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  1. And with talk of a non-existent Switch Pro this thread completes it’s natural cycle once more: - account sharing questions - grip recommendations - joycon drift complaint - switch pro speculation (Repeat)
  2. Especially when you can point to the marvel movies as successful examples of “just stick to the source material”
  3. Just ordered Luigi’s Mansion 3 so hoping that arrives in time. And then PT when everyone has gone to bed
  4. Just ordered this thanks to the Halloween thread getting me in the mood. Simply games still deliver early right?
  5. Some discussion here at the 4:15 mark:
  6. Yeah fucksake WB just right-click>save as> .switchgame
  7. He’s been pretty vocal about how he doesn’t like E3 and is probably why they weren’t there this year. I wonder if Sony felt that was a mistake? (Also I see no-one really cares about his departure here, but I’m sure Easy Allies will be talking about it in their next podcast as they mention him quite a bit)
  8. So is it a sequel or....?
  9. I found with the SNES classic (keep forgetting to try it with the switch) that the CRT filter was better for third party games but the actual Nintendo titles look great without it for some reason.
  10. Don’t worry, we do the same for Disney all the time. and all the other studios.
  11. Amazing amount of references in this. Real love letter to the medium.
  12. *clicks on thread out of curiosity* ffs
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