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  1. Thank you! I’ll save myself the bother.
  2. Does anyone know the advantages of upgrading their Hakchi? I'm on v2 so it's more of a faff I believe.
  3. Day 1 purch, all platforms. Really looking forward to playing this through again - I haven’t touched it since it was first released.
  4. Loved everything about Keanu’s appearance, and Microsoft’s keynote actually. Can’t wait for Cyberpunk. (Sorry, Cyyyy-ber PUNK!) Best E3 ever?
  5. This is more than a face palm moment. I've been thinking a lot about this. Just finished binge watching the show (started last night). What a remarkable series, and with such timely themes and meditations on the truth. I've long regarded The Truth as something real, which lies separate from human perception and bias. Try having that argument with a lawyer - they will usually insult and try to diminish you. But they are wrong. Incredible performances across the board (Jared Harris absolutely smashed it, as usual), and cinematography etc., but the show's real genius lies in being a comprehensive, vital, and previously lacking historical record of the catastrophe. This will rightly sear itself onto the consciousness of many as the ecstatic truth to the patchy and distant scientific truth that only gradually emerged. It is utterly outrageous, but yet entirely predictable, that the first response of 'Putin's media' should be to cry CIA intervention and wish to create their own version. I believe that if you forego the truth, then you have no right to demand to become a storyteller. There's something deeply interesting about this matter that actually gets to the very heart of the act of writing, even. William Gibson said that the thing that writing novels most resembles is the act of lying. But what about writing a historical drama series? What's also notable, I think, (and perhaps even uniquely so among major tragedies) is that the Chernobyl disaster doesn't actually belong to its creators - the Russians/Soviet Union - because of their lies. They were consistently the most unimaginably unreliable narrators - during the event, and ever since, even with the fall of the Iron Curtain. The disaster certainly belongs to its Ukrainian victims, but also the western world who were almost its unwitting victims, too. This isn't Russia's story to tell any more. It was rightly taken out of their shameless hands with the creation of this series, and brave investigators challenging the Party line before it. Fuck them - and fuck whatever inferior lies they come up with.
  6. Saw it last night. Detective Pikachu is a film made with love. It could have been a shameless cash grab, but it’s a phenomenal nostalgia trip, very funny and well written. Lots more to say but no spoilers here. Kermode kinda liked it too!
  7. Does this do Minecraft? Never owned an Oculus.
  8. Dude seriously? Shave.
  9. Looks like it’s time to build a PC again. Awesome.
  10. U wot m8??? Day one purch here. I hope they change as little as possible about the SNES version (it's also one of the handful of essential but absent games I added to my SNES Mini). Also, I hope they don't saddle it with in app purchases. Just charge me up front and be done with it.
  11. Loved it, and rinsed it (inc Luigi) on the Wii U with a friend (as I think it’s really meant to be played) but I’m balking at buying it AGAIN. I need some reasons to hang on to my Wii U.
  12. I’m susprised at all the negativity in this thread - I really liked it. John Malkovich is hilarious and superb throughout. The unfolding terror and dread early on was so well done. I’ve no intention of reading the book so I have nothing to compare it to.
  13. Did not know this - thanks. I was about to smash up my Switch.
  14. Just got Lucario to 160% and didn’t win and gain the fighter. That’s two failed this morning. Fucking bullshit.
  15. It's taken a few sittings but I love this now. I'm annoyed to keep failing the encounters with new fighters though... I barely laid a scratch on Ryu and Sonic.
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