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  1. Yet another livestream/direct thingy that fell flat. Fuck off covid.
  2. Yeah bit weird how people keep pretending the PS5 doesn’t have backwards compatibility.
  3. It did have a couple of nice shots in it though. And I loved when all the people were getting ripped up off the ground by the flying baddie.
  4. I think the Fisk scene was the worst bit for me. It was all so flatly shot and choreographed and they just kind of...met up in an alley way? Proper let down.
  5. I think in this case though the reviews and general feedback for the game felt very much “worth picking up in the sale/10”
  6. Well chuffed about that panzer dragoon price. Downloading now.
  7. Yeah there’s no way they wouldn’t cut huge sections out. Or split it out into parts and release them one by one over a few years. Not sure I like either of those options tbh. I dunno I just don’t think they should bother.
  8. Love the anecdote in episode 2 about giving a 10 to Skyward Sword in Edge and the old N64 mag writer getting in contact.
  9. I’m not too fussed about a RE4 remake and hope the people starting the rumours got a sneak peak at The Village and assumed it was RE4. Would much rather have a Code Veronica remake please.
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