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  1. I’ve never seen Titanic and it’s at the point now where it’s a point of pride.
  2. I spent half an hour last night honking with a bottle on my beak.
  3. Well thanks to Nintendo gold points I got this for £7. HONK! (Did I do it right?)
  4. Ah gotcha. I thought you meant it was worse on the go rather than docked
  5. Is this worth a punt on the Switch? I remember reading something about their being some slowdown?
  6. oli

    Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone explain Diablo III to me? I’ve never played a Diablo game but I keep reading good things and it sounds possibly up my street. I’m imagining Marvel Ultimate Alliance meets Skyrim?
  7. Yeah I did look but it was a lot to go through and as someone relatively new to anime it was daunting. I’ve started Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and so far I’m really enjoying it
  8. I can’t find Neon Genesis Evangelion anywhere!
  9. Is there anything else that has that Cowboy Bebop feel? Samurai Champloo had it to a degree but not quite
  10. Do I need to watch any other full metal alchemist to get brotherhood?
  11. I’m a later comer to enjoying anime and need some recommendations. I’ve just ploughed through Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Attack on Titan. Where do i I go next? I loved those three but I’m not sure what to try next
  12. Yeah I was shocked too. We got a tonne of respondents from the Overwatch community on Reddit and twitter (1300+ I think from memory).
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