlaccfood

    Nintendo Switch

    You shouldn’t need to mate, didn’t you hear? No games.
  6. Sarlaccfood

    The Mandalorian - live action Star Wars TV show

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Fett* *But Were Too Afraid to Ask
  7. Sarlaccfood

    Nintendo Switch

    27th generic action adventure 2d retro styled game of the year is out already!? I’m losing track!
  8. Sarlaccfood

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there that much interest in a re-design? The current design of the Switch is fantastic. Remember the original DS? Now that was a welcome re-design.
  9. Sarlaccfood

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I think you're reaching a bit with your examples there. Both those films received a lukewarm reception rather than full backlash (and I don't really think there's been much of a change of direction with Thor either). But saying that, didn't they completely cut MJ in Amazing Spider-man 2 because there was a backlash against her not being good-looking enough? Hardly fandom's proudest moment....
  10. Sarlaccfood

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    I'm not.
  11. This just looks better and better with each trailer. Fair play with all the different animation styles too, must be a nightmare to make but it really seems to work!
  12. Sarlaccfood

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yeah but to draw ALL the fighters away. Their hate is their weakness
  13. Sarlaccfood

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I liked that line, provided a neat explanation as to how and why it drew all the fighters away.
  14. Sarlaccfood

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    I'd love them to get it so they can do it justice tbh. Get Wolverine in his SUIT.
  15. Sarlaccfood

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yeah as if people would have given them a pass for trying to pull that shit. There would be even more moaning.

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